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Ian Pollard – Democracy Died Last Night

A referendum is one of the highest and truest forms of decmocracy. That is why they are absolute anathema to the unelected dictators of Brussels who would not recognise an election if they saw one staring them in the face. That is why the EU demagogues, those of them who remain sober and capable of standing up, have forced one European country after another to reverse the result of every referendum they have held. And now we have joined them in disgrace, as the destroyers of democracy. The British who have one of the longest  histories of parliamentary democracies in the world, have seen their MPs refuse to accept the will of the people and overturn the common decision reached two years ago that there was a majority in favour of Brexit.

It matters not whether that majority was right or wrong. It is the principal which matters. The people were not only allowed to decide, they were asked by Parliament to decide. The government then descended into chaos as MPs began to jockey for position. Ministers abandoned their posts almost every week, looking for aggrandisement and opportunites for self advancement. Led by the weakest leader the country has ever seen since King Harold failed to turn the tide at Hastings in 1066, we became a laughing stock throughout Europe as country after country sought to avenge  slights, real or imagined, such as freeing them at great cost from the horrors of fascist domination, with which so many of them happily collaborated.

The jostling for position amongst ministers over the past two years has been a disgrace. They resigned from government one day as a matter of principal, only to rejoin it the next day as they saw better opportunities to get higher up the ladder before they finally brought about the collapse of the government of which they were supposed to be such loyal members.

Ministers have never been so happy as they day on which they realised that Brexit meant the end of Human Rights legislation in the UK. Ministers could not hide their joy as they saw a possible end to the European court, little realising that before we joined Europe, we were the only country in Europe which had no statutory human rights. Did these empty headed numpties want to see Maggie Thatchers mounted police literally riding down unarmed miners fleeing from them across the fields of Orgreave, Did they really want to see Arthur Scargills hordes closing down pits, and power stations and much of British Industry as he plunged Britain into the darkness of the three day week and saw Downing Street as his weekend holiday home..Their faces lit with glee as they saw the emasculation of the European court. The very same Europan court which has just  ordered thousands and thousand of judges to be restored to the positions from which newly elected governments in Poland and Hungary had illegally removed them.

There was far more to Brexit than trade and economics. The deliberate trampling down of the democratic rights of the British people in last nights embarassing farce puts those responsible on the same level as the unelected bureaucracies of Brussels and the toothless gravy trainers of Strasbourg, Brexit is now dead.

Prairie Mining #PDZ: Poland’s JSW seeks tighter grip on coking coal with possible Prairie bid – Via Reuters

Via Reuters – Agnieszka Barteczko, Barbara Lewis

WARSAW/LONDON (Reuters) – Poland’s JSW (JSW.WA) is considering a bid for control of Prairie Mining (PDZ.AX) to tighten its grip as the EU’s biggest coking coal miner, two sources familiar with the situation said.

FILE PHOTO: A miner walks outside the JSW mine where coal miners are missing underground after a strong quake hit the mine on Saturday in Jastrzebie Zdroj, Poland May 7, 2018. Agencja Gazeta/Dominik Gajda via REUTERS/File Photo
Coking coal is on the European Commission’s list of critical raw materials of economic importance with the price of Chinese coking coal futures DJMcv1 tripling since 2015.

State-run JSW and Australia’s Prairie, which is developing mines in Poland, have been in cooperation talks for much of this year but JSW wants control, according to the sources.

“JSW is considering a takeover of Prairie,” a source familiar with the situation told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Another person, who also could not be identified, also said he expected a takeover bid.

Poland’s prime minister and energy ministry have provisionally approved the plan, one source said.

The state-run company’s plan comes as the country faces nationwide local elections in October and reflects the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s pledge to create jobs. The party also wants strategic assets returned to state ownership.

Prairie Mining has been developing coking coal at the Jan Karski mine in southeast Poland and the Debiensko mine in Silesia, Poland’s industrial heartland in the south.

A JSW spokeswoman declined to comment on the takeover plan but said the miner was assessing Prairie’s projects and may release more information by mid-September.

Prairie Mining declined to comment.

Highly polluting thermal coal, used to generate power, is increasingly difficult to mine in Europe as banks refuse to fund it. Coking coal, used in steel-making, is considered to have a better future.

“If Poland develops quickly, then we will need more steel and coking coal. In the case of JSW, it is obvious that the company is looking for more deposits,” Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski said this week.

The energy ministry was not available for immediate comment on the JSW takeover plan.

A handful of foreign investors are keen on mining Poland’s coking coal.

The sources said they expected the Polish government to reject a project by private British firm Tamar Resources, which wants to mine coking coal at a Silesian mine previously operated by JSW as a thermal coal mine

Tamar CEO George Rogers told Reuters he will keep fighting to run the project, which he said would provide at least 2,000 jobs.

The Solidarity trade union has asked the government to hold a tender seeking an investor to revive the mine and the union will back whoever wins, said Dominik Kolorz, head of the union’s Silesian branch.

“If Tamar wins, we would back Tamar,” he said, adding the ministry had yet to reply to the request for a tender.

Additional reporting by Wojciech Zurawski; editing by Jason Neely

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