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Tesco (TSCO) abandons international delivery for online clothing sales

At a time when major retailers are being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of internet sales, the last thing one would expect would be for the biggest of them all to abandon international online sales.

Yet Tesco (TSCO) is doing just that. As from 1st February it will abandon international delivery of online orders for its F&F clothing range.

If ever there was a sign that Tesco’s troubles may be far deeper than it has so far been prepared to admit, it is the e mail which it has issued today to to its international customers, advising them that their business is no longer wanted – full stop, no explanation, not a word of regret.

What retailer in its right mind can treat customers worldwide, like this.  Is this what Tesco meant when it said it was re assessing its attitude to customers.  Is this what it meant when it said it needed to improve customer service.

Internet sales will gradually become the be all and end all of international retailing and what passes at Tesco for management has chosen to walk away from the future and seek refuge in its outdated mammoth stores which nobody wants any more.

Some commentators are expressing the view that Tesco in its present form will have ceased to exist by the end of the year. Now we know why.

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