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The World Begs Us – Stay, We Need You

The surprising resurgence of the remain campaign at the end of last week delivered a knock out blow to the Brexiteers from which they are unlikely to recover. Now it is they whose leaders began to look like a collection of oddballs. Boris and Nigel ? What were we thinking of. Well probably we were thinking for once and not just listening to Cameron and the gloom and doom mongers who could only threaten and bluster what would happen to us if we dared to leave. Never has a prime minister and the establishment run such a disastrous and incompetent campaign, a campaign which looked like it will consign them to the dustbin of history, even if they win.

What Brits were not told is that the world wants us and even Europe wants us. Yes the tiny little United Kingdom is not quite as tiny and useless as our media would have us belief. They said it in Europe, they said it in the USA and they said it in Japan. With one voice, they said that if the UK Brexited, it would cause serious damage to their economies. How long is it since the worlds largest trading nations, proclaimed that the UK was still a big hitter and had the power to damage global economies. Their views became plain only last week and the resurgence in the remain camp, followed immediately.

Sterling immediately responded when the markets opened on Monday with a leap worthy of an Olympic gold medal. Chatter of a collapse of another 20% or so, was silenced.

Japan led the way in telling us how valuable the UK is to its economy. It has invested huge sums in the UK  because it is in Europe and has access to a European market with a population of 500million. Outside the EU, the UK is a small market of 60 million. Japanese companies could not afford to invest and build factories and even whole industries in the UK, if it was not part of the EU. They also prefer to base themselves in the UK, rather than in any of the other member states and that preference is based on the advantages which the UK offers.

We are a stable country with a long history of democracy and traditions. Public life, politics, central and local government are comparatively free of corruption. we have a legal system without parallel, anywhere in the world. Our courts and judges have absolute integrity and honesty.We are a friendly and receptive people.

Strongly in our favour is our inventiveness. Life in the 21st Century would be unrecognisable without British inventions – radar, the jet engine, the hovercraft penicillin and way, way above all else, the world wide web. We proved ourselves as the inventors of modern civilisation, just as the ancient Greeks did in classical times.

The call from nations great and small for us to remain because they need us, can help to restore our national pride, which the media has done so much to destroy.

A decision to remain could change our nation because it would give us added strength in Europe and our voice would again be listened to. The EU is at present defective and disunited. We could be the ones who who lead the way in repairing and reuniting it.

And the first consequence of our remaining may well be that we win the European cup on a surge of national pride.  That is not impossible. Greece did the impossible in 2004 when it joined the Euro and the whole nation fired its unknown team to European victory.

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