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ECR Minerals #ECR – Stockbox Media interview with MD Nick Tulloch

Stockbox interview with ECR Minerals #ECR MD Nick Tulloch. Alan Green and Nick discuss the show, the events of the past few months and the upcoming drilling campaign at Creswick. Click on the image to watch.

ECR Minerals #ECR Queensland Progress – Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones

ECR Minerals #ECR Queensland Progress – Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones. Having finished an intensive week at the Hurricane project, Adam is back at the Lolworth project seeking drill targets. Gold remains the key focus and with stream sediment data scheduled for release, the team are aiming to establish 4 main prospects for drill targets. Reflecting on the work at Hurricane, with 249 samples collected, the first two batches are processing right now. The focus is antimony, and once the samples return the team will evaluate vein size, best drill sites and the best access points. Andrew also touches on the Blue Mountain project, which is similar to Lolworth with visible gold shedding in the drainage systems, but no work has been done there yet. Andrew then puts his analyst hat on and discusses the massive disconnect between valuations and markets. Historically, equities trade at prices greater than spot gold, and despite high inflation and interest rates, with stocks as low as they are, Andrew believes we are seeing a repetition cycle similar to the lows for resource stocks in the late 1980s and 1990’s, there is an opportunity to get underpriced gold stocks into your portfolio with a 2-5 year view.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Adam Jones discusses the latest developments at Lolworth, Hurricane and Creswick

In the latest interview, Technical Director Adam Jones discusses the Lolworth niobium / tantalum announcement, the samples from the soil grid covering the main drainage channel and why the pXRF gun has proved so effective in identifying minerals like niobium. Adam explains how team originally went to Lolworth for gold, but they quickly realised the area’s potential for niobium, tantalum and rare earths and that the geology is very suited to hosting critical minerals. With 140+ rock chips collected, ECR expects a 2-3 week turnaround, but that the sheer size and scale of the area will require further rock chip collections and further refining of the best anomalous target areas.

Adam then moves to the Hurricane project, and his plans to return in August to determine access points and undertake further field work to collect rock chips. Finally Adam talks through yesterday’s Creswick announcement, and the company’s commitments to keep the ground work ticking along and further define ore shoots.

The interview finishes with Adam highlighting the expected news flow for the coming months, and explaining why the Queensland projects are lower risk and represent a bigger bang for the buck.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Hurricane Force

Andrew Scott talks to ECR Minerals Technical Director Adam Jones about the recently completed LIDAR survey at the Hurricane Project. Adam explains the LIDAR technology and its accuracy, and describes the results and elevations identified alongside the existing outcrops on a NW strike trend. Adam discusses the primary prospects Tornado, Cyclone and Holmes – Tornado is at least 200m long, averaging 3m wide and up to 20m wide in parts, with the best historical rock chips registering 17 g/t Au. ECR are waiting for indigenous approval to send a bulldozer out to fix the access track. Adam adds to CEO Andrew Haythorpe’s previous appraisal that Hurricane is a later stage project, and he believes the simplified geology will enable the company to get in, drill out and establish a mineral resource estimate in fairly short order.

Adam also touches on the Lolworth soil samples results. WIth 200 stream seds and approx 130 rock chips taken, the labs have been instructed to test for gold results first, then niobium, tantalum and rare earths. A steady flow of news is expected over the next 3 months.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones talk to Alan Green – June 2023

ECR’s Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones talk to Alan Green – June 2023. Adam Jones is live from the bush in Queensland, and initially discusses early findings at the Hurricane project, along with the plan of action for sampling and drilling in the coming months. Andrew then discusses the background to Hurricane and his knowledge of the project prior to his time with ECR, before discussing the plan to undertake a LIDAR survey of the project area. Adam and Andrew then discuss the latest progress from Lolworth, and the focus areas for sampling following the gold, niobium and tantalum discoveries last year and how Lolworth is shaping up into a multi commodity project of significant scale. Andrew then discusses the funding position, the challenging markets, plans for further non-core asset disposals and plans for the second drill rig that recently arrived at Melbourne. Finally Andrew re affirms his view that ECR has the some of the best assets he’s seen in recent years

ECR Minerals playing the big game – Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones

In a new June 2023 ‘on the ground’ interview, Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones about the exploration programme. Adam covers his schedule, boots on the ground at Hurricane (5-7 days) meeting the previous owner, and he will then be at Lolworth for the rest of June taking rock chips and sampling where the tantalum & niobium and rare earths were discovered last year. Andrew Haythorpe talks about the bigger picture for Lolworth in the back yard of Charters Towers, Pajingo etc, looks at the 1980s results, how the area is so unexplored and why the results, size and scale of the area offers so much potential. Both believe that very little would be needed to put the Lolworth discoveries on the scale of Charters Towers, given the 10km ridgeline, the specific area of interest 3.5 x 4km (12-20sq km), but there is also an overlap in the SE of the tenement with the same geology, which is totally untested, which could be 3x the size of the current ridgeline. Adam and Andrew then discuss the planning for Hurricane, putting in access tracks to the breccia veins with bulldozers and an initial RC drilling plan. Andrew explains how the current private landowners have been unable to exploit the asset, and how ECR are the first company with significant resources to get on the ground there.

Moving to Creswick, Adam touches on the underwhelming initial results, but points to the fact there is a 10k trend that remains to be tested, and the reasons why ECR has to work smarter. Adam looks at the geology of nearby Ballarat compared to Creswick – similar structure, narrow vein, anticlines etc, with some 30 veins already identified along the 10k strike. In summary, Andrew highlights the work Adam and the team have done with soil geochemistry and sampling and how they are ‘ranking’ the prospects to get the biggest bang for the ECR buck. In summary, the ECR team are are here to find good grades. Lolworth has some ‘smoking’ mineralisation and Andrew believes at Hurricane will deliver at 20-40-60m below surface, in other words a classicAustralian open cut mining start up which gives ECR a chance to play the big game.

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe discusses exploration progress at Queensland & Victoria

ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discusses the latest exploration progress at Victoria and the transition to Queensland. Andrew discusses the potential he sees at Lolworth, with 30 different gold occurrences plus niobium and tantalum already at such an early phase. He then looks at the Hurricane project, and how the gold in veins at surface are consistently 1-5m thick (one was 60m thick), which leads to a consistent 1-5 g/t at surface, and the most recent project acquisition, the Blue Mountain project where there is a lot of alluvial gold. Andrew then covers how low cost work programmes including geophysics and geochemistry, RC drilling keep the costs down and will identify the biggest and best anomalies. On funding, there are plans for further asset sales, and he confirms ECR are fully funded for all QLD and Victoria exploration this year. In summary, Andrew believes the chances of pinning down a major find in Queensland is much better. ECR has the right people and right geology, plus there could be some major players keen on partnering in Queensland.

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks through Blue Mountain and other projects

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks through Blue Mountain and other projects with Andrew Scott. The Blue Mountain project represents a wonderful opportunity in an accessible part of Queensland. With impressive recoveries there by previous operators, the project compliments other Queensland projects from a logistical. standpoint. Andrew also discusses Lolworth, and how the team are very keen to get back to discover the primary source for Nb Ta Li and Au before looking at the drill campaign at Creswick and the drill ready targets at Hurricane. Andrew the looks at his ongoing role as CEO and how ECR is a well funded company, although he reminds us that every overnight success takes a few years to generate!

ECR Minerals #ECR Interview – Creswick Results and 2023 Operating Plan

February 2023: Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones. The high grade results from Creswick are first on the agenda, and Adam discusses the un mined high grades discovered in the adits (tunnels) at ECR’s Brewery Lane property, and the grades from the rock chip sampling at Mills Reef on the new tenement 4km to the south. The rig will be moved to the Brewery Lane property and a diamond drilling will commence.

Andrew discusses how the core resampling last year and the results from sampling means the team can plan drill targets with real confidence – ” a real opportunity as soon as we can get the drill rig onsite”. He confirms that there have been no JV approaches or conversations yet.

Andrew then discusses Blue Moon – while the mineralised grades were lower than hoped, there are a couple more assays to come and a further hole left to complete.

Adam then discusses the lab used by ECR in Ballarat, which now turns samples around in 2-2.5 weeks, before turning to Tambo, where some initial data analysis is underway ahead of an initial field visit.

Andrew and Adam then discuss Lolworth, a potentially ‘world class’ discovery, where lithium, niobium and tantalum have been discovered along with an extraordinary amount of gold. The 10km ridgeline sits to the north of the lithium anomalies and represents a fantastic opportunity – potentially a company building asset.

Andrew then discussed the new Hurricane project awaiting completion of due diligence and approvals, and then talks through the imminent arrival of the 2nd drill rig and its likely deployment.

The team finally summarise the operating plan, possible asset disposals and the level of commitment across the company. The last word is from Andrew – “with 20yrs experience in the industry, ECR has the best portfolio of assets I have seen over that time”

ECR Minerals #ECR live at Mines and Money London

Alan Green talks to ECR Minerals #ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe live from Mines and Money London. The team have seen a lot of investor interest over the three days, and Andrew outlines what his team have seen as the key areas of interest from investors. He then outlines the upcoming news flow that investors can expect in the coming weeks and months.

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