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Corporate news review Friday 25th August 2017

Air Partner AIP reports a strong start to the year with underlying pre-tax profit for the first half of the financial year expected to be not less than £4m, (2016: £3m) and with a strong net cash position. AIP also reports an encouraging pipeline of opportunities for the second half of the financial year.

Boot (Henry) BOOT reports an 82% hike in interim revenues to £195.4m (2016: £107.3m) driven by higher levels of activity across all business segments. PBT rose 8.7% to £22.6m, with EPS 10.1% higher at 13.1p.

Computacenter CCC reports a 58.7% hike in adjusted PBT to £41.9m, on revenues up 8.7% to £1.7bn. Statutory diluted EPS rose 114.4% to 28.3 pence, resulting in an overall performance marginally ahead of board expectations. Higher profit growth than expected in the first half is expected to return CCC to a more historical norm in the balance of profits between H1 and H2.

WYG Plc WYG says it continues to expect revenue for the current year to exceed £160m, but warns that expectations of near term operating performance means that operating profit (before separately disclosed items and share based payments) for the half year will be significantly lower than previously.

Nanoco Group NANO updates on trading for the full year and says unaudited revenues and other operating income were in line with expectations. NANO has unaudited net cash of £5.7m at 31 July 2017 (£8.3m at 31 Jan 2017) and was in line with expectations.

Legal & General Impressed By Its Excellent Management.

Legal & General LGEN heaps praise upon itself for its resilient and consistently improving financial performance, as it raises its interim dividend from 4p per share to 4.3p per share. The figures are certainly impressive with half year profit before tax and earnings per share each up by 41% and it is all  due to excellent management execution. Of course when Brexit or other clouds, gather on the financial horizon, it will probably all become the fault of the politicians but we can leave that for another day.

G4Splc GFS is yet another company whose Chief Executive witters on about its “pipeline” with new products and services strengthening its sales operations.  For the six months to the 30th June revenue rose by 6.2% and earnings per share at constant rates were up by 7.8%. The company’s investment proposition is to deliver sustainable growth in earnings, cash flow and dividends – hands up anyone who can name a company which admits to different aims. Despite pipelines and investment propositions, the interim dividend remains unchanged.

Telit Communications plc TCM The Chief Executive, Oozie Cats has requested and been granted leave of absence following speculation about his possible indictment in the US in respect of matters which are entirely unconnected with the company.

Tasty plc TAST has had to admit that despite a full review of its operations,  management has been unable to take any action which is  likely to bring about the expected improvement in the company’s fortunes during the course of the current year. Instead it falls back on the forecast made at the end of March that the trading  environment would be challenging and so it has proved to be. Profit after tax for the 27 weeks to the 2nd July collapsed from last years    1,283,000 to a mere   200,000 pounds.. Disposals and closure to take place. The full story should be released with the interim results in September.

Nanoco Group NANO welcomes as much needed, the decision by the European commission to ban the use of Cadmium in TVs lighting and other displays. Nanoco is a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials.

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Nanoco Goes For Technology Breakthrough

Nanoco NANO has entered into a collaboration and joint development agreement with Massachusets based Kyulux. Both companies are global leaders in their respective fields and the agreement will enable the technologies of the two companies to be combined, allowing the creation of superior products in the display market which will be both cost effective for manufacturers and highly energy efficient for consumers. Kyulux claims that the co-operation will create a technological breakthrough which will produce a vast improvement in display technology.

Cerillion plc CER is increasing its interim dividend by 8% for the half year to 31st March, after a 31% rise in adjusted profit before tax and a 25% rise in adjusted earnings per share. Revenue was up by 10% and recurring revenue now accounts for 29% of the total. New orders rose by 37% and further progress is expected in the second half.

IXICO IXI produced a strong increase in revenue, leading to reduced losses for the half year to the end of March. Revenue rose by 31% and operating losses fell from £1.1m to £0.8m whilst the loss per share fell from 4.6p to 2.6p. Growth is expected to accelerate in the second half.

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Trakm8; First Half Slump = Another Period of Growth

Trakm8 Holdings TRAK has the audacity to describe its first half results as another period of growth, rather than the disaster which they really are. Profit before tax for the 6 months to the end of September is down by 77%, basic earnings per share by 69% and cash generated from operating activities by 90%. Some people have a funny idea of growth unless you look at the net debt position which has grown In fact it has doubled and to be fair recurring revenue is up by 18% . Seasonality it explains has hit profitability “as expected”, as if last years first half was in a completely different season to this years. Increased investment in sales, marketing and engineering  also get the blame for impacting the results but, surprise, surprise no detail whatsoever, not a single fact or figure to justify this claim, is provided. However shareholders will no doubt be pleased to learn that a strong contract pipeline provides visibility, a statement which, without translation into a reasonably modern language, seems meaningless to the uninitiated.

The share price  does not reflect the growth claimed by management. In fact it is already down by over 27% this morning. Since December it has fallen from 400p to its present 134p. Some “growth”

Draper Esprit GROW has enjoyed a transformational first half with profit after tax of 26m in the 6 months to 30th September in its first year as a public company.  Portfolio value has risen by 36% and NAV per share stands at 352p. Net cash on deposit and available for investment amounts to 48m. The company’s aim is to become a significant European venture capital leader.

Nanoco Group NANO has acquired a group of patents from Kodak relating to the use of quantum dots in electroluminescent displays. The acquisition forms part of the company’s policy of building a commercial position in quantum dot technology and its future applications.

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Brand CEO Alan Green talks markets, BP, Provident Financial & Nanoco with Zak Mir on TipTV

In today’s Tip TV Markets roundup, we discuss the top stories in finance, the outlook for major indices, forex sentiment, and look at a few UK market stocks – BP, Provident Financial, Nanoco, with Alan Green, CEO of Brand Communications, and Zak Mir, Technical Analyst at Zak’s Traders Cafe.

Brand CEO Alan Green discusses Koovs (KOOV) & Nanoco (NANO) on VOX Markets podcast.

AGTipTVBrand CEO Alan Green discusses Koovs (KOOV) & Nanoco (NANO) with Justin Waite on the VOX Markets podcast. The interview is 13 minutes in.

Click here to listen.

Daily Actions – UK Main & AIM markets 1st April 2016

IntellisysLogoDaily Actions is a daily summary analysis of changes in short term actions from our Daily Recs – AIM and Daily Recs Main markets reports. This report is typically distributed before the open of trading in London

AIM Market

ST Rec. changed
From To
Basic Resources    
Alexander Mining Buy Neutral
Amur Minerals Corporation Buy Neutral
Health Care    
Eco Animal Health Group Neutral Sell
Nanoco Group Neutral Buy
ReNeuron Group Buy Neutral
Industrial Good & Services    
Angle Neutral Buy
Billing Services Group Neutral Buy
Cohort Neutral Sell
Falkland Islands Holdings Neutral Buy
Maintel Holdings Buy Neutral
Kennedy Ventures Neutral Buy
Transense Technologies Neutral Buy
Oil & Gas – Explorers    
Chariot Oil & Gas Neutral Buy
Rockhopper Exploration Buy Neutral
Oil & Gas – Producers    
Empyrean Energy Buy Neutral
Frontera Resources Buy Neutral
Petro Matad Neutral Buy
Stanley Gibbons Group Buy Neutral
cloudBuy Neutral Buy
Belgravium Technologies Neutral Sell
Zoo Digital Group Buy Neutral

Main Market

ST Rec. changed
From To
Engineering & Machinery    
Castings Neutral Sell
General Retail    
Kingfisher Sell Neutral
Leisure & Hotels    
Intercontinental Hotels Group Neutral Sell
Media & Entertainment    
WPP Sell Neutral
Real Estate – REIS    
Capital & Regional Sell Neutral
Speciality & Other Finance    
Intermediate Capital Group Neutral Sell
Stagecoach Group Neutral Buy
Wincanton Neutral Sell



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DISCLAIMER: Intellisys Intelligent Analysis Limited has prepared this report. Intellisys (“Intellisys”) is the trading name of Intellisys Intelligent Analysis Limited. Intellisys Intelligent Analysis Limited is a provider of financial research reports that indicate the possible value of quoted company shares. The information contained within any and all of Intellisys’ reports are designed to present an objective assessment of the possible value or relative value of a company and/or an actuarial sector or stock market index. Intellisys utilises as extensive as possible range of valuation tools and proprietary systems to derive its outputs. The base data for the models are derived from sources believed to be accurate but Intellisys Intelligent Analysis Limited does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the source data or its models and proprietary systems. Subscribers, and casual readers, should not rely upon the Intellisys’ research outputs when forming specific investment decisions but should seek advice specific to their situation and investment requirements from a person authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, before entering into any investment agreement.

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Live Charting with Zak Mir and Alan Green – TipTV

Live Charting with Zak Mir and Brand CEO Alan Green – TipTV. Discussing FTSE100, Nasdaq, Pantheon Resources (PANR), Optibiotix (OPTI), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and other stocks.

Alan Green discusses CEB Resources, Nanoco & IMC Exploration on the ADVFN podcast

CEB ResourcesAlan Green discusses CEB Resources (CEB), Nanoco (NANO) & IMC Exploration (IMCP) with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast.

The interview on podcast 341 is 21 minutes,20 seconds in. Click here to listen.

Alan Green discusses Nanoco (NANO) with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast

Alan Green discusses Nanoco (NANO) and the recent sp falls with Justin Waite on the ADVFN podcast.

Link here to listen to the podcast

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