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Thomas Cook Shamed Into Action As Shares Fall

Shares in shamed tour operator Thomas Cook fell yesterday by 5p as concern grew about the increasingly hostile reaction of potential customers to the company’s hard hearted attitude over the deaths of two children in 2006 and the findings of a coroners inquest that it had breached its duty of care to the two children.  As soon as the company realised it was  going to face customer resistance and damage to its share price, its attitude miraculously changed.

It made a half hearted apology in public through the media, its executives apparantly lacking the moral fibre to do it  face to face with the family, in private. To try and halt the slide in its share price, it also announced that it had suddenly been overcome with charitable feelings and was making a donation to UNICEF of half of the huge compensation which it had received, now known to be £3 million.

What a pity that the company could not have admitted its role and made a proper apology years ago instead of waiting until it was forced to act in an attempt to stave off the financial consequences of the damage it did to its own reputation and image. And how long can the senior executives responsible for this disgraceful episode  be allowed to remain in office.

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  1. I spoke too soon. The family has just announced that Cooks letter of apology was shown to them by reporters. That was the first they knew of it. How low is Thomas Cook prepared to sink -pulling a media stunt like that to try and save the day. That is very, very sick.

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