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The Playground Mob Starts The Break Up Of Europe

“We are not speaking to you and we won’t play with you ever again” was the united response of EU leaders to the presence of Teresa May at last weeks EU council meeting as they gave the impression that the only forum they were fit for was a pre junior school playground. Never have allegedly grown men, leaders all of them, shown such readiness to make themselves look small and ridiculous. It suddenly became clear that remaining in a Europe governed by these clowns, devoid of brain cells, manners and policies was a far greater danger than Brexiting it. Sending Teresa May to Coventry may well prove to have been a watershed in the creation of a disunited Europe.

Their inability to grasp that neither Teresa May nor the people of the UK had done anything wrong and were following EU law to the letter only exposed the stupidity and inanity of their stance. Article 50 has not been invoked and the British government is acting perfectly lawfully following a lawfully held referendum. The lawbreakers in the EU are these playground noddies who strut the European stage trying to ban freedom of thought and expression and anything else which smells remotely of democracy.

The Polish government is already being hauled before its own courts because it intends to abolish freedom of the press. Freedom of movement within the EU has been abolished by those countries which wish to stop refugees from spreading from Greece deeper into the heart of the EU. Greece has generally been left to pay the cost of housing clothing and feeding the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have risked their lives to get there. Yet in the same breath the EU screams at Greece for wasting money on providing them with basic humanitarian help. In the end it has been left to the UN to take over what is solely an EU problem.

In the very week when EU leaders made such fools of themselves in front of the worlds assembled media, they fell straight into a trap laid for them by Alexis Tsipras, the Greek PM and apparant close friend of Angela Merkel, Within days of the EU having agreed to provide the next tranche of funding to shore up the booming Greek economy, Tsipras simply put the numpties who rule Brussels, over a barrel and promised the countries pensioners that they would get a Christmas bonus after six years of  the worst austerity the country has suffered since the last time it was ruled by the Germans.

As expected, immediate outrage emanated from Brussels accompanied by dire threats to stop  payment of the latest agreed funding. All Tsipras has to do now is to tell them to stuff their funding and put it where the monkey puts its nuts. Without it, Greece can not continue repayment of its debts, the threat of another crisis will cause the Euro to fall and Greece will be forced to revert to the drachma. With one bound, not only Greece but the whole of Europe will be set free from the Euro straightjacket which has brought economic misery and decline to so many member states. Brainless leaders can have their uses at times. The only question is whether Tsipras will not only see but will dare to sieze, the golden opportunity with which he has been been presented and save Europe from the playground mob who claim to govern it.

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