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The Rogues Who Rule Over Us.

As more and more is revealed about the conduct of our leading politicians not only during the referendum campaign but especially during the last 7 days, it has become clearer by the day that they will take any steps to further their own lust for power even if it means destroying the country’s economy in the process. Treachery and deceit now stalk the corridors of power.

Why did nobody tell us during the campaign that negotiations for a new trade treaty with the EU can not, under European law, even start until after we are officially out of the EU.  That could mean years before the UK can negotiate new trade treaties anywhere, even after we have left the EU.

Why did Cameron not make it plain that if he lost the referendum he and his government would refuse to accept the result and would waste a couple of months or so whilst the Tory party elected a new leader, who would be left with the unenviable task, of kick starting Brexit by making an application under Article 50 for us to leave the EU. How irresponsible and shifty can a Prime Minister be, promising in one breath that the result of the referendum would be binding on his government and then refusing to act and rejecting the result when it was not to his liking.

Look at the mauling which business leaders receive from select committees of MPs if it is thought that they have transgressed in their governance of a company. MP’s who govern the country ensure that they can not be exposed in like manner..  They can not be challenged. Look at the general standards of the house with the number of paedophiles who have sat in it from time to time and the number of thieving MPs who were jailed for their expenses fiddles. These people whom we unfortunately elected are now bent on bringing the country to its knees.

I have long argued against the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels but set against our present leaders they are at least honest and upright people.

Any government requires parliamentary approval to apply to leave the EU under Article 51. Let us hope that the general disgust which the country is feeling at the antics of our present government, will reflect itself in a refusal to approve an application under Article 51.


Trinity Mirror TNT had a disastrous 27 weeks to  3rd July  but still expects its interim results will be in line. Group like for like revenue fell by 8%, with digital showing the only area of growth as customer numbers grew strongly. Publishing print advertising fell by 17% and circulation revenue by 14%. Interim results will be published at the beginning of August.

Eco Animal Health EAH broke more records for the year to 31st March with pre tax profit rising by 51%, on sales up by 21%. The second interim dividend is to be increased by 29%, bringing the full years increase to 20%.  Sales in the new financial year have continued momentum and further benefits may accrue from the weakness of sterling.

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Governor of The Bank of England Tries to Save Cameron

A technical recession could be one of the results of Brexit, says Mark Carney, just one of the many lies the establishment is anxious to promote even at the risk of damaging their reputations and making themselves look like charlatans.

Is the Governor of The Bank of England, so blind, so ignorant of the realities of the UK economy that he is completely unaware that the UK has already entered into recession and not just a technical one but a real one. It was one of the major business headlines three days ago.  It was issued by the Office For National Statistics and Carney did not know about it?

The day after the announcement, i.e. two days ago, Carney committed what must surely have been one of the biggest blunders of his career with his announcement that the only threat of recession faced by the UK was of a technical one if we decided to leave the EU next month. Why did he put his reputation on the line by failing to disclose that we were already in a real recession and that it was the third such real recession which the UK had suffered from in eight years. Eight years during each of which we had been a full member of the EU.

It smacks of desperation on the part of the Establishment when Cameron  is reduced to bullying the Governor of the Bank of England into supporting him at all costs. Cameron himself has turned into the biggest bully and the biggest liar of the campaign. Can one forget his savage attack on Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons when he browbeat the opposition leader about the strength of the UK economy – an economy which Cameron knew but dared not admit was already mired in recession. Our leader instead preferred to lie to the commons. And this was only a few weeks before the demise of TATA and the British steel industry, all because the EU had for two years failed to take any steps, adopt any policies, to protect European industry from  dumping and the other illegal and unfair trade practices of the Chinese.

One of the surprising outcomes of all this fearmongering about leaving the EU, is that many are now highly suspicious about the motives of our leaders. Why are they so desperate to tell lie after lie to keep us in a union which has brought recession after recession.

The stark truth is that a recession occurs when industrial production  for two consecutive quarter.  In each of the last two quarters to the end of March  ours fell by 0.4%. for the first quarter of 2016 our industrial production ws down by a frightening 1.9% on a year ago.

Surprisingly the establishment is beginning to make Corbyn look not only very serious but even worse, very honest.  He does not behave like a politician.  He does not lie like a politician.  He is not an establishment figure. Camerons arrogance is forcing people into the Brexit camp.He could also just be creating his own political demise. The Brits love an underdog and Corbyn and Brexit are two of the biggest underdogs we have had for years.

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Election 2015 – How it looks from a far country

Sterling leapt by 2.88 cents  in one mighty overnight bound as the UK’s sensible electorate undid all the damage which the rudderless English parties had been causing over the past few weeks.

Cameron lacks leadership qualities, has a weak chin and the voters appear to have decided yet again, quite rightly that he can not be trusted with an outright majority.

The Lib Dems were savaged, again quite rightly for having sold their soul and their principles for the sake of power in a coalition, leaving Cleggy free to return to his role in Last of The Summer Wine. Cameron failed to win the election, Labour lost it and Millibuncle will now disappear to Thorne Waste as governor of some disused coalmine, which he will turn into a perfume factory at enormous expense to the local ratepayers.

Farage and his UK Incompetence Party seem to have disappeared without trace for the time being and only later in the day will we know whether he is ever likely to resurface again.

The real victors are of course the Scot Nats, the only political party in the UK to have a leader and what a brilliant leader she has become. In fact the only party leader with leadership qualities. What a pity she will never become Prime Minister of a happily United Kingdom – will she ??

This election should have been a titanic battle for power. Instead it produced a set of nonentities, boring the pants off the public and  desperately trying to ensure that their snouts remained firmly stuck in the same coalition gravy train.

The final outcome is that thousands more hospital administrators will now be appointed to pass bits of useless paper to each other, whilst the number of doctors and nurses at the sharp end, will remain pathetically inadequate and the electorate will continue to suffer from a level of services which not a single member of parliament would tolerate, were they ever to become poor enough to need to use them.

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