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Stock Market Magic: Using Candlestick Charts and Precision Swing Trading Tactics


Stock Market Magic:
Using Candlestick Charts and
Precision Swing Trading Tactics

Listen… When you look at a stock chart without the right knowledge… honestly…  it tells you almost nothing.

But, I’m here to tell you… that…  if you look at a “CANDLESTICK” chart… And you know how to read it…

It’s almost like having Superman’s X-RAY VISION…

You can see CHANGES in the market’s strength.

You can see CHANGES in the market’s direction.

You can see CHANGES based on the EMOTIONS of traders.

Candlestick charts let you see “TURNING POINTS” IN THE MARKET.

Candlestick charts will let you see that the market… or a stock… will likely go up… Or will likely go down.

Candlestick charts are jam-packed with facts, indicators, and key elements YOU NEED TO KNOW … to see… “the pulse” of the market.

NOW—you can discover the power of CANDLESTICK chart analysis… and give yourself an almost “unfair edge” over other investors.

AND, get this, we’re offering a fantastic one-two punch COMBINATION—pairing our popular Candlestick Course with Swing Trading Success, specifically for the UK market.

Click Here to register and start the core modules today!
Or call 0800 014 8974
With the recent market volatility, it’s high time you sharpened your skills for Swing Trading.
Swing Traders take advantage of pullbacks, like the big market moves occurring over 3-10 day periods, that occur within the longer-term market trend.
With VectorVest’s FTSE Earnings Trend Indicator showing bullish earnings, this is the perfect market for trading pullbacks.

You don’t have to be one of those worried investors, if you learn to adapt to a changing market.

With the right tools & education, you can learn to not only adapt, but take advantage of the volatility.

You’ll learn to jump in and out of the main trend to achieve gains quickly, while locking in profits.

And, how to manage your portfolio to maximize gains and reduce losses.

With a combination of on-demand core modules, and live Mastery Sessions:

  • You’ll see things other investors and traders may have missed.
  • You’ll know things with a renewed confidence.
  • And, you’ll be able to JUMP ahead of market moves you see coming.

You’ll gain insight into the POWER OF CANDLESTICK chart reading. And, you’ll have the SWING TRADING skills to place and manage your trades with precision.

Why? Because there is real power in CANDLESTICK chart analysis coupled with SWING TRADING SKILLS… And, I want you to tap into that power.

CANDLESTICK chart patterns reveal “THE EMOTIONS OF STOCK MARKET TRADERS.” SWING TRADING allows you to take advantage of those over-reactions.

And, this is key.

Lots of investors and traders out there let their emotions control their stock market decisions. It’s true.

And, if you can READ THOSE EMOTIONS… you can profit trading on that knowledge.

Are you intrigued? You should be.

We’re talking about a powerful way to profit, making your own payday—pulling money out of the market straight into your bank account.

I want you to sign up for our Special Combination Course,
Precision Swing Trading Tactics.

There are two ways to learn:

  1. Cover the core modules at your own pace in our on-demand video format. Available for your review for a year.
  2. 3 Live Mastery Sessions, where you’ll get your questions answered and see the concepts demonstrated live… right from your living room or home office.

You’ll learn more and retain more with this educational method.

The Mastery Sessions begin 3 December, 2018.


Click Here to register and start the core modules today!
Or call 0800 014 8974

We’ll show you how to:

  • Increase profits – especially at turning points
  • Get out of losing trades quicker
  • Determine short-term market direction
  • Use all-important position sizing techniques
  • Increase winning trades

If you can decide NOW… you can take advantage OF OUR SPECIAL COMBO OFFER and give yourself plenty of time to work through the on-demand core modules.

Stop what you’re doing and lock in your spot for

Candlestick chart reading and Swing Trading are not child’s play. But, once you discover their power… PROFITS ARE YOURS.

And, that changes everything.

My name is David Paul. And, I’ll be hosting this event.

You’re going to love the insights you’ll get with Precision Swing Trading Tactics.

VectorVest has been educating customers along with providing world-class stock analysis for 30 years. Our Education Department is the envy of the industry.

Here’s what recent course participants said…
“I really enjoyed the course. I had certain expectations – VectorVest always has such quality people and services. But they exceeded it. I’m very happy… Just one or two ideas I got here will more than pay for the course. I’m really impressed.”
“I was actually looking for some hands-on—actually having the experts show me how to properly set up trades. That was the thing that was probably bothering me most. Am I doing the right thing? Am I setting up the trades the right way? And this course certainly gave me a great foundation for setting up trades.”
You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify the patterns that combine the best probability of success AND profits
  • Put together a Swing Trading Plan
  • Apply precise Money-Management Techniques
  • Reduce losses on trades when things go wrong
  • Combine market timing with trade selection
  • Lower your risk – raise your probability of success

We’ll cover everything you need to know to get started as fast as possible and begin implementing your own successful swing trades.

That’s why I’m inviting you to grab your calendar – and block out these days for the Mastery Sessions…

  • Monday, 3 December at 6:00PM BST
  • Wednesday, 5 December at 7:00PM BST
  • Thursday, 6 December at 7:00PM BST
Precision Swing Trading Tactics
Or call 0800 014 8974
Let this Special Combination Course become one of the most valuable trading courses you have ever attended.
The cost is a bargain – but if you act NOW… you can SAVE with our Special Combo Offer.

I hope to see you there.

Sincerely yours,
—for Trading Profits

Dr. David Paul
Managing Director
VectorVest, UK





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