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Alan Green talks house builders and recovery, plus Persimmon #PSN, Zenova Group #ZED and Echo Energy #ECHO on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast in the midst of the summer lull in market with holidaying traders meaning lower volumes across markets and tepid price action.

Nonetheless, we have received strong data from the ONS on UK house prices that confirmed what most in the market had already knew; Uk house prices have soared boosted by Stamp Duty Holidays and lack of supply.

We discuss Persimmon (LON:PSN), Zenova Group (LON:ZED) and Echo Energy (LON:ECHO).

UK Investor Magazine – Alan Green discusses US infrastructure bill, Ashtead #AHT, Deliveroo #ROO & ECR Minerals #ECR

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Alan Green for our regular markets and UK equities debate.

The main topic of discussion from a macro perspective is the passing of the Infrastructure bill through the Senate. Although the bill faces the next hurdle at the House of Representatives, there is a significant level of optimism the world’s largest economy is set for an injection of fiscal stimulus.

We run through earnings from Deliveroo who posted a sharp jump in revenue but again failed to produce a profit and the latest updates from ECR Minerals.

We discuss Deliveroo (LON:ROO), Ashtead (LON:AHT) and ECR Minerals (LON:ECR).

UK Investor Magazine podcast – Taylor Wimpey, China and UK Banks with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine for a broad discussion of UK Banks, China and results from Taylor Wimpey.

We discuss Natwest #NWG, LLoyds #LLOY, Taylor Wimpey #TW. and Mode #MODE.

Natwest and Lloyds reported after we looked at Barclays results on last week’s podcast and where largely similar in terms of earnings growth driven by a reversal of COVID provisions that ravaged profit last year.

Taylor Wimpey released bumper half year results which demonstrated the robustness of the UK housing market and we look at what investors can expect going forward.

We also pay attention to China and how relevant their growth story is as we emerge from the pandemic.

UK Investor Magazine podcast – Barclays, US Tech Stocks and Junior Miners with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast for our latest instalment of UK equities and global markets. We discuss Barclays (LON:BARC), Power Metal Resources (LON:POW) and Tertiary Minerals (LON:TYM)

We start with looking at US Tech stocks in Apple and Alphabet and go through the numbers from their bumper quarterly updates. Both produced revenue figures that surpassed analyst estimates in a strong quarter for two of the world’s largest technology companies.

Given the strong results from Apple and Alphabet, we explore whether we may be reaching the top of the earnings cycle as we come out of the pandemic and if a period of weaker growth could cause waves in equities.

Barclays (LON:BARC) also reported a huge jump in profits as they released half year profits that rose to £5bn helped by the reversal of COVID provisions and strong investment banking activity. Barclays also increased their dividend and we look forward to what investors could expect from Barclays and other UK banks in terms of payouts in the future.

We also explore Power Metal Resources (LON:POW) and Tertiary Minerals (LON:TYM).

Alan Green discusses inflation, Barclays #BARC, Lloyds #LLOY & Open Orphan #ORPH on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast to discuss Barclays (LON:BARC), Lloyds (LON:LLOY) and Open Orphan (LON:ORPH).

UK inflation rose to 2.5% in June up from 2.1% in May. Fuel prices were a large component of the rises as oil prices increased having cratered last year.

The FTSE 100 slipped in the wake of the announcement as sterling surged to highs of 1.3800 against the dollar.

Those companies operating in the consumer space were some of the bigger fallers whilst those that typically benefit from higher inflation and rates were among the top risers.

Alan Green talks markets, Ocado #OCDO, Kavango Resources #KAV and Watches of Switzerland #WOSG on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine Podcast as we digest the latest update from the UK government on the reopening and removal of COVID-19 restrictions.

With all UK restrictions set to be removed 19th July we explore what it could mean for markets and UK shares. On the announcement of the vaccine last year we saw a ‘buy everything’ move in stock markets that then evolved into value vs growth stock allocation.

We explore whether it is now becoming a stock pickers market and look at some of the stock specific stories moving prices including Morrisons and Ocado.

Morrisons is the middle of a takeover frenzy as Private Equity eyes up the grocer’s property portfolio.

We discuss Ocado (LON:OCDO), Kavango Resources (LON:KAV) and Watches of Switzerland (LON:WOSG).

Alan Green talks Bitcoin, Berkeley Group #BKG, Mosman O&G #MSMN & Altona Rare Earths #ANR on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Berkeley Group, Bitcoin and Rare Earths with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the Podcast for our weekly instalment of markets and UK equities.

This Podcast starts by looking at Bitcoin and the factors driving the recent selloff. China has implemented restriction on Bitcoin that sent the price spiralling and we look at both sides of the argument around whether now is a time to buy.

We explore Berkeley Group Holdings (LON:BKG) after the company updates the market on a bumper 2020 where the South East focused house builder managed to grow their top line despite the pandemic.

However, shares in the London-listed company fell in the immediate aftermath and we question whether investors were simply expecting too much from the company, or were nerves around a slowdown in the wider housing market driving sentiment.

Rightmove said they saw house prices rise 0.8% in June, down from 1.8% in May.

We also discuss Mosman Oil & Gas (LON:MSMN) and Altona Energy (LON:ANR).

Alan Green talks inflation, BP #BP, Blue Prism #PRSM & Karelian Diamonds #KDR on UK Investor Magazine podcast

We once more welcome Alan Green back to the UK Investor Magazine Podcast for our weekly exploration of UK equities and global markets.

UK inflation was today’s topic of discussion before we drilled down into BP (LON:BP), Blue Prism (LON:PRSM) and Karelian Diamonds (LON:KDR).

UK inflation rose to 2.1% in May as fuel, recreational goods and clothing helped prices higher as the economy reopened. A reading of 2.1% is marginally above the Bank of England’s target rate of 2% but with signs prices could elevated, there may be concerns in some corners of the market that it will force the BoE to hike rates in an economy not fully recovered from the pandemic.

As a gauge of the market’s feeling around potentially higher rates in the future, GBP/USD spiked higher by 40 points to GBP/USD 1.4120 in immediate reaction, before falling back.

Fuel prices rose 17% year-on-year, the biggest jump since 2017 as oil prices continued their march higher.

Alan Green talks Royal Mail Group #RMG, Destiny Pharma #DEST & ECR Minerals #ECR on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the Podcast with Jonathan Roy for the weekly instalment of UK equities and market themes.

With the FTSE 100 remaining stubbornly within a tight range, we look back at the appreciation we’ve seen in cyclical shares and whether investors should expect a greater proportion of their returns to be achieved from income in the form of dividends in the future.

Financials, tobacco and some commodity shares are now yielding significantly above 5% and present an attractive allocation possibility for investors.

Having secured promotion to the FTSE 100 we look at Royal Mail and the drivers behind the tremendous run in shares from below 150p to 600p. This was largely down to success inn parcel growth that could waver as the economy reopens so we question their growth strategy going forward.

We discuss Royal Mail (LON:RMG), ECR Minerals (LON:ECR) and Destiny Pharma (LON:DEST).

Alan Green talks British Land #BLND, Corcel #CRCL & Lexington Gold #LEX on the UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green joins the weekly Podcast to discuss a number of equities including British Land (LON:BLND) following the release of their results.

The UK residential property market has defied calls for a collapse during the pandemic helped by government schemes such as reduction to Stamp Duty and a general reduction in supply. With the world now moving past the worst of the economic disruption, the UK property market is now entering a new chapter which could see housing activity rise to levels not seen since the financial crisis.

We discuss the key drivers behind the boom such as a ‘race to space’ and whether this can be sustained beyond the end of the year.

Naturally, we then move onto the commercial property sector and how cities such as London can realign their economies given the exodus of foreign born people, crucial to the hospitality sector associated with people working in offices.

There is detailed discussion of British Land (LON:BLND), Corcel (LON:CRCL) and Lexington Gold (LON:LEX).

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