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Ian Pollard – A Thousand Years Of History, plus #QLT, #DOM, #CCC and #SUN

Today may see the last dying days of a nation whose history was peppered with stirring speeches which matched the mood of the people just at the times when they were most needed, from Agincourt to Shakespeare, the singeing of some minor king of Spains beard, to Waterloo and to Churchill. All men with fire in their bellies who loved their country and would never think of profiteering from a cheap trick. Look at the disgraceful sight of those who now, to their shame and ours, stalk the corridors of power, always ready for the quick buck. Who won the war? Surely it can not have been us, now ready to roll over and make way for a new unelected dictatorship of European bureaucracy, a Europe which would not be recognisable to the people of all countries who fought and died, believing in vain that they were fighting for freedom.

Quilter plc QLT Despite increasingly challenging market conditions as the year progressed. Quilter report record profits with a rise of 11% for the year to the 31st December. Diluted earnings per share rose by 15% and the final dividend is recommended at 3.3p per share in line with the company’s dividend policy. On a like for like basis profit before tax came in at £5m. compared to the previous years loss of £5m.

Dominos Pizza Grp DOM Admits that 2018 was a mixed year. In the UK and Ireland, which account for around 90% of the business, the excellent record of growth continued Internationally, growing pains were experienced which hampered the overall financial performance. Total revenue rose by 14.5% but total profit before tax fell by over 22% and statutory basic earnings per share by 23.7%. The record of increasing dividends continues with a rise of 5.6%

Computacenter CCC Total revenues for the year to the end of December, exceeded over £4 billion for the first time, with  Germany delivering yet another record performance as revenue grew by 8.3 per cent. 2018 was a record year for the group in revenue, adjusted operating profit and adjusted diluted earnings per share and the foundations have been paid for further growth in the years ahead.

Surgical Innovations SUN has delivered the strong rebound which was expected in the second half and revenues for the year to the end of December grew strongly by 25% andadjusted profit before tax rose by 30%

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Ian Pollard – Your Dominos #DOM Christmas – 12 Pizzas A Second

Dominos Pizza Grp DOM saw fourth quarter sales for the 13 weeks to the 30th December produce a strong performance in the UK but with some weakness internationally. Group organic system sales rose by 5.8% compared to 1.6% for international system sales. UK system sales rose by 6% and the company enjoyed its busiest week ever in the run-up to Christmas. For the statistically minded the Friday before Christmas broke all records with more than 535,000 pizzas sold, – equal to 12 every second. The UK delivered food market is described as vibrant is expected to grow at a compound rate of 8% a year to 2022.

Anglo American plc The value of rough diamond sales  for De Beers’ first sales cycle of 2019 fell from $672m in the first cycle of 2018 to $505 million, due to higher than normal sales in the previous cycle (cycle 10 2018).

Crest Nicolson Hdgs CRST has faced some challenges in London and with sales at higher price points due to political and economic uncertainty which has adversely impacted customer demand. The impact is likely to continue pending Brexit resolution. Well that’s good at least it shows there is nothing wrong with management. its all due to external causes beyond their control.There is just one little problem in that pre tax profits fell by 15% to £176.4m. From memory I can not remember quite how that compares to the other housebuilders but perhap[s they were not quite as exposed to political and economc uncertainty or the impact of Brexit. It has however revented them from hiking the dividend which is being maintained at 33%. Forward sales were however up by 11% as at mid January.

Royal Mail Group RMG in the 9 months to the 23rd December the parcels business continued to perform well, with volumes and revenue both up 6% and GLS delivered another good performance with revenue up 13%. Total letter revenue fell 6% but overall group revenue rose by 2%. The outlook and other guidance for 2018-19 remain unchanged

PZ Cussons plc PZC On a like for like basis the figures for the half year to the 30th November were not all that brilliant. Cconditions in Nigeria remained extremely challenging and continued to have a significant negative impact on the overall Group performance.On a statutory basis revenue was down 10.4% and profit before tax by 20%. The interim dividend remains at 2.67p per share.

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Ian Pollard – Intercontinental Hotels #IHG strong first half

Interco.Hotels Grp IHG produced a strong first half performance across all regions with underlying operating profit up 8% and underlying EPS up 25%. The interim dividend is increased by 10%. Hotel demand in the US is strong but momentum is led by Greater China, where double digit growth has been achieved in both RevPAR and net system size, as well as record signings. 9,000 rooms were opened during the half year to the 30th June, more than two thirds of them being covered by the Holiday Inn brand.

Meggitt plc MGGT claims to have produced strong first half trading, with orders up by 24% and revenue by 9%. However on a statutory basis, pprofit before tax fell by 39% and basic earnings per share by 40%. On an underlying basis the figures looked a bit more healthy but growth was still in negative territory on most measures. The interim dividend is being increased by 5%

Intertek Group plc ITRK is increasing its interim dividend by 35% in line with its new dividend policy and after claiming it is on  track on its ‘good to great’ journey. If it is, then perhaps it needs a new transport manager. Revenue fell by 1.8%, organic revenue by 2.3% at actual rates although operating profit and diluted earnings per share both managed tiny rises of 0.8% and 0.9% respectively. At constant rates profit before tax looked somewhat healthier with a rise of 7.5% but on a statutory basis it fell back down to 3%.

Dominos Pizza Grp DOM admits that its 8% rise in the interim dividend is justified by its confidence in the future rather than by its actual half year results, which on a statutory basis saw profit before tax fall by 9.7% and basic earnings per share by 6.5%. Group sales however grew by a healthy 12.8% leading to a rise in underlying profit before tax of 2.5% and 6.8% in basic earnings per share. UK like for like system sales in the six months to the 1st July rose by 8.3% and  22 new UK stores, were opened. For the full year profit before tax is expected to be in line.

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Ian Pollard – Filtronic Interim Profit Halved

Filtronic FTC has seen its strategy result in new contract wins but too late to prevent the first half turning into something of a disaster.. Revenue for the 6 months to the 30th November plunged from £21.6m to £12.8m and operating profit halved to £0.9m. The second half is not expected to be any better and no further growth is seen until 2019

Dominos Pizza DOM Trading performance was boosted by 43 net new store openings in quarter 4 compared to a record 95 for the full year. Organic revenue for the quarter rose by 10.1% as against 8.9% for the full year. The UK demonstrated its resilience in what is described as a challenging and competitive environment with like for like sales rising by 6.1% compared to 4.8% for the full year. Underlying profit before for the year is anticipated to be slightly above current market expectations.

PZ Cussons plc PZC Like for like revenue for the half year to the 30th November rose by 3.3% but that was not enough to prevent a 14.1% fall in adjusted profit before tax. Strong profitability in Asia was offset by reduced margins in parts of Europe and in Africa. The performance was underpinned by a strong and innovative product pipeline  and profitability is expected to improve in he second half as a result of new product launches and distribution expansion.

Safestay SSTY performed strongly in 2017, both in the UK and in Europe as interest in hostel accommodation rose to record  levels.Total revenue for the year to 31st December rose by 43% with the UK enjoying a 15% rise. Occupancy rates at the hostel at Kensington Holland Park grew by 32% during the year and a series of acquisitions in 2017 took the number of beds from 1526 to 2306 with a  further 330 still to come.

UBM plc UBM expects the full year out turn and adjusted operating profit to be ahead of expectations and a final dividend of 18p per share will be paid   making a year on year dividend increase of 6.8%. Fourth quarter trading was ahead of expectations and event revenue growth of at least 5% is expected, taking group revenue for the year to 31st December to above the 1 billion mark

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Dominos – Swiss Sales Surge Follows Price Reductions

Dominos Pizza Grp DOM Sales during the 13 weeks to the 24th September rose by 11.9% on a like for like and constant currency basis. Demand was strong and the quarter saw a record number of store openings as well as a recovery in like for like sales. Switzerland led the way with like for like growth of 20.4%, following price reductions earlier in the year and a surge of 69.6% in online sales.

Marstons plc MARS Updates that both sales and profits for the year to the end of September, were ahead of last year and despite recent market conditions being subdued further growth is targeted for 2018 when the opening of 15 new pubs and bars and 6 lodges is expected. For brewing the 2017 year has been transformational with own brewed volumes up by 6%. Taverns on the other hand produced like for like sales growth of 1.6% and Destination and Premium only managed 0.9%.

Ted Baker Plc TED Interim results for the 28 weeks to 12th August saw group revenue rise by 9.5% on a constant currency basis whilst basic earnings per share were up by 12.2%. Asia was particularly strong with a rise in sales of 19.6% on a constant currency basis. Overall the half year performance was in line with expectations with profit before tax up by 17.8% and the interim dividend being increased by 17.5%.

easyHotel plc EZH The  year to the end of September was one of accelerated growth with a strong like for like performance in both owned and franchised hotels enabling the company to continue to outperform the market. Total sales for the year rose by 39% with like for like revenue in owned hotels up by 13.7% and by 8.6% in franchised hotels. 2560 owned rooms and 2263 frnchised rooms are under negotiation.

Iofina IOF  produced more iodine than expected  in the third quarter of 2017 which became a landmark period, as at the same time, global iodine prices continued to recover.

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Domino’s Claims Record Progress

Domino’s Pizza DOM The half year to the 25th June was another good period with record progress in the UK, despite the UK consumer having become more cautious about the economic climate. Underlying profit before tax rise by 9.1% with basic earnings per share up by 9.9% and the interim dividend increased by by 7.1% to 3.75p. 90 openings are expected during the year. Net debt rose nearly six fold from 10.9m to 61m

Croda International CRDA is increasing its interim dividend for the six months to 30th June by 6.9% after a rise in sales of 16.2%, driven by continued organic growth across all core business sectors and maintained margins. On a constant currency basis the rise was 3.8%. Adjusted profit before tax rose by 14.3% (4.4% on a constant currency basis) and basic earnings per share by 18.2%

Victoria plc VCP Despite another record year which saw profit before tax surge by 102% Victoria has decided that it will again not pay a final dividend, so that it can use the money to reduce debt. During the year to the 1st April  four earnings accretive acquisitions were successfully completed  leading to a 29% rise in revenue and a 92% rise in basic earnings per share. The company states that shareholders may not truly understand the enormous scope for growth which exists both in the UK and Europe. Victoria intends to take full advantage of this by continuing to make further acquisitions where the price justifies the investment.

PZ Cussons plc PZC produced a solid performance for the year to 31st May with what it describes as a solid set of results. The dividend is to be increased by 2.18% making this the 44th consecutive year on year increase.On a constant currency basis revenue fell by 0.9%, profit before tax rose by 1.7% and adjusted basic earnings per share were down by 2.2%. Despite consumer confidence in most markets remaining fragile,  Cuzzons say it is well placed to meet full year expectations.

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Sainsbury Slashes Price of Eggs As Sales Fall.

Sainsbury J. SBRY When a major supermarket group has to describe a 0.8% fall in like for like retail sales excluding fuel,  as a solid start to the year, then you know that the industry’s problems are massive and that this particular company and its management  are troubled.  But it has permanently slashed the price of eggs in an attempt to win back market share. Total retail sales for the 12 weeks to 4th June rose by 0.3%.

With Walmart about to start a major price war in its attempts to save ASDA and beat off Lidl, the future looks bleak for all UK supermarkets.

Domino’s Pizza DOM  has gone on the takeover path with the acquisition of a 49% stake in Domino’s Iceland and 45% in Domino’s in Sweden and Norway. Local management is described as strong and will be retained whilst the deal is expected to be income enhancing in 2017. Domino’s has the right to acquire all the remaining shares in the three groups between 2020 and 2023

Sanderson Group SND
is raising its interim dividend by 11% as confidence is boosted by a continued improvement in the general economic environment and by a very strong order book.  Revenue for the 6 months to 31st March rose by 8% and basic earnings per share by 13%. The order book jumped from £2.35m at 30th September 2015 to £3.2m at the end of March.

Workspace Group WKP Claims a very strong financial performance for the year to the end of March, driven by both income and capital growth. Preliminary results show an 8.7% rise in profit before tax and and a proposed 25% increase in the final dividend. Like for like rent per sq. ft rose by 16.4%, leading to a rise of over 28% in net rental income.  The underlying property valuation is up by 20.9%. Net occupancy is down slightly to 90.7%

After repeated promises from ASDA boss Andy Clark that he was here to stay, ASDA has announced that he is in fact stepping down. ASDA owner Walmart has got fed up of ASDA’s poor performance impacting its profits and leading it into a situation where annualised losses exceed £1 billion. The price war to come is expected to create havoc amongst the UKs major supermarket groups, with Sainsbury likely to be one of the two main victims.

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Domino’s Pizza – Topping 3rd Quarter Results

Strong and robust trading in the UK for the quarter to 27th September makes this Domino’s 8th consecutive quarter of double digit, like for like growth and means that full year results are likely to be ahead of expectations. CEO David Wild is delighted with his performance except in Germany, where despite all his best efforts, results continue to be mediocre.

UK 3rd quarter sales rose by 20.7% compared to Q3 2014, helped by a surge of 35% in digital sales revenue, which now makes up 75% of the UK total. UK like for like sales were up by 14.9% The Republic of Ireland also did well with growth of 13.6% ( 14.1% like for like)

For the group as a whole 3rd quarter sales grew by 19.4% and by 15.6% for the year to date.

Germany has always been a problem for Domino’s ever since it got involved there. The CEO says that the results are encouraging but a sales rise of 2.2% looks decidedly off compared to the rest of the group. He has had to admit that Domino’s still has a lot to do there.  The question is, when are they going to do it.

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