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This Is Money – SMALL CAP SHARE IDEAS: Sovereign Metals owns potentially the largest rutile deposit in the world

In fact, it could have the largest rutile deposit anywhere in the world, if the results of ongoing exploration work go its way.

For anyone not familiar, rutile is a significant source of titanium, a metal widely used in aerospace, clean-tech and medical applications, but which is mainly an essential component in paint pigments.

You can get titanium from ilmenite too, and in some cases rutile and ilmenite are found together.

But the kicker is that it’s much more carbon and energy intensive to extract titanium from ilmenite than it is to extract it from rutile.

In other words, rutile is a big tick in the green energy box..

Link here to read the full This Is Money article

Mail Online: Small Cap Movers – A good week for Tertiary Minerals #TYM

by Ian Lyall –

Proactive Investors for This Is Money

Sticking with the risers for a little while longer: it was a good week for AIM-listed Tertiary Minerals #TYM which doubled in value on Friday.

This came after the German group Possehl said it would help the junior miner develop its three main projects.

Tertiary is London’s only publically-traded fluorspar company. Fluorspar? No, me neither.

Anyhoo, here’s a quick cut-out-and-keep we purloined from the Proactive Investors website.

Fluorspar is the mineral form of calcium fluoride – CaF2.

When mined, it is separated into two main grades – acidspar is at least 97 per cent calcium fluoride, while metspar (metallurgical spar) is a much lower purity – at between 60 per and 85 per cent.

The latter is used for iron smelting, and to manufacture glass, steel, enamels and aluminium products, while acidspar is generally converted to hydrofluoric acid, by combining it with sulphuric acid.

This can then be made into other things like fluorocarbons, which are used in Teflon (the stuff your frying pan is coated with), fridges, freezers and air conditioning units.

It is perhaps worth noting that new environmentally friendly refrigerants, required by regulation, contain more fluorine than the older ozone depleting ones.

Physiomics and Tertiary aside, it was a fairly dour week for investors in the junior market with the AIM All Share down 0.8 per cent over the last five trading days to 1,022.57. It did, however, outperform the FTSE 100, which had a rather rough week as it posted a 1.3 per cent decline.

Mail Online full story link here

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