Alan Green discusses Zambeef Products (ZAM) with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast

zambeefAlan Green discusses Zambeef Products (ZAM) with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast.

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Feedback (FDBK) – Total voting rights

FBKlogoFeedback plc announces in accordance with the FCA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules that the issued share capital of the Company comprises 201,857,857 ordinary shares.

Shareholders should use 201,857,857 as the denominator for the calculations by which they can determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the Company under the Rules.

For further information contact:

Feedback plc

Tel: 01954 718072

Simon Barrell / Trevor Brown / Tom Charlton

Sanlam Securities UK (Nominated Adviser and Joint Broker)

Tel: 020 7628 2200

Simon Clements / Virginia Bull

Peterhouse Corporate Finance Ltd (Joint Broker)

Tel: 020 7469 0936

Lucy Williams / Duncan Vasey

CEB Resources (CEB) – Total voting rights

CEB ResourcesCEB Resources plc announces in accordance with the FCA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules that the issued share capital of the Company comprises 718,147,303 ordinary shares.

Shareholders should use 718,147,303 as the denominator for the calculations by which they can determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the Company under the Rules.

For further information, please contact:

CEB Resources plc

Cameron Pearce / Jeremy King

Tel: +44 (0) 1624 681250

Sanlam Securities UK Limited (Nomad and Joint Broker)

Lindsay Mair / Andrew Wagstaff

Tel: +44 (0) 207 628 2200

Peter House Corporate Finance Limited (Joint Broker)

Lucy Williams / Charles Goodfellow

Tel: +44 (0) 207 469 0930

Cornhill Capital (Joint Broker)

Nick Bealer

Advanced Oncotherapy – Result of AGM

AVO1Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), the developer of next-generation proton therapy systems for cancer treatment, announces that at the Annual General Meeting held earlier today, all resolutions were duly passed.

For further information contact:

Advanced Oncotherapy Plc

Sanjeev Pandya, CEO

Tel: +44 20 3617 8728

Nicolas Serandour, CFO

Westhouse Securities (Nomad & Joint Broker)

Antonio Bossi / David Coaten

Tel: +44 20 7601 6100

Beaufort Securities (Joint Broker)

Saif Janjua / Jon Levinson

Tel: +44 20 7382 8300

Walbrook PR (Financial PR & IR)

Tel: +44 20 7933 8780 or

Paul McManus / Anna Dunphy

Mob: +44 7980 541 893 / Mob: +44 7876 741 001

Alan Green discusses Smart Metering Systems (SMS) on the ADVFN podcast

Alan Green discusses Smart Metering Systems (SMS) with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast.

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Advanced Oncotherapy – Proton radiation zaps US wallets.

Proton radiation zaps US wallets.

By Melinda Beck

Six new proton-beam centres are set to start delivering state-ofthe-art radiation to cancer patients around the country by year’s end. Ten more are expected by 2018, bringing the US total to 30

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U.S. Official Warns of Assassination of Greek Government

greuAs long ago as February, US Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts warned that the Greek government could be assassinated if it turned to Russia for help.

Dr Roberts in a recent interview said ” “The Greek people and the Greek government have before them the unique opportunity to prevent World War III. All the Greek government needs to do, if the Greek people will get behind the government, is to default on the loans, resign from the EU and from NATO, and accept the deal that the Russians have offered them.

This would begin the unraveling of NATO. Very quickly Spain and Italy would follow. So southern Europe would desert NATO and so would Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. NATO is the mechanism that Washington uses to cause conflict with Russia. So as the EU and NATO unravel, the ability of Washington to produce this conflict disappears.

The EU and the ECB are using the Greek crisis to establish a ruling power structure. That makes it difficult to make an agreement with the new Greek government to ameliorate the conditions imposed on Greece. So it makes the EU inflexible. That inflexibility gives Greece the cards to say, ‘We’re not playing your game. We’re going to play a different game and accept Russia’s offer.’”

But back in early February Dr. Roberts said;

“We’ll see whether the Greek government does that. Now of course they may not be allowed to. They may be assassinated. It’s entirely possible. I’ve never thought that the United States would allow a new government in any of its vassal states to rise up and become independent of Washington’s control. So the new Greek government officials may have an ‘accident.’ All kinds of terrible things can happen to people, and have, that get out of sync with Washington. We’ve had several cases in Latin and South America of leaders who wouldn’t follow Washington’s line having mysterious deaths. There have been a number of them who have been overthrown in CIA organized coups. ”

And a CIA coup in Greece is not beyond the realms of possibility. It has already happened once.

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The Trojan Horse in the Greek case

greuOnly now do Euroland’s unelected masters seem to have woken up to the gaping weaknesses of the Greek case.

Asking for a cut in pensions is ludicrous having regard to the already low level of Greek pension.  A cut in the number of pensioners, spread over a few years, is however is absolutely necessary if Greece is to end up as anything but a basket case. The number of uncivil servants employed by central government, local authorities and other government bodies amounts for 20% of the working population – a large percentage of these do nothing for much of their working life. Greeks have, for decades,  been able to buy a job in the civil service by promising their vote to a particular candidate.  For a really good job you promise not only your own vote but that of you parents grandparents, uncles and aunts, wife and grown up children. The scope for reducing the size of the civil service and hence, that of the pension bill is enormous.

The rich do not pay tax. They should. Of t e 2,000 richest Greeks on the infamous Lagarde list not one has been prosecuted, few if any have even been subjected to a tax claim and yet these are all millionaires who smuggled huge amounts of untaxed earnings out of the country – a number with the invaluable help of HSBC. To add insult to injury the previous government conveniently lost Mme Lagardes list and it has never been found.  The fact that the names of many of those on the list were friends of the previous government ( and the one before that) is of course irrelevant.

Most tax money ends up in the pockets of politicians and their friends. This is not even an open secret, it is part of the Greek way of governing the country and its regions. That is why hard working businessmen, large and small, do not pay their taxes.  Why should they when all that will be produced from it is another new villa or another new yacht for a sleazy politician or his family. Tax officials are corrupt and prey on the general population. Your tax demand will often be double what it should be,so that you friendly tax collector can for contents of a brown envelope, reduce it to the figure which it should have been in the first place.

The VAT offices are rife with corruption.  No self respecting businessman is without a spy in the local VAT office who can warn him of impending raids or other enforcement action. The real books of the business can then disappear for a day or two until the danger has past.

Greece only got its membership of the Eurozone because its then government  produced a false set of accounts, rather than the real ones and the idiots in Brussels were too clueless to be able to see that these were, like most other Greek accounts, as bent as a fiddlers elbow.

And finally there is the Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, where every priest is a civil servant whose salary is paid by the government, as is his pension. The Greek Orthodox Church has immense wealth and could probably afford to

pay off the Greek National Debt, without noticing it. Despite its wealth the church pays not a cent in tax. That really does give meaning to being part of the establishment.To suggest that it should pay tax is regarded officially as being akin to sacrilege. It collects from the poor and distributes most to the Churches own funds.  Its hierarchy is rife with corruption – just like the wealthy shipowners who not know what the word “tax” means.

There is plenty for the Eurocrats to go for – I wonder why they have been so reluctant.

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CEB Resources – Justin Waite interviews CEO David Whitby

CEB ResourcesJustin Waite of SharePickers interviews David Whitby, CEO of CEB Resources (CEB).


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ShareProphets – Feedback Shares Soften, but is that a Buying Opportunity?

ShareProphetsBy Malcom Stacey at ShareProphets

FBKlogoHello Share Sappers. I beg your indulgence to return to Feedback (FDBK), the company which uses whizzo computers to help diagnose and monitor many types of cancer. As reported previously, this could be a topping investment. Though, as per usual, we should always add a cautionary note about medical pioneers.

This is because they can always be taken over by some even more revolutionary gizmo or they might not get every licence they hope for.

There is also the worry that the NHS, to name just one medical services giant, is short of money these days as the number of patients grow, fuelled by longevity.

Having said that, I want to go over a few reasons why I’m so enthusiastic about Feedback.

One, it is a small company, capitalised at just £5million and has a comparatively small number of shares out there.

A heck of a lot of these shares are owned by directors, families and friends.

This means there are even fewer shares in the market place. And we all know the effects of limited supply and demand.

Also the very fact that the big cheeses of Feedback have so much skin in the game is very re-assuring.

As usual with this sort of pioneering company, a bit of good news – like a tasty new contract – will send the shares skywards. And, after a fallow time, good news could be about due.

The shares reached a high not so long ago at 3.2 pence. It’s softened to 2.8p since then, as profit takers have succumbed to temptation. But nothing has happened to justify the slight fall, and if you read the company’s bumph and believe it, there should be some jolly profit to come.

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