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January 2023 Investment Review – Alan Green talks to Ken Baksh

January 2023 Investment Review – Alan Green talks to Ken Baksh. Covering global markets, trends for 2023 and expected developments, the interview is published in conjunction with Ken’s investment report here

Ken’s outlook is best summarised with ‘Ken’s Tens’.

• Keep an overweight position in renewable/infrastructure, especially in investment trust (page 21).
• Favour value over growth generally-trade has further to run.
• Stay neutral/overweight in UK equities relative to your benchmark (page15).
• Overweight Far East,including China,Japan and other Asia (pages 16-19).
• Start switching large cap to small cap-valuation/performance.
• Start diversifying away from strong dollar.
• Overweight uranium relative to your commodity benchmark (page 21).
• Amongst UK sectors overweight telecom, health equipment, defence, tobacco and energy (pages 13-14),”not too ESG friendly,I am afraid”.
• Amongst UK sectors underweight luxury, motor related, most capital goods, consumer brands and food retail (pages 13-14).
• Within UK Fixed Interest prefer corporate bonds, preference shares, and zeroes to conventional gilts (page 21)-start rebuilding some fixed interest exposure,especially for cautious and balanced risk profiles.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss Creswick, Blue Moon, Bailieston, Lolworth, Hurricane & plans for 2023

Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss today’s developments at Creswick plus the latest developments from Blue Moon, Bailieston, Lolworth, Hurricane. At Creswick the team talk through how workings there produced several m oz of gold production over a century ago, and how the team are seeking out the primary sources. Updates on the latest license applications and approvals, before Adam talks through the latest from Lolworth and the pegmatites identified in the Gorge Creek area. Andrew Haythorpe says he was astonished by the amount of visible gold & lack of follow up -and with the abundance of mineralisation styles, early results are way in excess of what he’d hoped for. Onto Blue Moon, and the drill team are finishing off the last four holes, testing continuity of mineralisation some 200m to the west. Adam explains how the team are speeding up assays, they have located a local lab in Bendigo which can turn around assays in 10-14 days. Andrew Haythorpe then talks through the rationale behind the recent fund raise, and how the funding will enable ECR to maintain multiple aggressive drill campaigns, before moving onto the plans to get on the ground and establish drill pads etc at Hurricane in May, June next year. With the new drill rig undergoing commissioning in January, the team expect to deploy it during Q1, and Adam outlines drill plans for Q1, with Blue Moon expected to finish in February and then a push on Creswick on ECR’s own Brewing Lane property. Andrew Haythorpe concludes, stating there will be a steady flow of news in Q1 2023, and says that the Company has now built a great foundation for shareholders in 2022.

Tertiary Minerals #TYM – Alan Green talks to Chairman Patrick Cheetham

Alan Green talks to Tertiary Minerals #TYM Chairman about the full year results and progress to date. Patrick looks at the group’s Zambia operations, including the Jacks Copper Project, and looks at the collaboration with multi billion dollar copper giant First Quantum Minerals #FQM in regard to Tertiary’s Mukai and Mushima North projects. We then look at Lubiula and Konkola West projects, before moving onto the group’s Brunton Pass Copper project in Nevada, USA. Patrick then looks at potential trigger points for the Tertiary share price and valuation ahead of a busy 2023.

Power Metal Resources #POW – December interview with CEO Paul Johnson

Alan Green talks to CEO Paul Johnson. We cover the drilling campaign at the Molopo Farms Complex project in Botswana, before Paul covers recent developments at the Tati Gold project, also in Botswana. We then look at developments in Canada, both at the group’s Athabasca Uranium project and the new Lithium project acquisition, before we turn to the upcoming IPO’s including Golden Metal Resources and First Development Resources. Paul looks at what the Christmas period will hold for the POW team and the likely news flow over the Xmas period and into the new year.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss Blue Moon & other projects

ECR’s Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss today’s developments at Blue Moon & other projects. Andrew Haythorpe describes the consistent predictable grades across Blue Moon and says today’s hole assay is just another step in that direction. Adam then covers the drilling campaign, following the 2019 RC drilling campaign. The current hole is 150m to the west, and with holes 100-200m apart the results are promising, with bleaching on the core consistent with the structure. Currently three holes have been completed 3 holes, if mineralisation continues then “happy days”, a possible resource. Assays from the remaining holes should be back in early December, so. the company will announce next steps and next drill holes then. Plenty more to look forward to as well – Omeo hasn’t even been touched yet, plenty of blue sky potential, Hurricane mineralisation on surface, Lolworth assays pending from stream sediment and rock chips, field team back out there in a few days. All field samples now with the labs, looking like a good Christmas and strong start to 2023.

Andrew Scott and ECR Minerals #ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discuss the Placer Gold & Hurricane Acquisition

Andrew Scott and ECR Minerals #ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discuss the Placer Gold & Hurricane Acquisition.

Andrew H explains how, through his previous work at Hurricane, the area is high prospective for gold and antimony. A raft of historical data, numerous veins of mineralisation between 2-5m thick containing 1, 2, 5, 20 g/t – commercial grades. The region is inland from Port Douglas, and due to the relatively inhospitable climate has never been drilled, although a colleague geologist visited the area last year and reported back to Andrew on the extensive veining and mineralisation.

Andrew then discusses the option to acquire the project, very much a try before you buy approach in that the initial fee goes into the ground. Then, armed with the knowledge of the region from drilling, the option to buy, is he believes a great, risk managed approach. The potential acquisition is a good fit for ECR, which sits well alongside the Lolworth project, also being in the same region. The acquisition is a step change for ECR – Andrew says the team will be knocking on the rocks with gold in them.

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks to Andrew Scott, October 2022

Andrew Haythorpe talks to Andrew Scott about the latest developments. He explains the nuggety gold nature of Creswick and how he has approached assessing Creswick as a prospect for the company. He is very encouraged by the results and proven sampling process, stating he believes it adds confidence as the team work towards planning resources, reserve estimate and mine plan. Andrew then talks through the final results from drilling at Bailieston, the multiple hits, and the search for more consistent grades to build a feasibility study. He tells Andrew Scott why Blue Moon is one of the lead prospects due to the grades, widths, consistency and geology – potentially a massive system. Andrew then looks at the new drill rig and how that will be deployed, before discussing the further progress on non-core asset sales. Andrew looks at next steps, with a focus on Blue Moon drilling through to Christmas, bringing the new rig work to bring up to spec, then moving it to Creswick. He talks through the sampling programme at Lolworth in N Queensland, what the team have seen so far is v encouraging, with potential for multiple gold occurrences. Andrew finishes with a look at the macro picture for investors, and how ECR are building value from the ground up.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Director Adam Jones discusses the latest Creswick update, plus Bailieston, Blue Moon and Lolworth projects

ECR Technical Director Adam Jones talks to Alan Green about the latest re-assay update from Creswick and the bumper gold grades. We look at what this will mean for Creswick going forward, before moving onto the final drilling results announced last week from Bailieston, the latest drilling news from the Blue Moon project and the Lolworth Range sampling programme in N Queensland. We finish with some near term milestones for investors to look out for.

Cadence Minerals #KDNC – Interview with Kiran Morzaria direct from Santana, Brazil

Alan Green talks to Cadence CEO Kiran Morzaria direct from Santana Port, Brazil. Today, Cadence has announced a substantial upgrade in total Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources, to 276.24 Million Tonnes at a grading of 38.33% Fe at the Amapa iron ore project. Valued by former owner Anglo American at $600m in 2012, an investment of just $6m has seen Cadence acquire a 27% stake in the project, with an option to increase to 49%. Kiran explains how this upgrade contributes to the current ongoing pre-feasibility study, and the steps the company needs to take to bring Amapa back into production. We look at potential revenue forecasts for the fully recommissioned mine, and how important it is for the region in regard to employment, health and education. Kiran then covers the lithium and rare earth investment returns from Australia, and in particular the Yangibana Rare Earths project, plus the Sonora and Cinovec Lithium project investments. We finish with a look at upcoming news, plus Kiran comments on the market valuation vs. assets.

Golden Metal Resources – Alan Green talks to CEO Oliver Friesen ahead of the IPO

Alan Green talks to Golden Metal Resources #GMT CEO Oliver Friesen ahead of the IPO. Following an overview of the company and projects, at 4:40 Oliver discusses slides from the Pilot Mountain Tungsten Project, the MRE of 12.53Mt of Tungsten and the recent IP survey. At 11:24 we move onto the Golconda Gold & Copper project and initial exploration programme, before moving onto the geochemistry survey at the Garfield copper and gold project at 17:50. We wrap up with a summary of the Stonewall project targets at 21:20, and what investors can look forward to.

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