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Amapa Transformation – Cadence Minerals #KDNC CEO Kiran Morzaria talks to Alan Green direct from Santana Port, Amapa

Amapa Transformation Cadence Minerals #KDNC CEO Kiran Morzaria talks to Alan Green direct from the Port of Santana at Amapa.

~ Port operations

~ Bank Credit Committee approval

~ Pace of restructuring and the positive impact on the community and workers

~ Next steps

Cadence Minerals #KDNC – CEO Kiran Morzaria talks to Alan Green directly from Amapa, Brazil

Cadence Minerals #KDNC – CEO Kiran Morzaria talks to Alan Green directly from Amapa, Brazil.

– Progress on sale of hard rock lithium assets to Castillo Copper
– Amapa – Why Kiran has travelled there, developments, recommissioning, bank creditors, shareholders, Amapa community, next steps..

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Cadence Minerals #KDNC – Alan Green talks to CEO Kiran Morzaria

interview thumb


Alan Green talks to Cadence Minerals CEO Kiran Morzaria:
– Interim profits from equity investments
– N Australia hard rock lithium assets
– Yangibana Rare Earth Deposit and Sonora Lithium Project mineral concessions
– Amapa – what will a fully recommissioned mine mean to Cadence, shareholders & Amapa community?
– Secured bank creditor signify – why are we still waiting?
– Share price fall
– Upcoming value inflection points


Alan Green talks to Ben Turney, CEO at Kavango Resources #KAV

Alan Green talks to Kavango Resources #KAV CEO Ben Turney. Firstly, congratulations Ben! Secondly, should investors be concerned seeing Michael Foster step down at such a pivotal time for the company? Thirdly, is Ben up to the job?

Watch this CEO interview to find out what Ben has to say about his newly appointed position with #KAV.

Alan Green joins the UK Investor Magazine podcast to discuss the commodities super cycle – Mast Energy Developments #MAST, Advance Energy #ADV and Caerus Mineral Resources #CMRS

Alan Green discussed the commodities super cycle on the UK Investor Magazine Podcast as it began at the beginning of 2021. Since then, major commodities indices have increased dramatically with copper touching 10 year highs and Oil breaching $70.

Demand for commodities is increasing as economies reopen after the pandemic and under investment in commodity exploration and development has caught supply off guard leading to higher prices. This is particularly evident in Lumber markets which has seen $25,000 added to the cost of constructing the average US home.

With the Federal Reserve hinting QE tapering is some way off, meaning interest rate increases won’t be happening for some time, the path is clear for further commodity price rises. We explore what this means for equity markets and how commodities shares could outperform over the next decade.

We discuss Mast Energy Developments (LON:MAST), Advance Energy (LON:ADV) and Caerus Mineral Resources (LON:CMRS).

Ian Pollard: Cloud Cuckoo Land Is Never Empty

2018 was quite a good year for the self important types who could not resist making fools of themselves in the full gaze of the public. The overall group winner of the year award must go to company directors and CEOs who have provided us with endless hours of amusement as they have literally tied themselves in knots trying to convince  us that the absolutely disastrous results which their companies have produced under their grossly incompetent leadership are really a good thing.

The examples are legion but a favourite is the self deluded belief that the continuing collapse in sales has been a blessing in disguise, because it led to a sharp fall in costs which enabled the company  to increase its dividend.

But for the mindless contribution from the country’s boardrooms, breakfast time business news would never be the same.

Shortly before Xmas Government ministers woke up to the opportunities they were missing and the votes they were losing, with their failure to take advantage of the Gatwick airport drone scandal. There was the Essex police making a ham fisted attempt at policing Essex and arresting innocent citizens in the process, when Ministers woke up and  discovered there was at last a major scandal in the country for which they had no responsibility whatsoever. What a golden opportunity. Essex police are incompetent, they screamed. Essex police are making a mess of it they brayed, even, Essex police should be removed from the investigation and Ministers  be put in charge.

Now hang on a bit. Ministers put in charge of a major investigation which the police had made a mess of? Ministers? These are the people, who brought you Brexit. These are the people who wanted customs posts in the Irish Sea, the uprooting of expats who had built new lives all over Europe and of Europeans who had been happily settled in the UK for years.Turn the south of England into a lorry park? Certainly sir. That shouldn’t be a problem They could not resist jumping on a bandwagon they would fall off at the first jolt. – all for a bit of self serving political advantage. They could not run a whelk stall, never mind Brexit and they claim they should be handed such responsibility.

Fortunately cloud cuckoo land is never empty.

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