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Quoted Micro 5 February 2024


Interim figures from DXS International (DXSP) show a 2.5% improvement in revenues to £1.69m, while higher amortisation charges led to an increased loss of £258,000. The healthcare IT company hade £386,000 in cash at the end of October 2023. Hybridan has trimmed its full year revenues forecast to £3.8m and expects a 2023-24 loss.

Silverwood Brands (SLWD) reported revenues of £5.85m for the first half of 2023. The loss was reduced from £299,000 to £189,000. The Lush transaction is still being unwound. Net debt was £8.6m. Chief executive Andrew Gerrie is subscribing £1m for shares at 54p each. The unsecured loan of £4.4m will be converted at the same price and the accrued interest will also be converted at the lower of 54p and the average closing price for five days prior to conversion. The share price is suspended at 30p.

Helium Ventures (HEV) had cash of £116,000 and net assets of £229,000 at the end of October 2023. There were costs relating to the cancelled acquisition of Trackimo. There is still an investment in Trackimo, which is expected to float on AIM.

Hydrogen Future Industries (HFI) had a cash outflow from operations of £963,000 in the year to July 2023. Cash was reduced to £262,000. The company is making progress with the testing of wind turbine technology and its electrolyser technology. The wind turbine technology has better performance, so far, than existing rivals. A mining sector feasibility study for hydrogen and clean water production has commenced.

Capital for Companies (CFCP) increased revenues from £492,000 to £887,000 in the year to August 2023. NAV was 81.99p/share. It was 81.67p/share at the end of November 2023. There was cash of £1.99m and loan receivables of £2.43m at the end of August 2023. A final dividend of 2p/share is payable on 8 March.

KR1 (KR1) had NAV of 109.91p/share at the end of 2023. Income from digital assets was £1.58m in December.

Shaun Hinds will become chief executive of Newbury Racecourse (NYR) on 3 June. Julian Thick has stepped down as chief executive. Mark Leigh will be interim chief executive.

Cadence Minerals (KNDR) investee company Hastings Technology Metals has signed an agreement with the investment agency of Estonia to collaborate on a joint scoping study for the potential development of downstream rare earth processing opportunities. The main focus is the Yangibana project.

Voyager Life (VOY) has acquired CBD brand Amphora Health for £50,000 in shares at 12p each. This payment could double if Amphora product sales exceed £100,000 over 24 months. In the year to July 2022, revenues were £69,000. No increase in group overheads will be required and manufacturing will be brought in house.

Quantum Exponential (QBIT) had net assets of £3.11m at the end of October 2023, including £831,000 in cash. There are seven portfolio investments. A European headquarters has been established in Copenhagen.

Psych Capital (PSY) had £133,000 in cash after a £254,000 cash outflow from operations in the six months to October 2023.

Valereum (VLRM) has completed the acquisition of GSX Group.

Digby Try has cut his stake in Supernova Digital Assets (SOL) from 5.1% to 0.36%.


Tekcapital (TEK) investee company MicroSalt (LON: SALT) raised £3.14m at 43p/share when it joined AIM on 1 February and immediately went to a significant premium with the share price ending the week at 55p, valuing the company at £31.4m. That values the Tekcapital’s 77.2% stake at £24.2m, which is more than its market capitalisation.

Trading has recommenced in Location Sciences (LSAI) shares after the publication of readmission document for the proposed acquisition of Sorted Holdings for nominal consideration and the assumption of £4.7m of debt. Sorted Group has developed delivery software for ecommerce businesses. There will be a one-for-625 share consolidation and £2m will be raised at 87.5p/share. The company’s name will be changed to Sorted Group Holdings. The pre-consolidation share price recovered 35.7% to 0.19p – the placing price is the pre-consolidation equivalent of 0.14p.

Eyewear manufacturer Inspecs (SPEC) says the improvement in profit in 2023 was not as great as expected because of weak December trading. EBITDA is likely to rise from £15.5m to £18m, whereas £20m was the consensus forecast. Revenues were flat. Net debt was £24.3m. The results will be published on 17 April. A Norwegian distributor has been acquired and the new Vietnam factory opens in the first half of 2024.

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has failed to get the EU court to declare EU legislation invalid. This legislation relates to the d2w biodegradable technology, which is not included in the single-use plastic directive and the company says that this has hampered the take-up of the technology.

Respiration equipment supplier Inspiration Healthcare (IHC) had a poor fourth quarter and full year revenues will be £6m lower than expected at £37m, down from £41m the previous year. That will result in a full year loss. Net debt is higher than anticipated at £6.4m. There were contract delays for neonatal products. This business should happen in 2024-25 and a rebound to a pre-tax profit of £2.9m is forecast, although that is lower than the previous estimate of £4.7m.

Midlands-based property investor Real Estate Investors (RLE) has reduced net debt to £46.3m after property sales. Even so, NAV has fallen to 58.4p/share. There remains demand from buyers for smaller properties that are of no interest to institutions. Loan-to-value is currently a comfortable 31%. Executive pay is being cut by one-third.

Potash project developer Emmerson (EML) says the scoping study of the Khemisset potash project in Morocco has enhanced economic returns and reduced the environmental impact. This is based on a ground-breaking processing method, which reduces water consumption by 50%. It also increases the recovery rate. Post-tax NPV8 is increased by 120% to $2.2bn. Annual EBITDA could be $440m and all0in sustaining cost is $163/tonne. Project capex is $525m.

Education administration software and services provider Tribal Group (TRB) says 2023 revenues will be marginally ahead of expectations. Overall annual recurring revenues are 9% ahead at £54.5m. The dispute with Nanyang Technology University continues. Net debt was £7.2m at the end of 2023. Cost savings should help profit to improve. The 74p/share offer from Ellucian lapsed.

Transport management software provider Microlise (SAAS) did better than expected in 2023 and this has sparked upgrades for 2024. Full year revenues were 13% higher at £71.6m with annualised recurring revenues 11% ahead at £47.2m – churn rates are low. Pre-tax profit is estimated to have improved from £4.9m to £5.5m. In 2024, it could reach £6.7m. Microlise completed the acquisition of Enterprise Software Systems earlier this month.

Online gaming company B90 Holdings (B90) spent more on marketing than expected in 2023. Zeus has raised its estimated loss from €2.7m to €2.9m, but it has maintained its forecast 2024 pre-tax profit at €400,000.


LED lighting and wiring accessories supplier Luceco (LUCE) did better than expected in the fourth quarter. Underlying 2023 pre-tax profit should be between £23.5m and £24m, up from £22m in 2022. The repair and maintenance market is still relatively weak, but Luceco is in a good position to benefit from an upturn.

Shell company Associated British Engineering (ASBE) had net assets of £469,000 at the end of September 2023, including £433,000 of cash.

Pendragon (PDG) has completed the sale of its motor dealerships, and it is concentrating on its software business.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 15 January 2024


Electric motors and drivetrains developer Equipmake Holdings (EQIP) has won an extension of its contract from sightseeing tours operator Big Bus Tours, and it has doubled in size to cover 20 buses. The contract is worth £3.5m. The buses will be delivered by the end of the third quarter of 2024. Full year revenues are expected to be £13.4m, although Equipmake will still be loss making. The share price slipped 8.57% to 8p, but it has risen by one-fifth over the past year.

Silverwood Brands (SLWD), whose shares are suspended at 30p. has come to a conditional settlement with the vendors of the 19.8% Lush stake, which was never transferred to the company by Lush. The deal was cancelled. The vendors are paying £300,000 to Silverwood Brands to cover deal costs.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) had 14 investments in the quarter to November 2023 and the NAV was £15.1m or 81.67p/share, down from 81.99p/share at the end of August.

Tyndall Investment Management increased its stake in skin treatments developer Incanthera (INC) from 6.85% to 11.8%.

Tony Wilson has increased his stake in Oscillate (MUSH) from 3% to 3.66%, while Rikki Devlin has taken a 3.04% shareholding.

Bitcoin mining company Vinanz Ltd (BTC) says that the SEC in the US has approved Bitcoin ETFs, which will provide investors with a way to access cryptocurrency. This should be positive for Vinanz. David Lenigas has bought 80,000 shares at an average share price of 9.2p.

NFT Investments (NFT) is changing its name to Phoenix Digital Assets. The share price rose 18.5% to 3.2p. NAV is 4.67p/share.

EDX Medical Group (EDX) sent shareholders a letter that stated it is pursuing nine different projects for point of care and laboratory testing services. The reverse takeover of TECC Capital means that there has been selling by legacy shareholders holding back the share price, but it has started to rally rising 17.2% % to 8.5p.

AQRU (AQRU) is changing its name to Supernova Digital Assets and it is focusing on becoming a value provider for the Solara ecosystem. Net assets are 0.297p/share, including crypto assets of 0.166p/share.

Kasei Holdings (KASH) non-exec director Bryan Coyne has acquired 125,000 shares at an average price of 8.14p each.

Valereum (VLRM) says that the general meeting to approve the acquisition of GSX Group will be held on 30 January and there will be a shareholder update meeting the next day. Nick Cowan has joined the board as chief executive, as has former AIM and Plus Markets boss Simon Brickles. Gary Cottle has also joined as a non-exec.

EPE Special Opportunities (EO.P) had net assets of 301.9p/share at the end of 2023.

PanGenomic Health (NARA) has entered into a non-binding letter of intent with Crescita Capital for a $5m drawdown facility. This will last three years and can be used for working capital and acquisitions. The facility involves the issue of shares at a discount to the market price at the time of issue. There will be a $300,000 commitment fee payable in cash or shares.

Tony Wilson has increased his stake in Oscillate (MUSH) from 3% to 3.66%, while Rikki Devlin has taken a 3.04% shareholding.


The Property Franchise Group (TPFG) has made an agreed bid for rival franchised lettings company Belvoir (BLV). The agreed offer of 0.806377 TPFG shares for each Belvoir share values Belvoir at 277.4p/share based on a TPFG share price of 344p, but it has subsequently fallen to 307.5p valuing Belvoir at 248p/share. TPFG shareholders will own 51.75% of the enlarged group.

Capital equipment supplier Mpac (MPAC) had a strong second half in 2023 and there was a record order intake during the year. Margins improved in the second half and full year pre-tax profit was £6.9m, up from £3.5m in 2022. The higher second half margins should continue in 2024, enabling a further improvement in profit.

NWF (NWF) has signed a 15-year lease on a third food distribution warehouse in Newcastle-under-Lyme. This will add 52,000 pallets to capacity. The site should be open in the autumn after capital expenditure of £8.5m. This site could add £1.2m to pre-tax profit in 2025-26.

Another positive trading statement from payments services provider Cornerstone FS (CSFS) has led to an upgrade of December’s previous upgrade. A maiden pre-tax profit of £800,000 on doubled revenues of £9.6m is forecast for 2023. Revenues per customer increased by around two-thirds to more than £10,000. The company moved from net debt to net cash.

AdvancedAdvT (ADVT) switched from the standard list to AIM on 10 January. Last year, five businesses were acquired from Capita and one of these is being sold. The remaining companies operate in business solutions and human capital management.

Online builders’ merchant CMO Group (CMO) had a tough fourth quarter. Online traffic rates declined, but conversion rates improved. Overall orders were flat. Home improvement and DIY spending is declining. The overall repair, maintenance and improvement sector is still relatively strong, but it weakened in the second half of 2023. Market share has grown, and costs have been cut. Liberum has increased its 2023 pre-tax loss forecast from £800,000 to £1.2m and forecasts a 2024 loss.

Consultancy Elixirr International (ELIX) confirmed 2023 results are in line with expectations and it will pay two dividends each year. Pre-tax profit is expected to improve from £19.3m to £23.9m. The shares will go ex-dividend for the 5.3p/share interim on 19 January.

Plant monitoring technology developer Light Science Technologies (LST) published a positive 2023 trading statement. Cost savings have helped to halve the pre-tax loss of £1.3m on revenues rising from £8.2m to £9.3m. Contract electronic manufacturing remains the largest sales contributor, although controlled environment agriculture products are growing in importance.

Touch sensors manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) reports a 30% decline in full year revenues to £8.6m and it fell back into loss. Gross margins were hit by higher raw material costs and product mix. Sales continue to decline this year. There are signs that there could be improvement in the second half. Net cash is £4.7m.

Palm oil producer Dekel Agri-Vision (DKL) says 2023 revenues were at record levels, but there are problems with ramping up the cashew operation. Investment is required to replace parts of the machinery used in cashew production. Production should improve in the second quarter. The 2024 pre-tax profit forecast has been cut from €1.5m to €600,000.

Mercantile Ports and Logistics (MPL) says some trading activity was deferred last December. Cavendish reduced its 2023 revenues forecast from £6.9m to £5.4m. Coal import to the Karanja port were lower because of destocking. The loss will be higher. Management hopes to replace the current debt facilities with a new facility with lower interest charges. Buying by directors did not help the share price. Non-exec John Fitzgerald acquired 624,419 shares at 1.5725p each and Dmitri Tsvetkov bought 617,360 shares at 1.62p each.

Oriole Resources (ORR) has confirmed receipt of the payment of $450,000 related to the earn-in agreement with BCM International for the Bibemi gold exploration project in Cameroon. BCM will spend $4m on exploration to earn 50% of the project. Drilling should resume in the first quarter.

Semiconductors designer EnSilica (ENSI) has released a range of Post-Quantum Cryptography accelerators. These are cryptographic algorithms that can withstand cyber-attacks from quantum computers.


Tertre Rouge Assets (TRA) has entered into a purchase agreement for a 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV for £2.8m, which means that there are purchase agreements for six cars valued at £32m. Formal marketing of a fundraising has commenced, and the issue price should be 105p. Approval of the prospectus by the FCA is still awaited.

Kelso Group Holdings (KLSO) plans to raise up to £1.88m at 3p/share. The cash will be used for further investments in UK listed companies. Previous fundraisings were at 2p/share and 2.5p/share.

Standard list shell Sivota (SIV) has identified a potential acquisition that operates a technology platform in the travel sector, subject to due diligence and other conditions. The plan is to acquire up to 51% of the company for $15m. Sivota will raise £2.5m to provide the target with a convertible loan for working capital.

Quantum dots developer Nanoco (NANO) has signed a joint development agreement with STMicroelectronics. This two-year programme will optimise a second generation sensing material. This will boost non-licence fee income in 2024 and sales of test materials in 2024 and 2025.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 25 December 2023


Good Life Plus (GDLF) completed its reversal into Semper Fortis Esports. There was £1.4m raised at 2p/share. The share price improved 11.1% to 2.5p. The business has been trading for just over two years and it offers members daily prize draws. There are more than 21,000 active members and monthly recurring revenues are £210,000. The company is currently loss-making, partly due to investment in marketing, although the increasing scale means gross profit is improving. The cash will fund further investment in marketing. Sportingbet founder Mark Blandford is one of the new investors.

Kondor AI (KNDR) joined the Access segment of Aquis on 21 September having raised £1.5m at 3p/share and by the end of the week the share price was 8.25p. There was £400,500 raised in November. Kondor AI intends to develop artificial intelligence products in areas such as health diagnostics, search and text recognition. A beta demonstration product is being tested.

Secured Property Developments (SPD) has appointed Paul Ryan as executive director and Noel Lyons as non-exec and they have acquired £150,000 worth of shares at 26.11p each. The existing directors resigned. It appears likely that the focus may change to technology and cleantech. Peterhouse has become corporate adviser. The changes sparked a 60% rise in the share price to 20p.

Incanthera (INC) has secured a commercial deal with a subsidiary of health and beauty company AS Watson for the launch of the Skin + CELL skincare range. This should generate significant revenues in 2024. The plan is to roll out the brand to 1,000 stores in Europe, followed by Asia. Manufacturing has been subcontracted. To fund this, £800,000 was raised at 7p/share and £200,000 of debt owed to the University of Bradford was converted into shares. There was net debt of £199,0090 at the end of September 2023.

Vanadium flow batteries developer Invintiy Energy Systems (IES) says full year revenues will be at least £21.6m, which is below forecast, and the EBIDA loss will be higher than expected at £22m. That means net cash will be around £1m. Forecast revenues for 2024 have been downgraded and the loss raised. This is based on exiting projects. Canaccord Genuity believes that there will be a cash injection from a strategic partner, which will offset the cash outflow in 2024.

Valereum (VLRM) has renegotiated the acquisition of the GSX Group, which is dependent on the approval of shareholders. It is paying five million shares and 10 million warrants exercisable at 1p each. The deal includes GATENet DFMI intellectual property, which puts the group in a strong position in tokenisation. The GATE token will the sole token used. As part of the deal former AIM boss Simon Brickles will become a non-executive director. GSX chief executive Nick Cowan will take up that role in the group.

Coinsilium Group (COIN) says a recovery in cryptocurrency markets is having a positive effect on the company. The expected approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETF should create more opportunities.

Aquaculture technology developer OTAQ (OTAQ) had a strong second half and full year revenues will be £4.4m, which is higher than expected. Oil and gas demand has improved. There was positive EBITDA in the second half. There are opportunities in Geotracking for next year.

Wishbone Gold (WSBN) is exercising the option over the Crescent East lithium and gold project in Western Australia. In return, 18.6 million shares worth around £400,000. Gold mineralisation has been confirmed and there is potential for lithium in the southern area.

Personalised medicine company EDX Medical (EDX) had £1.1m in the bank at the end of September 2023. There was £1.5m outflow from operating activities in the six months to September 2023.

Mydecine Innovations Group Inc (MYIG) is the largest faller on the week with a 70.6% decline to 2.5p, even though it has received notice of allowance from the US patent office for the MYCO-005 compound. It mimics psilocin but without some of the side effects.

ChallengerX (CXS) has moved from net assets of £282,000 to net liabilities of £33,000 at the end of June 2023.

Rogue Baron (SHNJ) has raised £50,000 at 0.35p/share. The spirits company is still performing due diligence on the acquisition of a vodka brand.

Marula Mining (MARU) says dual listings on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and JSE should happen in the first quarter of 2024. Indicative terms have been received indicative terms for an offtake agreement with a European commodity trader for the lithium output of Blesberg lithium and tantalum mine. Transportation of the modular processing plant for the Kinusi copper mine will not happen until early 2024.

Cadence Minerals (KDNC) investee company European Metals Holdings (EMH) says that the definitive feasibility study for the Cinovec lithium project in the Czech Republic has been delayed until the first quarter of 2024. This will allow time to complete capital and operating cost estimation and project implementation scheduling.

SulNOx Group (SNOX) says that its Ghana-based distributor has purchased 3,700 litres of SulNOxEco fuel additive and committed to a minimum of 15,000 litres each year, which is valued at £250,000. SulNOx has raised £1.8m at 23p/share. The share price is down 1.92% to 25.5p.

Walls and Futures REIT (WAFR) had an NAV of 87p/share at the end of September 2023. Property values increased by £60,000.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) is involved in a £1.5m fundraising for Rapid Retail, which supplies portable shops and kiosks, and it is investing £100,000 in existing shares and providing a 9% secured convertible loan of £400,000. The rest of the cash is coming from Harrock Investments, which is controlled by Capital for Colleagues non-executive Bill Ainscough.

Trading in Pharma C Investments (PCIL) will resume on 27 December This follows the recent publication of annual results and interim figures. There has been £281,000 raised at 0.01p/share. These shares are 91% of the enlarged share capital. Peter Wall will be executive chairman. The investment strategy has been changed to technology.

Gunsynd (GUN) NAV fell from £3.85m to £2.15m in the year to July 2023, including cash of £164,000.

Oberon Investments (OBE) has received FCA approval for the acquisition of Nexus Investment Management and the Nexus Investments Evergreen EIS Scale-Up Fund. Harry Hyman has increased his stake from 3.82% to 4.98%.

Macaulay Capital (MCAP) is making a £125,000 loan to a subsidiary of investee company Vale Foods. This loan earns 10%/year and provides cash to finance an increase in capacity. Macaulay Capital director David Horner is personally lending £100,000.

Cooks Coffee Company (COOK) is buying back shareholdings of less than 1,125 shares.

Adnams (ADB) director Sacha Berendji acquired 300 A shares at £19 each.

Jared Gurfein has been appointed as chief executive of Looking Glass Labs (NFTX), replacing Dorian Banks.


Trading has not gone to plan at Hargreaves Services (LON: HSP) but it is able to offer an enhanced dividend pay out. Reduced commodity prices and a slowdown in the German economy have hit the performance of German associate company HRMS, which is expected to make a first half loss. The flipside of the HRMS underperformance is that working capital is unwinding and cash generation has strengthened. Hargreaves Servies has received £8m from HRMS and the two sides have agreed that an annual distribution of £7m can be sustained. This enables Hargreaves Services to pay an annual dividend of 36p/share, compared with previous expectations of 21.9p/share. This will be paid in two equal instalments. The 2024-25 dividend is expected to be maintained.

Filtronic (FTC) has gained two new contracts. There is a £4.8m contract for LEO satellite communications equipment. This is a follow-on contract for second generation Cerus32 solid state power amplifier modules for ground stations. This shows the increasing importance of the satellite market. Filtronic also won a £4.5m defence contract starting in January. Revenues will be recognised in 2024-25 and 2025-26. Interim results will be published on 6 February.

Video games publisher tinyBuild (TBLD) has secured the cash it requires for working capital. The fundraising includes a one-for-six open offer and should raise $14.2m at 5p/share, which is above the current share price. Interactive entertainment company Atari is investing $2m. Chief executive Alex Nichiporchik will underwrite up to $10m of the fundraising. The video games market continues to deteriorate. Full year revenues are likely to be between $40m and $50m with a greater than expected proportion of lower margin games. Cost cutting should reduce cash outflow by up to $10m/year.

Microsaic Systems (MSYS) is negotiating the acquisition of some of the assets of Modern Warter from DeepVerge (DVRG), which is running out of cash, for £100,000. The assets include water testing equipment plus IP and rights to related equipment. It does not include the Australian business. Intercompany debt will be discharged as part of the deal. The exclusivity period lasts until 16 January. Trading in DeepVerge shares will be cancelled on 27 December.

Bidstack (BIDS) has sorted out its problem with Azerion. The in-game advertising technology provider has reached a settlement that means that Azerion will pay €3m to Bidstack. The two parties will form a new non-exclusive commercial partnership in 2024.

Helium One (HE1) announced a placing raising £6.1m at 0.25p/share. This will fund the drilling of the Itumbula West-A well starting in early January. There will also be 25.1 million shares issued in lieu of fees.

SRT Marine Systems (SRT) is raising £10m at 35p/share with up to £500,000 more to come from a retail offer. This includes a £7m investment by Ocean Infinity. There were no revenues from systems in the first half, but they should make a significant contribution as work on contracts reaches points where it can be invoiced. Earlier this year, SRT raised £5.36m from a placing and Primary Bid offer at 50p/share.

Graphene technology developer Versarien (VRS) has found it difficult to complete the disposal of non-core assets. In the year to September 2023, revenues were £5.45m and cash fell to £600,000. There was £450,000 raised since then, but cash has fallen to £420,000. A general meeting will be held to gain shareholder approval for a reduction in share capital and nominal value to make it easier to raise money from share issues.

Bluejay Mining (JAY) has appointed Roderick McIllree, Harry Ansell and Troy Whitaker to the board with the latter becoming chief operating officer. Robert Edwards, Bo Stensgaard and Peter Waugh have stepped down from the board. Roderick McIllree was previously chief executive between 2015 and 2022. The strategy is to focus on the Disko magmatic massive sulphide project in Greenland.

Thor Energy (THR) investee company EnviroCopper has reached agreement with Andromeda Metals to acquire the Alford West property and combine it with Alford East in return for a 5% stake in EnviroCopper and A$50,000 in cash with deferred consideration of a 10% share of any successful mining operations. There will also be a A$150,000 cash payment when a mining lease is granted. Alligator Energy is making a A$900,000 strategic investment in EnviroCopper to help fund its copper projects. That will give it a 7.8% interest and further investments could take the stake to 50.1%. Thor Energy’s stake has been diluted to 26.5%.


A dual listing on the New York Stock Exchange was supposed to give Diversified Energy Company (DEC) a boost, but the share price slumped after Democrats in the US opened an inquiry into the company and questioned its business model. They are concerned about The US oil and gas producer’s methane emissions and abandonment risk.

Bowen Fintech (BWN) plans to acquire 93.49% of the share capital of MINNADEOOYASAN-HANBAI Co (MOH) and the enlarged business is expected to be valued at £42.7m. Japan-based MOH is a crowdfunding platform focused on property. It has been operating since 2007 and raised Y62bn (£378m) during the year to March 2023. Bowen Financial is issuing shares at 15p each and that will value MOH at £34.5m. The share price was suspended at 12p until a prospectus is issued. In October 2022, £2m was raised at 4p/share. At the end of April 2023, there was £1.7m in the bank.

IT services provider Triad (TRD) reported a dip in interim revenues and a more than doubled loss of £990,000. This was worse than expected. Cash has fallen to £2.62m. The interim dividend is maintained at 2p/share. Four new contracts have been won. This should improve the second half figures and next year’s results. Deputy executive chairman Charlotte Rigg has bought 4,444 shares at 135p each.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 11 September 2023


Ormonde Mining (ORM) has switched from AIM to the Access segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange. Ormonde Mining owns 36.2% of gold and copper explorer. TRU Precious Metals Corp and 20% of battery metals explorer Peak Nickel.

SulNOx Group (SNOX) increased revenues from £34,000 to £203,000 in 2022-23, while the loss was slightly lower at £1.91m. The net cash outflow was £1.2m. Note 3 of the accounts points out the financial position, but management believes that sales will come through to generate cash to fund the business after a reduction in costs. If not, a share issue will be the alternative way of obtaining the cash required. Stephen Bamford and Constantine Logothetis have increased their stakes to 8% and 22.5% respectively.

Aquis Stock Exchange owner Aquis Exchange (AQX) has appointed Investec as nominated adviser and joint broker alongside Canaccord Genuity. It replaces Liberum. The company, which is also quoted on AIM, will report interims on 21 September.

Ananda Developments (ANA) has issued £600,000 of convertibles at 100p each. Two existing shareholders have invested a total of £300,000 and Charles Morgan has converted £300,000 of debt. Unsecured debt will fall to £709,000 and Charles Morgan has agreed not to task for repayment until the end of January 2025. The interest rate is 15% and the conversion price is the lower of a 20% discount to the share price of the next capital raising of at least £1m of 0.4p/share, with a minimum of 0.2p/share. The loans will automatically be converted on 30 November 2025 or earlier.

Pharma C investments (PCIL) will hold the requisitioned general meeting on 27 September. The proposals are to remove Gavin Hilary Sathianathan and appoint Paul Ryan and Noel Lyons to the board.

Investment company Macaulay Capital (MCAP) has seven investments in its portfolio. The NAV dipped from £1.44m to £1.33m at the end of June 2023. There is £368,000.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) has received the second tranche of the disposal proceeds of investee company The Homebuilding Centre, which provides homebuilding advice. Successful trading means that the second tranche is £108,000 rather than the expected £50,000.

Cannabis-based products supplier Voyager Life (VOY) improved revenues from £178,000 to £284,000. There was cash of £990,000.


Controlled environmental agriculture technology developer Light Science Technologies (LST) is acquiring Tomtech for £500,000 with an initial cash payment of £75,000. Tomtech, which supplies and installs monitoring and control systems for greenhouses, has £284,000 in cash and there could be additional cash payments if it is above £185,000 on completion. This deal is immediately earnings enhancing – Tomtech reported a pre-tax profit of £79,000 on revenues of £680,000. There is a complementary product range and cross selling opportunities to Tomtech’s 160 customers.

AMTE Power (AMTE) is raising £2.1m at 1.7p/share at 1.7p/share, plus an additional retail offer to raise £250,000. The share price slumped 78.4% to 2.05p. The battery technology developer is raising the cash to keep going until the proposed cash injection of £2.5m is completed. Due diligence by the potential investor could continue until the end of October and it believes that it can introduce potential offtake customers to AMTE.

Molecular Energies (MEN) plans to sell its Argentinian oil and gas business for up to $40m to its chairman Peter Levine. Argentina is economically and politically volatile and exchange controls mean that the business is hampered. There is a lack of investor interest and there are capital investment requirements that need to be funded. There will be an initial payment of $2m plus repayment of $13m of debt. The rest of the purchase price is based on up to 20% of net free cash flow over the next five years. The Paraguay oil and gas assets and other operations are not included in the sale.

Software supplier GetBusy (GETB) made a slightly lower underlying loss in the first half as it continues to invest in sales and product development. Annual recurring revenues grew 14% to £20.1m. and there is £1.7m in the bank. finnCap maintains its expectation of a small 2023 loss.

Satellite communications equipment supplier Global Invacom (GINV) is seeking shareholder approval to leave AIM and maintain the listing on the Mainboard of the Singapore stock market. There is a lack of liquidity on AIM, and this makes it difficult to raise cash. There is also the cost and management time taken up with being on AIM and another market. A subsidiary signed a multi-year contract with Eutelsat Communications. The July 2014 placing price was 19.75p. The shares have been trading below that price for more than eight years.

Video editing technology developer Blackbird (BIRD) reported a 36% dip in interim revenues to £985,000 after the loss of a contract with A+E and additional development fees in the previous period. The cash outflow was £1.92m, but there is still £8.18m in the bank. Even so, investors want to see progress with the new product for creators and other new business to replace what has been lost.

Capital equipment supplier 600 Group (SIXH) has reconvened its AGM for 29 September. However, the audit for the accounts for the year to March 2023 will not be completed by the end of September. Trading in the shares will be suspended on 2 October. Trading conditions continue to be difficult and there will be a further interim loss. That will lead to impairment adjustments in the 2022-23 accounts. Debt facilities expire at the end of November 2023. Peter Gyllenhammar increased his stake from 9.88% to 10.2%.

Capital equipment manufacturer Mpac (MPAC) increased interim revenues by 4% to £52.8m and pre-tax recovered from £1.1m to £1.9m. Order intake soared in the period. Services generated one-third of revenues in the first half, but the mix will change as recent order wins are satisfied in the second quarter. The order book has risen 15% to £77.5m since the end of 2022 and includes higher margin healthcare machinery. This helps to underpin forecasts of a better second half. The battery cell assembly plant business remains a significant longer-term opportunity. Net cash is £2.2m. Shore forecasts a near doubling of underlying pre-tax profit to £6.9m in 2023.

Builders’ merchant Lords Group Trading (LORD) is outperforming its rivals. But trading is getting tougher because of higher interest rates and lower construction activity. Interim revenues improved 4% to £222.6m, helped by acquisitions, but pre-tax profit fell from £8.4m to £7.7m. The interim dividend is maintained at 0.67p/share. Cenkos has reduced its 2023 pre-tax profit forecast from £17.8m to £13.2m.

Infrastructure India (IIP) announced the conditional sale of the 99.99% stake in transportation company Distribution Logistics Infrastructure to Pristine Malwa Logistics Park, which is part of logistics group Pristine. The consideration will be $10m in cash and 33% of Pristine Malwa the purchaser. There are conditions that are required to be satisfied before the deal can go ahead and it will be subject to adjustment. The transaction could close before the end of the year. Infrastructure India is expected to exit the investment within three years. At the end of September 2022, net liabilities were £85.7m. It is difficult to assess how much of the Infrastructure India borrowings will go with the disposal.

STM Group (LON: STM) has reached agreement with PSF Capital GP II over a 67p a share cash bid for the pensions and financial services provider. The bidder is securing a new credit facility to fund the bid. Originally, it was stated the offer could be as high as 70p/share, but the share price shows that investors were not counting on it being that high. This is conditional on STM boss Alan Kentish acquiring the UK SIPP business and those related to the Master Trust.

Property bridging loans provider Vector Capital (VCAP) reported a decline in interim revenues and profit. The loan book has fallen from £53.2m to £48.8m over six months as management is cautious about new lending. The bad provision has been raised by £167,000 to £367,000, but it is still relatively low. Pre-tax profit fell 18% to £1.3m, partly due to the higher provision.


Round Hill Music Royalty Fund (RHMP) is being acquired by Alchemy Copyrights for $1.15/share, which values the company at $468.8m. That was a premium of 67% to the previous market price. Shareholders will still receive the quarterly dividend of 1.125 cents/share and a special dividend of 0.5 cents/share.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 28 August 2023


Pharma C Investments (PCIL) has received a general meeting requisition from one of its shareholders. The directors are reviewing the request.

Technology marketing start-up Inteliqo (IQO) generated income of more than $400,000 and pre-tax profit of $250,000 from the distribution rights of the Langaroo app, which has still to be launched on Google Play and the Apple app store.

Macaulay Capital (MCAP) has realised one of the five investments it took on from Chelverton Asset Management. Qualification Check B shares were bought by a trade buyer, and this will generate fees that will be shared by Macaulay Capital and Chelverton Asset Management. The net amount receivable by Macaulay Capital is £212,000.

Guanajuato Silver Company (GSVR) generated record production of 941,338 silver equivalent ounces in the second quarter and all-in sustaining cost was $22.47/ounce. Realised prices improved on the previous quarter. There was a small dip in net loss of $8.5m. Drill results from the Topia mine in Durango, Mexico have been promising.

Capital for Colleagues (LON: CFCP) investee company Bright Ascension provides software for the space sector, and it has been selected to lead onboard and ground software development for the three-year OS2-VOLT mission. This OS2-VOLT mission is being led by another investee company, Craft Prospect.

Marula Mining (MARU) has moved to the Apex section of the market. The construction of the initial modular processing plant for the Kinusi copper mine has been completed and is ready for transportation and commissioning.

Rogue Baron (SHNJ) raised £50,000 at 0.75p/share.

Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) chief executive Eddy Travia bought 1.5 million shares at 1.25p each.

Andrew Offit has taken a 4.77% stake in AQRU (AQRU).


Education software and services provider Tribal (TRB) reported a 2% increase in interim revenues even though the NTU project has been cancelled. Annualised recurring revenues are 3% ahead at £51.9m. The NTU project is still the subject of dispute, but there will be no more non-legal costs. The second half is expected to be better and pre-tax profit is forecast to recover from £3.7m to £9.1m.

Loyalty technology provider Eagle Eye (EYE) has revealed that a previously announced three-year contract is with department stores operator Hudson Bay Company, which was formed in the seventeenth century and who’s backers included Prince Rupert. Hudson Bay Company will relaunch its digital loyalty programme using Eagle Eye technology.

Fulcrum Utility Services (FCRM) intends to seek shareholder approval to leave AIM. This announcement followed the release of full year figures showing an increased loss. The utility infrastructure business reported a £25.7m loss on a 18% decrease in revenues to £50.6m. Even excluding write-downs and restructuring charges there was a loss.

Compliance and maintenance services provider Kinovo (KINO) revealed a non-binding bid approach from Rx3 Holdings, which the bid target said was at 56p/share. Management says that the offer is at the lower end of board expectations. Rx3 has confirmed that the offer price will be at least 40p/share, because 29.9% shareholder Tipacs2 Ltd recently bought shares at that price from Western Selection (WESP).

Wellhead equipment supplier Plexus Holdings (POS) says a £5m rental contract for POS-GROP HG wellhead equipment and sealing technology announced in March has been increased in value to £8m. These revenues will be recognised in the year to June 2024, which should enable Plexus to move into profit. The 2021-22 revenues were £2.31m and they are expected to decline in 2022-23.

Bivictrix Therapeutics (BVX) has been granted a US patent for lead asset BVX001 and it expects to gain a Japanese patent in a few weeks. BVX001 is an antibody drug conjugate than targets leukaemia.

Cake Box (CBOX) reported like-for-like sales growth of 6.8% in the first 17 weeks of the financial year. That represents an acceleration of growth in recent weeks as marketing is stepped up. There are 212 outlets with scope for more. After paying the final dividend there is £6m in the bank.

Redx Pharma (REDX) says zelasudil (RXC007), an oral, selective Rho Associated Coiled-Coil Containing Protein Kinase 2 (ROCK2) inhibitor, has received Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA for the potential treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). The treatment is being used in a phase 2a clinical study for IPF and data is expected in the first quarter of next year. IPF is a disease of the lungs which progressively causes scarring and a reduction in lung function.

Neometals (NMT) says battery recycling joint venture Primobius has received an order for 10 tonne/day of lithium-ion battery recycling spoke with Mercedes. The facility will recover lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and other materials and feed them back into production of 50,000 batteries for new Mercedes vehicles. This is important because it will help the joint venture to gain credibility and win more business.

Cybersecurity firm Shearwater Group (SWG) has delayed publication of its full year results due to audit delays. They are set to be published on 5 September. On a brighter note, delayed contracts have been received in the first quarter of the new financial year. Market conditions are becoming more favourable.

Coro Energy (CORO) has sold its 18.76% stake in ion Ventures for £1.25m in cash, of which £250,000 is deferred until March 2024. The book value was $259,000.


Graft Polymer (UK) (GPL) signed a manufacturing services agreement for production of haemostatic wound care products. The partner is in the Israel pharma market and the Graft Bio facility will provide manufacturing services for the partner’s patented haemostatic powder. This changes from a self-emulsifying powder to a gel when coming into contact with blood, thereby helping to clot the blood effectively.

Ferro-Alloy Resources (FAR) warns that problems with the delivery of concentrate material to its secondary processing facility will hit third quarter results. This follows record second quarter vanadium, molybdenum and nickel production.

Zamaz (ZAMZ) is changing its name to Dispensa, although the strategy remains the same. It will acquire growing, speciality food brands.

Ashington Innovation (ASHI) has signed heads of terms for the acquisition of Calon Cardio-Technology. Calon is developing a left ventricular asset device, an implantable heart pump for patients with severe heart failure.

Mode Group Holdings (MODE) is changing its name to R8 Capital.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 11 April 2023


Aquis Exchange (AQX) has launched Aquis Equinox, which is a regulated market-grade 24/7 matching engine. Rival exchange models need to be shut down to perform resets and maintenance. Aquis Equinox will be offered via the cloud or on-premise. Chairman Glenn Collinson bought 7,500 shares at 400p each and 5,000 shares at 412p each. Chief executive Alasdair Haynes acquired 10,000 shares at 390p each.

Marula Mining (MARU) has observed high grade graphite mineralisation at Nyorinyori project in Tanzania. Results from sampling are expected in the second quarter of 2023. There have also been two major graphite prospects observed at the Bagamoyo project. Further mining licences could be added to the project. Site works at the 75%-owned Kinusi copper project are just starting and there are plans to install a copper processing plant. Brahma Finance has converted £265,000 of loan notes at 2p a share.

Invinity Energy Systems (IES) says it has delivered more than 11.4 MWh of batteries so far in 2023. There are more batteries due to be delivered to projects in Australia and California.

Gunsynd (GUN) reported a realised and unrealised loss of £305,000 in the six months to January 2023. Net assets were £3.28m, including cash of £304,000.

RentGuarantor Holdings (RGG) increased revenues by 92% in the three months to March 2023.

NFT Investments (NFT) says that its crypto assets are worth 2.77p a share at 2 April. The majority is in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Walls and Futures REIT (WAFR) has sold Pax Homes to chief executive Joe McTaggart for £1. Pax Homes has acquired IP by issuing Walls and Futures REIT 100,000 5% preference shares redeemable on 1 April 2029. This IP was valued at £118,000.

Decentralised finance business incubator AQRU (AQRU) lost £5.94m last year and net assets fell from £12.2m to £6.56m by the end of October 2022. That includes cash of £4.84m. That was before the £2.3m invested in Streaks Gaming. The annualised cost base has been reduced by two-thirds.

TruSpine Technologies (TSP) has terminated a consultancy agreement with a company that provided the services of Frank Boehm, who was the inventor of some of the company’s spinal stabilisation systems technology. He is challenging the company’s ownership of the IP.

Several SunNOx Group (SNOX) shareholders have entered into option agreements with RemNOx over 24 million shares at 30p each. The option lasts until 29 September. That could take the RemNOx stake to 29.8%.

KR1 (KR1) says NAV was 68.22p a share at the end of February 2023, up from 30.6p a share at the end of June 2022.

Wishbone Gold (WSBN) says that it appears that the Red Setter project is a potential analogue of the 26 million plus ounce Telfer deposit 15kn north east of the project.

Oberon Investments (OBE) is raising £450,000 at 3.5p a share.

Six Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) directors and people closely associated with them have bought a total of 709,064 shares.

Trading in the shares of S-Ventures (SVEN) has been suspended because its accounts have not been published.


Reading-based Ocean Harvest Technology Group (OHT) joined AIM last week. The company produces ingredients for animal feed using seaweed. Although the business started in Ireland, the main trading business is in Vietnam. The brand name of the products is OceanFeed and there are different products for different animals. Management believes it has spent €20m on developing and commercialising these ingredient products. A placing raised £6m, or £4.5m after expenses, at 16p. That valued the company at £20.1m. In 2022, revenues grew from €2m to €3m and the loss increased from €1.46m to €2.9m.

Fadel Partners Inc (FADL) joined AIM last week and raised £7.55m at 144p a share. It provides rights and royalty management and brand compliance services. There is £4.6m set aside for boosting sales and marketing and services supporting them. There will also be funding for research and development.

Franchise Brands (FRAN) is making its largest ever acquisition and raised £92m from a share placing at 180p. This will help to finance the £200m purchase price for Pirtek Europe, plus working capital adjustment of £12.2m. Pirtek Europe provides on-site hydraulic hose replacement and other services through 213 service centres and 838 mobile service vans. There are 70 franchisees in eight countries and the company has the right to enter eight other European countries. Franchise Brands will have operations in ten countries. Forecast 2023 group revenues are £155m or £168m on a pro forma basis. Forecast 2023 group EBITDA is £29m.

Restaurants operator Fulham Shore (FUL) is recommending a 14.15p a share cash bid by Tokyo-based TORIDOLL Holdings. TThe bidder has revenues of around £1bn and already has European interests. It works with specialist private equity firm Capdesia in Europe. The takeover will enable greater expansion of the Franco Manca and The Real Greek brands.

Logistics firm Xpediator (XPD) has recommended the 42p a share bid that was initially proposed last year. The shareholders will also receive a special dividend of 2p a share.

Floorcoverings distributor Likewise Group (LIKE) continues to gain share in a tough market. First quarter revenues were 19.7% higher. Last April’s acquisition Delta Carpets was not included in the comparative period, but it is not a big business. Higher prices helped but there was significant underlying growth.

Linear generator technology developer Libertine Holdings (LIB) shares declined after management revealed delays in development work that mean that 2022-23 revenues could be up to £400,000 lower than the expected £1.32m.

Saietta Group (SED) won the largest ever order for its eDrive systems. The £5m order is for 3,000 bespoke systems based on the AFT140 motor from Nasdaq-listed urban delivery vehicles manufacturer AYRO. Saietta is exclusive supplier for the Vanish vehicle launched in February. First deliveries will be in the autumn and the full number delivered by the end of 2024.

Tungsten West (TUN) is restructuring the operations of its Hemerdon tungsten and tin project in Devon. Costs will be cut, and surplus assets sold. Concentrate already on the site will be sold. Project funding is being discussed. A convertible note issue raised £7m and an open offer could raise up to £2m.

Block Energy (BLOE) has improved its financial position, and the salary sacrifice scheme started in April 2020 has come to an end. Cash generation in building from the WR-B01Za, which is producing 274 barrels of oil/day. There is optimism about further wells.


World Chess (CHSS) has been seeking to join the stockmarket since the end of 2019, when the business was starting to build up. It has arrived on the standard list having raised £3.04m at 6.25p a share. The share price ended the first day of trading at 6.5p (5p/8p). There were no trades reported.  World Chess has the commercial rights to chess governing body FIDE’s online chess gaming platform, the Grand Prix series, the Candidates Tournament and the FIDE World Chess Championship. The Russia-based business was sold last year.

Aura Renewable Acquisitions (ARA) got had £809,000 in cash following a £236,000 loss in 2022 – mainly down to the expenses of the flotation. That means there is around 8p a share in cash, which is a premium to the market price. The flotation price was 10p. Cash shell Aura Renewable Acquisitions is still considering its first acquisition. The directors are not taking any fees and the ongoing expenses are minimal.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 3 April 2023


Aquis Stock Exchange owner Aquis Exchange (AQX) reported an increase in revenues from £17.2m to £19.9m in 2022. The pre-tax profit improved from £3.6m to £4.5m. that reflects the operational gearing. All three parts of the business were profitable. In the cash of the Aquis Stock Exchange this was probably the first time it has made a profit in any of its incarnations. This was on the back of a 48% increase in issuer fees because of the 22 new companies joining the market.

Wine maker Chapel Down Group (CDGP) increased underlying pre-tax profit by 22% to £1.7m in 2022. Singer expects this profit level to be maintained in 2023 before more than doubling to £4m by 2026. Net cash is £3.3m.  NAV is 38p a share.

Arbuthnot Banking Group (ARBB) reported better than expected 2022 results. Pre-tax profit jumped from £4.6m to £20m and the dividend was raised by 11% to 42p a share. The loan book increased by 11% to £2.2bn. NAV is 1411p a share.

Good Energy (GOOD) 2022 revenues jumped from £146m to £248.7m as energy prices increased, while the energy supplier returned to profit. There was net cash of £19m at the end of 2022. The book value of Zap-Map is £13m. Management is seeking to expand its energy efficiency services operations.

Ananda Developments (ANA) published a medicinal cannabis research round-up. The sublingual spray shows promising results in diabetes type 2 patients. There has also been progress in explaining the mechanisms of action of CBD alleviating bladder pain syndrome. Shareholders voted for the acquisition of MRX Global.

A £289,000 interim cash outflow at Tectonic Gold (TTAU) was partly offset by the £101,000 of proceeds of the sale of shares in Kazera. There was net cash of £46,000 at the end of 2022.

Visum Technologies (VIS) made an interim loss of £457,000 on revenues of £120,000. The first US location for its theme park video technology was opened in November. Debt financing has been secured for rides and attractions. Existing sites in Europa Park and Linnanmaki will reopen in April. The financial position is expected to improve.

Valereum (VLRM) has sold shares in subsidiary Valereum Collections raising £70,500 at 625p a share. Valereum retains a 99.8% stake in the company, which will operate the group’s NFT programme.  The Valereum share price dived 23.6% to 5.25p, which is a new low for the year.

KR1 (KR1) has invested $500,000 in Hydra Ventures, which supports and incubates decentralised autonomous organisations, in return for 5,000 HYDRA tokens. This is part of a $10m fundraising.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) had net assets of 77.78p a share at the end of February 2023. There are 13 companies in the investment portfolio. Castlefield Investment Partners has reduced its stake from 45.9% to 42.1%.

Invinity Energy Systems (IES) has made a sale of a 1.5MWh energy storage system to STS Group for a solar storage project in Hungary.

ChallengerX (CXS) had £92,000 in cash at the end of 2022, and a £250,000 subscription announced in February has yet to be received. The development of the company’s marketing platform requires more money.

RentGuarantor Holdings (RGG) has entered into an agreement with Vorensys for the use of the RentGuarantor services. Vorensys provides tenant referencing services.

CRUSHMETRIC Group Ltd (CUSH) has issued an unsecured convertible bond with a principal of S$250,000 (£151,000), which has a coupon of 10% and matures in February 2026.

SuperSeed Capital (WWW) boss Mads Jensen bought 3,000 shares at an average price of 83p each.

Shares in Asimilar (ASLR) fell ahead of the trading suspension on 3 April due to the accounts not being published in time.


Scottish gold producer Scotgold Resources (SGZ) has been hit by falling ore grades at the Cononish gold mine. The average gold grade in January was 5.65g/t. compared with an estimated grade of 7.35g/t. A different part of the mine is being developed and the production process is being changed. Shore has its forecasts under review because of concerns about the financial position of the company.

Daisy Group is making an agreed bid for ECSC (ECSC), which values the cyber security services provider at £5.4m. The bid is 54.02p for each share in cash. ECSC joined AIM at the end of 2016, when it raised £5m at 167p a share.

Cameroon-focused oil and gas company Bowleven (BLVN) had $2.45m in cash and investments at the end of 2022 and it is considering its options for raising more money. Bowleven will need cash to invest in the Etinde project, although there will not be progress there until Perenco completes the purchase of New Age’s operating interest. Bowleven’s interest in Etinde is estimated to be worth more than $150m.

Footwear retailer Unbound Group (UBG) has received a 10.5p a share potential offer from WoolOvers Group. There would also be a contingent value right that would give shareholders the proceeds of any insurance claim related to business interruptions due to Covid lockdowns. Unbound management says it would be likely to accept this offer. The recent fundraising was at 15p.

Building and architecture software supplier Eleco (ELCO) reported 2022 results that were the first 12 months of an 18-month period where the switch to a focus on SaaS is holding back revenues, which dipped 3% to £26.6m. Pre-tax profit was better than expected at £3.6m and net cash was £12.5m. The final dividend is 0.5p a share with a special dividend of 0.58p a share on top. This year’s pre-tax profit is expected to be £3.8m.

Sustainable fuels developer Velocys (VLS) has risen on the back of the latest UK government consultation paper on sustainable aviation fuel, which identifies the Fischer Tropsch process as part of the main technology. This can be supplied by Velocys, which has active projects in the UK and US.

Video games developer tinyBuild (TBLD) is investing in new games, so there has been a reduction in net cash. However, the strong back catalogue means that the business is resilient and not dependent on one game becoming a hit.


Used car finance and property bridging loans provider S&U (SUS) reported full year results in line with expectations. In the year to January 2023, underlying pre-tax profit dipped from £47m to £41.4m, after higher bad debt provisions of £13.9m. Even so, the provision is still relatively low. Used car prices continue to rise, but at a lower rate than early last year. Net debt was £192.4m at the end of January 2023, compared with committed facilities of £210m. The dividend was raised to 133p a share.

Standard list shell Marwyn Acquisition Company II (MAC2) has appointed former Curtis Banks Group chief executive Will Self as the chief executive – pensions division. This year, AIM-quoted Curtis Banks was acquired for 350p a share in cash by Nucleus Financial Platforms, which valued the SIPP administrator at £242m. Will Self will lead the search for suitable financial services acquisitions. The strategy has been further refined to include themes including changing population demographics, intergenerational wealth transfer, social and family support and concentration of wealth.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 20 March 2023


MBH Corporation (LON: MBH) joined the Access segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange on 13 March. The shares have previously been traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange. Trading started on Aquis at 7p (5p/9p) and it stayed at that price all week. There were no trades. MBH has subsidiaries in a wide variety of sectors. They include, education, construction, transport, health, engineering, property, leisure and food.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) is investing £1m in A ordinary shares in automotive engineering and manufacturing start-up Morris Commercial, as part of an £8m investment round. The investment is in three tranches with an initial outlay of £500,000. The full investment will be made by the end of 2023. The initial product is the Morris JE electric van, which is based on the design of the Morris J-Type van.

Quantum technology investment company Quantum Exponential Group (QBIT) welcomes the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s plan for quantum technology. There will be investment of £2.5bn over ten years. This should help to increase investor interest in quantum.

Chapel Down Group (CDGP) believes that changes to UK duties are positive, because of the support for English sparkling wine producers. Chapel Down, along with Shepherd Neame (SHEP) have signed a partnership deal with The Boat Race, which happens on 26 March.

Macaulay Capital (MCAP) has taken over the management of the unquoted portfolio of Chelverton Asset Management.

Kasei Holdings (KASH) is still waiting for £350,000 from the February 2023 fundraising. Management hopes that this cash will be received in the next few days.

Coinsilium Group (COIN) is acquiring the advisory business and certain intellectual property assets of Tokenomi for £116,500 in cash and shares. There are four retained Web3 blockchain project clients with a further ten prospective clients. Revenues could be £551,000 over the next 12 months.

IamFire (FIRE) has subscribed a further £200,000 for convertible loan notes in WeShop, taking the total invested to £2.7m. The total amount invested in WeShop is £6.7m and there is the right to subscribe for a further £1.05m of loan notes. The conversion price is 200p. John Lewis and Sports Direct have recently become affiliated to WeShop.

Altona Rare Earths (ANR) has ended trading on Aquis. Trading starts on the standard list on 20 March. Forbes Ventures left Aquis on Friday, although it intends to acquire a litigation financing business and return to the quoted arena.

Silverwood Brands (SLWD) is still experiencing opposition to the transfer of shares in skincare products supplier Lush. Silverwood Brands holds the rights to the shares even if ownership is not registered.

Ananda Developments (ANA) has raised additional subscription funds at 0.3p a share, taking the total to £427,000.

Res Privata NV has sold its 3.83% stake in NFT Investments (NFT). Mark Horrocks has increased his shareholding in Lift Global Ventures (LIFT) from 7.1% to 11%.

EDX Medical (EDX) non-executive chairman Jason Holt bought 400,000 shares at 3025p each. Incanthera (INC) chief executive Dr Simon Ward has subscribed £115,000 for shares at 6.95p each.

Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd (GSVR) has secured a $5m silver and gold pre-payment facility, which replaces the current facility.

Snacks manufacturer S-Ventures (SVEN) says the audit for its figures for the year to September 2022 will last until the end of April, so trading in the shares will be suspended on 3 April.

Essentially Group (ESSN) joined Aquis on 17 March. The brief announcement claims that the prospectus is on the company’s website, but it is impossible to find.


Hurricane Energy (HUR) has agreed a bid from Prax Exploration & Production, which values the oil and gas producer at up to £249m. There will initially be a 3.32p a share transaction dividend and cash consideration of 0.83p a share, totalling 4.15p a share. There is then a supplementary dividend of 1.87p a share. Shareholders will also receive a deferred consideration unit worth up to 6.48p a share. The deferred consideration is based on 17.5% of future net revenues earned by Hurricane between 1 March 2023 and 31 December 2026. The deferred consideration will be paid twice a year in arrears.

MTI Wireless Edge (MWE) grew revenues of each of its three divisions and two of them made a higher profit contribution. An initial contribution from communication and monitoring systems developer PSK WIND Technologies, offset the loss of Russian distribution business. In 2022, group revenues improved from $43.2m to $46.3m, while underlying pre-tax profit rose from $4.04m to $4.32m. The total dividend is 3 cents a share. Net cash was $8.14m at the end of the year. The profitability of the Antennas division is recovering.

Cloud-based secure payments technology provider PCI-PAL (PCIP) grew interim revenues by one-third to £7.3m. North American growth was particularly strong. Total annualised contract value is £14.7m. The full year loss is likely to be around £2.2m. Legal costs due to the patent dispute meant that net cash fell to £1.9m, but it has risen since December. There should be no problem with the accounts at Silicon Valley Bank.

Digital coupons and loyalty technology provider Eagle Eye (EYE) reported the expected interims and says that full year results will be better than expected. The pre-tax profit forecast has been edged up from £3.5m to £3.8m and the 2023-24 figure has been edged up to £5m. Net cash could reach £5.3m at the end of June 2023. There should not be any problems arising from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, although there are still cash deposits in the bank.

Verditek (VDTK) has signed an exclusive supply agreement to supply solar panels to building and roofing products supplier Lindab Profil AB. They will be sold in the Nordic and eastern European markets. The exclusivity depends on the sale of panels of 850kw in 2023.

Cordel (CRDL) has won an important contract with Amtrak in the US. The six-and-a-half year contract is valued at $6.7m. There will be $1m recognised in 2022-23 and $2m in 2023-24, with rest coming in the remaining time of the contract. Cordel’s technology will be used to capture and manage data on clearances of surrounding rail infrastructure.

Redx Pharma (REDX) merger partner Jounce Therapeutics has received an unsolicited offer from Concentra Biosciences. Cancer treatments developer Redx Pharma recently announced the merger with Jounce Therapeutics and the AIM company’s shareholders would own 63% of the enlarged group.

Purplebricks (PURP) has received a possible offer from Strike Ltd, although it is not yet part of the formal sale process and has not entered into a non-disclosure agreement.

Reabold Resources (RBD) has been approached by Kamran Sattar on behalf of an affiliate of Portillion Capital which could lead to a bid at a 10% premium to the previous day’s closing price of 0.2035p. The board believes this offer undervalues the oil and gas investment company. It recently sold the Victory gas discovery to Shell and intends to return £4m to shareholders.

Circle Property (CRC) announced a return of capital through a B share issue with a second distribution to follow. The company has nearly completed the sale of its property portfolio. The first distribution of 158p a share (£46.2m) will be on 21 March. A second distribution of 58p a share should be made in April. There will be a much smaller distribution when the final disposal is completed. An incentive payment of £620,000 is being paid to each executive.

Digital mental health company Kooth (KOO) has won a significant contract in California covering 13-25 year olds. Services will be provided to the Behavioural Health Virtual Services Platform, and they will launch in January 2024. Specific terms are still to be finalised, but there should be a material impact on annualised recurring revenues from 2024.

Condor Gold (CNR) is entering the end of the first phase of the process to sell the La India gold project in Nicaragua. There are three formal expressions of interest, including two non-binding offers, with more likely to be received. The project requires $105.5m of investment and has an estimated NPV (5%) of $86.9m.


Structural steel supplier Severfield (SFR) is expanding in Europe through the acquisition of steel fabrication company Voortman Steel Construction Holding for €24m. The Netherlands-based company will provide greater access to the northern European market.

Data integrity and banking integration software provider Gresham Technologies (GHT) is accelerating the growth of its Clareti software. Group revenues grew from £37m to £48.7m in 2022. That was helped by currency movements and a full year contribution from post-trade processing software supplier Electra, but there was still strong organic growth. The fastest growth was in the US. Pre-tax profit improved from £4m to £6.9m. Singers forecasts a 2023 pre-tax profit of £7.4m. with flat earnings due the corporation tax rate rise, increasing to £9.6m next year.

Harwood Capital has increased its stake in RM (RM.) from 8.88% to 10.4%, including 9.18% held by Rockwood Strategic (RKW). Theodore W King’s stake has risen from 7.36% to 8.25%.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 5 December 2022


Good Energy (GOOD) says trading to the end of October was in line with expectations, but the subsequent mild winter has reduced gas consumption. Risk management actions should enable the energy supplier to meet 2022 expectations. There was £21.2m in cash at the end of October 2022. Heat pump installer Igloo Works has been acquired for £1.75m. Last year’s revenues were £1m. This will form an energy services division.

Invinity Energy Systems (IES) has sold 15MWh of vanadium flow batteries to Everdura Technology in Taiwan. A deposit will be paid soon, and the first deliveries will be late in 2023. This is the largest ever single order and there is follow-on potential of 255MWh over three years and it will help to underpin 2023 forecast revenues of £23.7m.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) has acquired Staffordshire-based MI Accountancy Solutions, which already provides accountancy services to the employee owned businesses investor’s clients. The cost is £90,000 with a further £20,000 deferred depending on performance.

Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI) has entered an agreement with Fishertown Property for a proposed lease of a 2.5 acre site in County Longford. This will become its first full scale waste plastic to hydrogen in Europe. A €50,000 payment has been made and an option for the site is being negotiated.

Tectonic Gold (TTAU) has completed drilling at the Specimen Hill project in Queensland. This has intersected a geophysical target below high-grade historic mine. An adjacent target has also been intersected. Joint venture discussions will be pursued.

Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd (GSVR) produced 700,264 of silver equivalent ounces in the third quarter, which is more than double the previous quarter. Cash costs fell by 19% to $19.53/ounce. However, lower silver and gold prices meant that the loss increased.

Field Systems Designs Holdings (FSD) was still affected by Covid in the year to May 2022. The mechanical and engineering contractor’s revenues fell from £9.98m to £8.09m. That meant that the loss increased from £534,000 to £1.9m. Revenues from the water sector have not grown as expected, but work is coming through. More than £9m of work has been secured for this year.

IamFire (FIRE) has subscribed for £2m of convertible loan notes in WeShop Holdings, which could be converted into one million shares, while an existing £4m investment would convert into 1.33 million shares. IamFire has the right to subscribe for a further £1.75m of convertibles. IamFire also holds convertibles in a shell that owns 25% of WeShop.

Pioneer Media Holdings (PNER) generated initial revenues of $482,000 in the year to May 2022. There was a reported loss of $28.6m, after $25.7m of impairment charges and fair value changes on investments. There was a credit of $3.26m relating to changes on accrued consideration. The cash outflow from operations was $2.14m. There is cash of $1.65m.

Recently floated Cooks Coffee Company (COOK) increased interim operational revenues by 37% to NZ$1.93m. Overall revenues fell because of the timing of recognising capital revenues on store openings. Pre-tax profit improved from NZ$128,000 to NZ$146,000 as costs were reduced.

Africa-focused sustainable investment company Inqo Investments (INQO) increased interim revenues from R608,000 to R3.39m. The loss was slightly reduced at R5.18m after a sharp increase in employee costs.

Nine months revenues from Yooma Wellness Inc (YOOM) improved from $4.91m to $8.91m and the reported loss was reduced.

Marula Mining (MARU) secured a 73% commercial interest in the Bagamoyo graphite project in Tanzania, which includes 22 graphite mining licences.

In the six months to August 2022, Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd (AWLP) reported a decline in revenues from $940,000 to $844,000 and it moved from profit to loss. There was $1.19m in the bank at the end of August 2022.

Ace Liberty and Stone (ALSP) says that it received £3.07m from its open offer at 25p a share, compared with the £4.56m it was seeking.

Evrima (EVA) chief executive Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi has made a £250,000 secured convertible loan facility available to the company. So far, £100,000 has been drawn down. This matures at the end of November 2023 and the coupon is 10%.

Goodbody Health (GDBY) chief executive Marc Howells has resigned, and George Thomas has replaced him.


Online retailer boohoo (BOO) has increased its stake in Revolution Beauty (REVB) from 13% to 26%. Bob Holt has taken over as chief executive. The shares remain suspended and there are still concerns about the 2021-22 figures.

Digital media company Digitalbox (DBOX) has acquired The Poke (www.thepoke.co.uk) for an undisclosed sum. It picks humorous content from the internet, unlike the Daily Mash which writes its own content. The Poke generated revenues of £170,000 in the year to November 2021.

Duke Royalty (DUKE) reported a 67% increase in recurring interim cash revenues from its royalty investments and free cash flow was 1.71p a share. There was a further improvement in cash revenues in the third quarter.

First Property (FPO) reported a fall in reported profit due to one-offs, but the interim dividend was maintained at 0.25p a share. NAV is 48.3p a share, not including any valuation for the investment management business, which is more than twice the share price.

A trading update from Light Source Technologies (LST) says that farmers are reluctant to commit to capital investment and that has slowed progress leading to a higher loss in the year to November 2023. The growers are finding it difficult to pass on cost increases to customers, so they are not making the commitment to install the controlled environment technology. Also, contract manufacturing margins have declined.

Venture Life Group (LON: VLG) is buying HL Healthcare, which owns Earol, EarolSwim and Sterinase, for £13m. The products generated EBITDA of £1.7m in 2021-22 and they should do better this year – £3m of the consideration is dependent on 2022-23 revenues. Venture Life is expected to make a 2022 pre-tax profit of £946,000 and that could improve to more than £4m in 2023.

Telecoms customer engagement software provider Pelatro (LON: PTRO) says the currency movements between the US dollar and Indian Rupee will lead to a shortfall in reported revenues this year. Along with other factors, this will reduce revenues by up to $800,000, although the currency movements will have a positive effect on costs that partly offsets the shortfall. EBITDA will be slightly below expectations. Some new clients are moving to a licence model, which means revenue will be recognised earlier.

Luxury brand Mulberry Group (MUL) reported flat interim revenues with higher international sales offsetting a decline in the UK. Mulberry moved from profit to loss as marketing and other spending was increased. There was an £11.2m cash outflow from operations.

Compliance and maintenance services provider Kinovo (KINO) continues to improve its profit in the six months to September 2022 and it has a strong order book. Revenues improved by one-quarter to £29.8m in the first half. Margins continue to rise with underlying pre-tax profit recovering from £1.61m to £2.1m. Three-year visible revenues total £146m, which includes contracts and predictable spend. That underpins around 90% of the 2022-23 forecast revenues of £62.1m. Net debt has fallen to below £100,000. However, in the short-term debt will increase again because of the requirements to finish contracts that are part of DCB, which was sold and then went into administration. Part of the deal was that Kinovo would guarantee the completion of projects. This could cost a total of £4.3m.

Inspiration Healthcare (IHC) says that it expects 2022-23 revenues to be similar to the previous year because of market uncertainty, particularly in China. Cenkos has reduced its forecast revenues from £45m to £41.1m. Because the reduction relates to higher margin products it means that pre-tax profit will dive from £3.96m last year to £540,000 this year.

Floorcoverings distributor Likewise (LIKE) says third quarter like-for-like sales were 21.8% higher and in October and November this accelerated to 27.7%. Total sales have more than doubled this year.

Fox Marble (FOX) has won damages and costs in its arbitration proceedings with a customer in India. Damages were Euro383,177 and costs were £454,584. The customer has 28 days to challenge the award.


Antimicrobial and textile odour control materials developer HeiQ (HEIQ) has acquired the land and property of Chem-Tex Laboratories Inc in the US for $2.5m in cash and shares at 74.4p each. Securing the site will enable further expansion. The focus of manufacturing investment will be the US because of the availability of chemicals and the reduced exposure to rising energy prices.

Edward Spencer is requisitioning a general meeting at MetalNRG (MNRG). He owns 7.3% of the company and wants to remove the chairman and chief executive. He wants four people to be voted onto the board, including himself.

Highway Capital (HWC) has still not completed the acquisition of Guinevere Esports and Entertainment, which was announced in October 2021. Highway made an interim loss of £243,000.

Andrew Hore

Quoted Micro 17 October 2022


Invinity Energy Systems (IES) is having a good week. Early in the week it announced a sale of a a 0.8MWh Invinity VS3 flow battery system to Equans Belux and then it won a California Energy Commission project as part of a consortium developing a large solar-plus-storage microgrid. Invinity Energy Systems will provide a 10MWh vanadium flow battery system. Delivery is expected in 2023. There is also a new relationship with US Vanadium, which could lead to a joint venture.

Vulcan Industries (VULC) is acquiring Peregrine X, which has developed diagnostic technology and the initial market will be oil well-head analysis. There are also medical uses. The initial consideration will be £1m of zero-coupon convertible loan notes with a further four tranches of £1m depending on progress. The total number of loan notes would be converted int a 46.2% stake in the company. The seller will also receive 500 million warrants exercisable at 1p a share. They will also receive 70% of post-tax earnings generated by Peregrine up until 2,000 tests have been contracted and 200 delivered. There are currently no revenues. This deal marks a move away from the engineering sector.

British Honey Company (BHC) has launched a strategic review of the business and sources of finance. A sale of the company is an alternative. Management expects to publish its 2021 results and 2022 interims before the end of October. More cash is required for working capital by the end of November.

Consumer businesses operator Silverwood Brands (SLWD) has announced a loss of £300,000 for the period to August 2022. The UK consumer market is tough and Silverwood is trying to increase its sales overseas.

Semper Fortis Esprit (SEMP) has ended all its contracts with esports players, and it is seeking other ways to exploit the market.

Capital for Colleagues (CFCP) has sold its holding of A shares in Hire and Supplies Ltd for £970,000 and reinvested £1.21m in new ordinary shares, giving it a 20.8% stake.

Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Poland-based Elkard in relation to a plastic waste processing plant producing energy. They will start looking for a suitable site and the two companies will share the costs.

Arbuthnot Banking Group (ARBB) has completed the sale of Arbuthnot Latham’s West End office. The offer was previously indicated as £60m. Chairman and chief executive Sir Henry Angest bought 25,000 shares at 820p each.

Igraine (KING) has bought a 10.2% stake in Oscillate (MUSH) and its executive director Stephen Winfield has joined the Oscillate board.

MiLOC Group Ltd (ML.P) has raised nearly £40,000 at 20p a share. BWA Holdings (BWAP) has been unable to raise up to £500,000 via share issue and it may have to sell assets or issue more loan notes. A holder of £516,000 of RentGuarrantor Holdings (RGG) loan notes has converted them into 312,495 shares, which is just short of 3% of the enlarged share capital.

EPE Special Opportunities Ltd (EO.P) had net assets of 242.3p a share at the end of September 2022.

Valereum (VLRM) has appointed First Sentinel Corporate Finance as corporate adviser.


Energy and water efficiency equipment provider Eneraqua Technologies (ETP) grew its interim revenues from a combination of organic growth and a contribution from recent acquisition Welltherm, which provides drilling services for heat pump installation. Revenues were 92% higher at £24.2m, while underlying pre-tax profit was £3m. Full year expectations are covered by contracted orders as are nearly three-quarters of next year’s forecast revenues. A full year pre-tax profit of £10.6m is forecast. There are plans to move into the consumer market, but that will not make a meaningful contribution until next year – although there will be £500,000 of marketing costs.

Drug developer Evgen (EVG) is partnering with Swiss biotech Stalicia for the potential use of SFX-01 for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and other CNS disorders. This deal could generate up to $160.5m in milestone payments and double-digit royalties, although that is a long way away. The upfront payment is $500,000 with a further $500,000 once a volunteer study is completed in the first half of 2023. If the FDA approves an investigational new drug admission that will spark a $5m payment – possibly next year. Evgen is also undertaking an additional early-stage study for the treatment of glioblastoma using SFX-01.

Interior design and furnishings supplier Sanderson Design Group (SDG) improved its interim profit, but trading was weaker in August. In the six months to July 2022, revenues edged up by 0.7% to £57.9m, although that does reflect the ending of business in Russia. Underlying pre-tax profit improved from £5.6m to £6.3m, helped by additional high margin licence fee income. The interim dividend is maintained at 0.75p a share.

Faron Pharmaceuticals (FARN) completed a placing raising €8.4m at €1.85 each. The cash will be used for the acceleration of the bexmarilimab, which is an immunotherapy treatment for difficult-to-treat cancers, clinical development programme and manufacturing.

Data analysis software provider WANdisco (WAND) has generated bookings of $61.2m so far this year with the majority coming in the third quarter. This is already higher than expectations for the full year and there is more to come. There was $26.3m in the bank at the end of September 2022, helped by upfront cash payments on contracts. Losses continue, though.

Property lending platform operator Lendinvest (LINV) reported platform assets under management one-third higher at £2.4bn, but finnCap has downgraded its full year forecast. Interest rate volatility is hampering margins. Chief executive Rod Lockhart bought 27,111 shares at 67.5p each and the chief investment officer bought 60,000 shares at 63.75p each.

Coral Products (CRU) has acquired Ecodeck Grids, which supplies building and landscape products for driveways and shed bases. There is an initial payment of £3.35m in cash and shares, with up to £1.25m more potentially payable. The products use 100% recycled plastic.

Beeks Financial Cloud (BKS) reported an improvement in full year underlying pre-tax profit from £1.6m to £2.1m. It is forecast to increase to £3.2m this year.

Sierra Oncology Inc is returning the rights to SRA737, which was jointly developed by Sareum Holdings (SAR) and the Institute of Cancer Research, to the CRT Pioneer Fund.

Investment publisher Bonhill (BONH) has commenced a strategic review that could lead to the sale of the company or separate businesses. Trading remains difficult and shareholder Rockwood Strategic (RKW) is providing a £800,000 loan facility.


OTAQ (OTAQ) is raising £2m via a placing at 4p a share, while a four-for-five open offer could raise up to £1.2m more. It is also moving from the standard list to the Access segment of the Aquis Stock Exchange. There is also a broker option that could raise up to £400,000 if there is enough demand. In order to raise the cash, the nominal value of the shares is being reduced from 15p to 1p. Every four new shares taken up will come with a warrant exercisable at 12p. The fundraising is dependent on shareholders agreeing the move to Aquis, which is planned for 9 November. In aquaculture, OTAQ has developed sonar technology that scans shrimps, live plankton analysis systems and water quality monitoring software. The geotracking operations have developed a rail personnel and asset safety and sports trackers.

Raj Unnikandeth is stepping down as a director of Zamaz (ZAMZ) six weeks after it floated. Zamaz believes that its technology platform can help to efficiently build brands via e-commerce. Earlier in the week, Zamaz acquired 70% of Italy-based food and wine retailer Eccellenze through its existing food platform subsidiary Bella Dispensa. This follows the purchase of Italian meat products supplier Ecocarni.

HeiQ (HEIQ) has filed a complaint in the US against ICP Industrial Inc for breaching exclusive agreement terms. The agreement relates to the use of HeiQ Viroblock in printing processes. ICP has failed to pay royalties or minimum fee payments, as well as not providing timely reports.

Andrew Hore

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