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Catenae Innovation #CTEA: The Universal Blockchain Application – Zak Mir, Financial Journalist

Of late, the technology space has been characterised by the rise and rise of the so-called FAANGS (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s Google). Even taking into account the recent Facebook blip, which has seen the stock fall back to March 18 levels, the overall trend remains higher. These stocks epitomise how the development of a technological breakthrough, whether large (Google Search) or small (Twitter’s 280 characters) can create companies worth billions.

Sadly, very few technology giants to date have originated in the UK, but even so the search for the UK Unicorn continues.

Catenae’s Investment Proposition:  World Beating Blockchain Technology In A £2M AIM Listed Company

The relentless growth of Blockchain technology is well documented, but among the companies developing the technology, several of the global leaders are based here in the UK. Catenae Innovation is one such company: in the space of just a few months following a change in name from Milestone Group, it has developed a unique Blockchain application which can be used across multiple sectors from music to image licensing and governance. Following exhaustive back testing procedures, Catenae’s “super-fast” Blockchain technology has been independently validated at 300k transactions/second, creating a unique and highly valuable IP. This stands wholly at odds with Catenae’s current market capitalisation of just £2m.

Post Hype?

From an investment standpoint, a tried and tested strategy for generating investor interest and rallying share prices is to put money into and around the latest tech and market buzzwords. The past 15- 20 years has seen anything with “China” and “Dotcom” generate arguably disproportionate levels of interest, while today “blockchain” and “cloud” are the buzzwords of the moment. By definition only a few of companies incorporating “blockchain” into the offering will go on and deliver a product that is both disruptive and works as it should. Catenae Innovation has already proved to be one such company.

A Long Standing Data Need

For years, business and finance has striven to create immutable records of data, identity and activity. In the digital age, accurate and secure data is everything, and although Blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology has been around for over 20 years, its time, relevance and application has finally arrived.

In the space of music and image licensing, Catenae’s proprietary technology is already at the forefront and providing solutions via with its “super-fast” blockchain offering.

Catenae’s Commercial Solutions Portfolio:

Positioning itself as a B2B solutions integrator with sector specific subsidiaries, Catenae also has both the product set and technical resource to deliver this Blockchain platform as a universal utility.

In addition to providing the technology to 3rdparty organisations either as a licensable product or as a consultative-based solution, Catenae’s offering is also being championed within its own media business Trust in Media, a joint venture with music mogul Martin Heath, who better than anyone understands the challenges presented by the industry. With a focus on royalties and copyright, the solution will also form part of a portfolio of Fintech products for KYC and AML applications, along with payment systems and pre-paid cards.

Zak Mir, Financial Journalist

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