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The Danger of Abusing Judges

For the elected leader of one of the worlds largest and strongest democracies to start personally vilifying and abusing a judge, is not a good sign. Attacks on the judiciary are always the first sign of a dictator in waiting, determined not to let the rule of law get in his way. Trumps attack  is not based on the fact that this particular judge got the law wrong or misapplied it. The error seen through the eyes of the President is not that decision of the judge was wrong legally, It is that the judge failed to give the “correct” verdict, i.e a verdict which supported Trumps executive order, whether the order was legal or not.

Compare the difference in reaction from the Prime Minister and the whole of the UK Government when it lost its Brexit battle in the UK courts. It may not have liked the courts decision but the government immediately bowed to the rule of law. There was no personal vilification or abuse of the members of the Supreme Court.

At present Trump is wanting to deny foreigners of muslim origin, the rights which they had lawfully acquired to enter the United States, even if they had been living in the States for many a year with t heir families. Again splitting up families, making decisions based on race or religion are all sign of the nascent dictator, anxious to dismantle the rule of law and freedoms for those he does not like.

There has been little reaction yet from countries affect by his attempted ban. But there will be. Trump has single handedly turned his image of the US into the most reviled country in the world. Unless he comes to his senses the economic consequences could be huge.  Already major American companies, especially in Silicon Valley and in the fields of technology and medicine, are protesting at the effect that the loss of some of their most skilled and expert employees, will have on them. His actions will give huge impetus to terrorist organisations which will see disaffected muslims flock to join them, just at the time when they were beginning to lose support.

What will Trumps response be, once other countries retaliate and in like manner, ban US citizens from their borders and enforce the separation of families.

The dangers are not limited to the actions of the US. Europe is also falling into the same trap, that democratic freedoms are a nuisance and laws are there to be ignored. Strong attacks have been made on the freedom of the press in a number of former Soviet countries which are now part of the enlarged EU.

Germany is one of the worst offenders for disregarding the rule of law when it comes to its economic overlordship of Euroland. Member states are allowed a maximum budget surplus of some 3% in order to ensure economic balance throughout Euroland. Germany has been ignoring that for many years and is now running a budget surplus nearing 10%. But Germany is the powerhouse in Europe and is unchallengeable despite the fact that its selfishness is destroying the economies of smaller European countries. The real problem in Europe is not Greece and the other mediterranean countries, it is Germany which uses and abuses its membership of the Euro to ensure its own prosperity at the expense of the poorer members.

The rule of law whether it is in the US or in Europe is the gaurantee of our freedoms. Ignore those laws and (in something like the words of Sir Thomas More),  who will save us from the winds which will then blow.

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