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Alan Green talks inflation, BP #BP, Blue Prism #PRSM & Karelian Diamonds #KDR on UK Investor Magazine podcast

We once more welcome Alan Green back to the UK Investor Magazine Podcast for our weekly exploration of UK equities and global markets.

UK inflation was today’s topic of discussion before we drilled down into BP (LON:BP), Blue Prism (LON:PRSM) and Karelian Diamonds (LON:KDR).

UK inflation rose to 2.1% in May as fuel, recreational goods and clothing helped prices higher as the economy reopened. A reading of 2.1% is marginally above the Bank of England’s target rate of 2% but with signs prices could elevated, there may be concerns in some corners of the market that it will force the BoE to hike rates in an economy not fully recovered from the pandemic.

As a gauge of the market’s feeling around potentially higher rates in the future, GBP/USD spiked higher by 40 points to GBP/USD 1.4120 in immediate reaction, before falling back.

Fuel prices rose 17% year-on-year, the biggest jump since 2017 as oil prices continued their march higher.

Alan Green talks Royal Mail Group #RMG, Destiny Pharma #DEST & ECR Minerals #ECR on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the Podcast with Jonathan Roy for the weekly instalment of UK equities and market themes.

With the FTSE 100 remaining stubbornly within a tight range, we look back at the appreciation we’ve seen in cyclical shares and whether investors should expect a greater proportion of their returns to be achieved from income in the form of dividends in the future.

Financials, tobacco and some commodity shares are now yielding significantly above 5% and present an attractive allocation possibility for investors.

Having secured promotion to the FTSE 100 we look at Royal Mail and the drivers behind the tremendous run in shares from below 150p to 600p. This was largely down to success inn parcel growth that could waver as the economy reopens so we question their growth strategy going forward.

We discuss Royal Mail (LON:RMG), ECR Minerals (LON:ECR) and Destiny Pharma (LON:DEST).

Alan Green talks British Land #BLND, Corcel #CRCL & Lexington Gold #LEX on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the weekly Podcast to discuss a number of equities including British Land (LON:BLND) following the release of their results.

The UK residential property market has defied calls for a collapse during the pandemic helped by government schemes such as reduction to Stamp Duty and a general reduction in supply. With the world now moving past the worst of the economic disruption, the UK property market is now entering a new chapter which could see housing activity rise to levels not seen since the financial crisis.

We discuss the key drivers behind the boom such as a ‘race to space’ and whether this can be sustained beyond the end of the year.

Naturally, we then move onto the commercial property sector and how cities such as London can realign their economies given the exodus of foreign born people, crucial to the hospitality sector associated with people working in offices.

There is detailed discussion of British Land (LON:BLND), Corcel (LON:CRCL) and Lexington Gold (LON:LEX).

Alan Green talks FTSE100, plus Rolls Royce #RR, Argo Blockchain #ARB & CVS Group #CVSG on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

This week’s Podcast with Alan Green looks at Rolls Royce (LON:RR), Argo Blockchain (LON:ARB) and CVS group (LON:CVSG).

Inflation is at the forefront of investors minds again with European equities, including the FTSE 100, sinking over fears of an increase in interest rates. Although central banks have made no indiction this will the case in the short term, it hasn’t stop markets sending bond yields higher. UK 10-year Gilts now yield 0.9% having only yielded 0.2% at the beginning of 2021.

Rolls Royce have recently announced a move into Nuclear Power with a series of projects that could provide power for a million homes. The mini power stations will provide diversification in a business model dogged by COVID.

Rolls Royce have been positive about the recovery in their aviation business as economies reopen, however, analysts have released a note this week which suggest Rolls Royce may have been over confident with their assumptions for the recovery. With the Rolls Royce share price up 46% YTD, we exam the merits of the company and whether now could be an entry point for investors looking at Rolls Royce shares.

With Bitcoin falling through the floor, there is attention paid to Argo Blockchain shares. The Bitcoin miner provides a proxy for the Bitcoin price and Argo’s shares have duly sunk in line with Crypto assets.

We also revisit veterinary company CVS Group who are enjoying the fruits of reoccurring revenue and growing demand.

Alan Green talks FTSE100 mining stocks, plus Cadence Minerals #KDNC, Itaconix #ITX & Mode Plc #MODE on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Inflation has unnerved markets sending bond yields higher and shares higher. This Podcast addresses the dynamics around higher inflation and what it means for shares listed in London.

Alan Green joins us to look at FTSE 100 Bond-proxies that have the characteristics of strong cash flows and reliable shareholder distributions and explore the outlook in an environment of rising bond yields.

With multiple analysts and economists predicting a commodities super cycle, we touch on FTSE 100 mining shares and how much of a metals rally is already priced into shares.

Mode listed in London last year and investors have questioned ever since whether the Banking App company can be compared to the hugely successful Argo Blockchain. We look at this comparison and whether it would be sensible to make comparisons.

We discuss Cadence Minerals (LON:KDNC), Mode (LON:MODE) and Itaconix (LON:ITX).

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine podcast to discuss the commodities super cycle – Mast Energy Developments #MAST, Advance Energy #ADV and Caerus Mineral Resources #CMRS

Alan Green discussed the commodities super cycle on the UK Investor Magazine Podcast as it began at the beginning of 2021. Since then, major commodities indices have increased dramatically with copper touching 10 year highs and Oil breaching $70.

Demand for commodities is increasing as economies reopen after the pandemic and under investment in commodity exploration and development has caught supply off guard leading to higher prices. This is particularly evident in Lumber markets which has seen $25,000 added to the cost of constructing the average US home.

With the Federal Reserve hinting QE tapering is some way off, meaning interest rate increases won’t be happening for some time, the path is clear for further commodity price rises. We explore what this means for equity markets and how commodities shares could outperform over the next decade.

We discuss Mast Energy Developments (LON:MAST), Advance Energy (LON:ADV) and Caerus Mineral Resources (LON:CMRS).

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine podcast as we discuss Lloyds #LLOY Persimmon #PSN Corcel #CRCL Catenae Innovation #CTEA and Versarien #VRS

Alan Green joins the Podcast as we digest recent updates from FTSE 100 majors such as BP, WPP, Lloyds and Persimmon.

The shares operate in some of the most cyclical industries including commodities, advertising, finance and house building. This broad spread means these companies provide vital insight into the health of the wider economy.

While the recent updates from these companies were strong, the FTSE 100 is yet to breach 7,000 with any conviction, highlighting that investors could have already priced in much of the economic recovery to stock markets. We look at whether this signals we are entering the chapter for stock markets.

We discuss in detail Corcel (LON:CRCL), Catenae Innovation (LON:CTEA) and Versarien (LON:VRS).

Alan Green discusses equities vs. crypto, Coinsilium #COIN, Kavango Resources #KAV & Union Jack Oil #UJO on UK Investor Mag podcast

Equity market correlation with Cryptocurrencies could signal further volatility

@Alan__Green joins the Podcast to discuss the ESL debacle before pay particular attention to Kavango Resources #KAV Coinsilium #COIN and Union Jack Oil #UJO

Alan Green talks Coinbase & Mast Energy #MAST IPOs and markets, plus ECR Minerals #ECR, Blencowe Resources #BRES & Open Orphan #ORPH on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast as we await trading in Coinbase, the cryptocurrency dealing platform which could be valued at $100bn.

The Coinbase IPO marks the move of cryptocurrencies to the mainstream and we question what it could mean for assets such as Bitcoin if investors view Coinbase’s listing as a ‘buy the rumour, sell the fact’ moment.

Major investment banks and institutional investors have changed their stance on Crypto with this IPO, many who warned against investing in the assets, or even called them a Ponzi scheme, are now showing interest and working them into their business models.

After the busiest quarter for IPOs on the London Stock Exchange since 2007, we touch on Mast Energy Developments who began trading today, changing hands at 15p having set an IPO price of IPO.

The three UK equities we explore in this episode are ECR Minerals (LON:ECR), Open Orphan (LON:ORPH) and Blencowe Resources (LON:BRES)

Alan Green talks UK equity re ratings, plus Ananda Developments #ANA, Mosman Oil & Gas #MSMN & Kavango Resources #KAV on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Recent data from the The Investment Association revealed UK retail investors took a further £1 billion out of UK Equity Funds in February. This means retail investors have removed a total of £18 billion from UK Equity Fund since 2016 and the decision to leave the EU.

We question whether Retail investor are simply driven more by sentiment around the UK or misunderstand the composition of UK markets given the significant level of revenue earned outside of the UK by FTSE 100 companies.

Whilst investors took cash out of UK Funds they added to Global Funds meaning UK Retail investors may be under exposed to rerating in UK Equity as its lags other major indices that have enjoyed recent rallies.

All the plus Ananda Developments #ANA, Mosman Oil & Gas #MSMN & Kavango Resources #KAV with Jonathan Roy on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

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