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Prostate-specific membrane antigen PET-MRI validation of MR textural analysis for detection of transition zone prostate cancer? – Feedback (FDBK)

Feedback (FDBK) – Prostate-specific membrane antigen PET/MRI validation of MR textural analysis for detection of transition zone prostate cancer? Source                               

Bates A, et al. Eur Radiol. 2017.

OBJECTIVES: To validate MR textural analysis (MRTA) for detection of transition zone (TZ) prostate cancer through comparison with co-registered prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET-MR.

METHODS: Retrospective analysis was performed for 30 men who underwent simultaneous PSMA PET-MR imaging for staging of prostate cancer. Thirty texture features were derived from each manually contoured T2-weighted, transaxial, prostatic TZ using texture analysis software that applies a spatial band-pass filter and quantifies texture through histogram analysis. Texture features of the TZ were compared to PSMA expression on the corresponding PET images. The Benjamini-Hochberg correction controlled the false discovery rate at <5%.

RESULTS: Eighty-eight T2-weighted images in 18 patients demonstrated abnormal PSMA expression within the TZ on PET-MR. 123 images were PSMA negative. Based on the corrected p-value of 0.005, significant differences between PSMA positive and negative slices were found for 16 texture parameters: Standard deviation and mean of positive pixels for all spatial filters (p = <0.0001 for both at all spatial scaling factor (SSF) values) and mean intensity following filtration for SSF 3-6 mm (p = 0.0002-0.0018).

CONCLUSION: Abnormal expression of PSMA within the TZ is associated with altered texture on T2-weighted MR, providing validation of MRTA for the detection of TZ prostate cancer.

KEY POINTS: Prostate transition zone (TZ) MR texture analysis may assist in prostate cancer detection. • Abnormal transition zone PSMA expression correlates with altered texture on T2-weighted MR. • TZ with abnormal PSMA expression demonstrates significantly reduced MI, SD and MPP.

Copyright © 2017 The Royal College of Radiologists. All rights reserved.

Original article link here

Feedback PLC director Dr Balaji Ganeshan discusses the latest TexRAD developments

FBKlogoFeedback PLC director Dr Balaji Ganeshan joins Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast to discuss the latest developments with TexRAD in regard to joint ventures for prognosis and treatment for Lung Cancer, Kidney Stones and Prostate Cancer. He also explains the background of the company, how doctors use and access the software. The interview is just over 21 minutes in. Click here to listen.

Strategic alliance between Quibim and Feedback Plc to improve prostate biopsy

From the Spanish medical website Tu hospital investiga para ti

The Spin-Off of the IIS La Fe, Quibim has established a strategic alliance with UK company Feedback Plc to develop Prostate Checker, a tool that will improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Feedback Plc acquired last year TexRAD company dedicated to the analysis of tumor from medical images textures, and began negotiating with Quibim in June this year in order to integrate the analysis modules of cell broadcasting and angiogenesis tumor that develops the Valencian company.

The information provided by Quibim be integrated with the texture analysis of Feedback in a single tool, under the name of Prostate Checker. These imaging biomarkers can be obtained from the advanced processing of MRI and is now considered the revolution He is undergoing radiology to become an indispensable tool in the framework of Medicine Precision “.

Quibim is an innovative company, founded in 2012, especially dedicated to medical image processing and extraction of imaging biomarkers in the radiological workflow.

More information Prostatechecker

More information Quibim

Malcolm Stacey of ShareProphets – Feedback and the Big Spanish Connection

ShareProphetsHello Share Thrashers. It’s not my custom to return to promising shares I’ve brought to your attention in the recent past. I normally wait at least six months or so – with only a few exceptions.
But the story is growing fast for one bio science company that I’ve featured quite recently – Feedback (FDBK).
I’ve had one or two scares with the old prostate gland. My father died of prostate cancer and it makes my very nice consultant a bit wary.
So I was interested to learn the very latest RNS from Feedback. The company has formed a 50-50 alliance  with a big Valencia company which is also in the field of diagnosis of serious illnesses. The name of this new set-up is Prostate Checker.
Now I happen to know, having an prostate family history, that cancer of this prostate can be serious or non-serious. This new link up between Feedback technology and the Spanish company should make spotting that difference easier.
I probably don’t need tell you how common prostate cancer is. A couple of years ago, Uncle Tom grew a funny moustache to emphasise the point.
So this technology will probably interest many consultants and hospitals around the globe.
A study of 100 prostate cancer patients by the University College of London has already demonstrated the ability of Feedback technology to differentiate between significant and not-so significant cancers.
The shares are still not at their year’s high of  3.20p, but a few tidy jumps over the last two weeks means we could be getting there.
It doesn’t look to this old punter that the market has woken up to the fact that the technology, known as TexRad, is so useful.
Obviously, if surgeons can identify the stage of cancers more easily, the treatment will be more specific and thus more effective. This is an important medical advance, and worthy I think of my punting money.
As always, though, gang, we must bear in mind that medical pioneers can be vulnerable to competitors and regulations. So not for the more cautious share-shifter.
And now it’s back to the Punter’s Return.
Malcolm Stacey has been writing about shares for more than 20 years. His first book “The Armchair Tycoon” was first published in 1998 but a revised 2014 e-version is now available. To obtain a FREE copy fill in the form HERE

– See more at: http://www.shareprophets.com/views/15537/feedback-and-the-big-spanish-connection#sthash.d1mviXV7.dpuf

Advanced Oncotherapy – Men should have open dialogue about screening, treatment for prostate cancer

AVO1Men should have open dialogue about screening, treatment for prostate cancer

By Michaela Morris in Health, Lifestyle, Daily Journal


Daily JournalDick Guyton is glad he made the decision to continue with prostate cancer screening.

After being diagnosed with early stage disease in May 2013, he took his time and gathered all the options for treatment before deciding on a course of action with his medical team.

Link here for full story

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