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Well Done But it Might Hurt A Bit For a While.

The people have spoken. And what a speech.They roundly condemned the cosy, comfortable UK establishment which has for decades become directly responsible for the misgovernance of the country, whilst at the same time sending the gauleiters of Brussels into a tail spin. The consequences are enormous as the post war consensus lies in tatters. The UK may have been the first but it will not be the last.  Already calls are being made in the Netherlands and France for referendum and more will join them.

The real lesson is that in a true democracy you can take the people for a ride until they wake up and yesterday the English and the Welsh woke from their slumbers in rebellious mode  and shouted “Enough” In the end this was not just about the dictators of Brussels.  It was about unelected quangos, filthy hospitals run by self serving, uncaring committees,  schools ruled by rebellious children,  police forces which are too busy to investegate crime, busy bodies from Health & Safety stopping the local WI or Mothers Union from having a coffee morning. The list of mismanagement of our basic services and the unnecessary interference in the lives of ordinary people, is endless.

What it will also remove is that perpetual excuse from the time servers in British industry and commerce about the impact of adverse foreign exchange movements on their grossly mismanaged companies. They have just been presented with the largest collapse in the pound for decades.  Who believes that they have the ability, the knowledge or the intelligence to take advantage of it. Shareholder power should see that either they do, or they depart.

We have just voted to leave a market of 450 million people.  Something will have to be found to replace it. At least we can start searching as an independent nation, unfettered by the diktats of Brussels.

The real shock this morning is for those faceless European bureaucrats who will be completely incapable of comprehending how it was all allowed to happen. A referendum is beyond their understanding, it undermines everything which they hold dear. They usually respond by refusing to accept the results and forcing the errant country to hold a second referendum which will produce the right results. In the case of a tiny country they can and do  blackmail and bully its leaders into cancelling any such proposed exercise in democracy.

So in the end, I suppose it is well done Brits but it might hurt a bit for a while.

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