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ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe discusses exploration progress at Queensland & Victoria

ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discusses the latest exploration progress at Victoria and the transition to Queensland. Andrew discusses the potential he sees at Lolworth, with 30 different gold occurrences plus niobium and tantalum already at such an early phase. He then looks at the Hurricane project, and how the gold in veins at surface are consistently 1-5m thick (one was 60m thick), which leads to a consistent 1-5 g/t at surface, and the most recent project acquisition, the Blue Mountain project where there is a lot of alluvial gold. Andrew then covers how low cost work programmes including geophysics and geochemistry, RC drilling keep the costs down and will identify the biggest and best anomalies. On funding, there are plans for further asset sales, and he confirms ECR are fully funded for all QLD and Victoria exploration this year. In summary, Andrew believes the chances of pinning down a major find in Queensland is much better. ECR has the right people and right geology, plus there could be some major players keen on partnering in Queensland.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Issue of Options

ECRECR Minerals plc (LON:ECR), the exploration and development company focused on gold in Australia, is pleased to announce that it has today issued new options (“New Options”) over 68,100,000 ordinary shares in the Company, to senior employees and certain directors / PDMRS of the Company.

The new options will be valid for five years. They will be issued in three equal tranches and are priced at 1p, 2p and 3p. Exercise of each tranche of the New Options is conditional on the Volume Weighted Average Price of the shares for 14 days being equal to or higher than the relevant exercise price prior to exercise. Exercise of the options is also dependant on the relevant director or employee still being employed by the Company at the time of exercise.

The Directors and PDMRs receiving shares are as follows:

Name of Director / PDMR No. of New Options Tranche 1: 1p Options Tranche 2: 2p Options Tranche 3: 3p Options Total Options Held*
David Tang (Chairman) 6,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 16,000,000
Adam Jones (Director) 12,000,000 4,000,000 4,000,000 4,000,000 17,000,000
Andrew Scott (NED) 6,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 21,000,000
Andrew Haythorpe (CEO) 33,000,000 11,000,000 11,000,000 11,000,000 33,000,000

*total options held includes options held under prior Option Schemes. More details of these are set out in the Company’s Annual Report and Accounts.

ECR Minerals plc Tel: +44 (0) 20 7929 1010
David Tang, Non-Executive Chairman

Andrew Haythorpe, CEO



Website: www.ecrminerals.com
WH Ireland Ltd   Tel: +44 (0) 207 220 1666
Nominated Adviser

Katy Mitchell / Andrew de Andrade

SI Capital Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1483 413500
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Public & Investor Relations
Alan Green


ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks through Blue Mountain and other projects

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks through Blue Mountain and other projects with Andrew Scott. The Blue Mountain project represents a wonderful opportunity in an accessible part of Queensland. With impressive recoveries there by previous operators, the project compliments other Queensland projects from a logistical. standpoint. Andrew also discusses Lolworth, and how the team are very keen to get back to discover the primary source for Nb Ta Li and Au before looking at the drill campaign at Creswick and the drill ready targets at Hurricane. Andrew the looks at his ongoing role as CEO and how ECR is a well funded company, although he reminds us that every overnight success takes a few years to generate!

ECR Minerals #ECR Interview – Creswick Results and 2023 Operating Plan

February 2023: Andrew Scott talks to Andrew Haythorpe and Adam Jones. The high grade results from Creswick are first on the agenda, and Adam discusses the un mined high grades discovered in the adits (tunnels) at ECR’s Brewery Lane property, and the grades from the rock chip sampling at Mills Reef on the new tenement 4km to the south. The rig will be moved to the Brewery Lane property and a diamond drilling will commence.

Andrew discusses how the core resampling last year and the results from sampling means the team can plan drill targets with real confidence – ” a real opportunity as soon as we can get the drill rig onsite”. He confirms that there have been no JV approaches or conversations yet.

Andrew then discusses Blue Moon – while the mineralised grades were lower than hoped, there are a couple more assays to come and a further hole left to complete.

Adam then discusses the lab used by ECR in Ballarat, which now turns samples around in 2-2.5 weeks, before turning to Tambo, where some initial data analysis is underway ahead of an initial field visit.

Andrew and Adam then discuss Lolworth, a potentially ‘world class’ discovery, where lithium, niobium and tantalum have been discovered along with an extraordinary amount of gold. The 10km ridgeline sits to the north of the lithium anomalies and represents a fantastic opportunity – potentially a company building asset.

Andrew then discussed the new Hurricane project awaiting completion of due diligence and approvals, and then talks through the imminent arrival of the 2nd drill rig and its likely deployment.

The team finally summarise the operating plan, possible asset disposals and the level of commitment across the company. The last word is from Andrew – “with 20yrs experience in the industry, ECR has the best portfolio of assets I have seen over that time”

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss Creswick, Blue Moon, Bailieston, Lolworth, Hurricane & plans for 2023

Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss today’s developments at Creswick plus the latest developments from Blue Moon, Bailieston, Lolworth, Hurricane. At Creswick the team talk through how workings there produced several m oz of gold production over a century ago, and how the team are seeking out the primary sources. Updates on the latest license applications and approvals, before Adam talks through the latest from Lolworth and the pegmatites identified in the Gorge Creek area. Andrew Haythorpe says he was astonished by the amount of visible gold & lack of follow up -and with the abundance of mineralisation styles, early results are way in excess of what he’d hoped for. Onto Blue Moon, and the drill team are finishing off the last four holes, testing continuity of mineralisation some 200m to the west. Adam explains how the team are speeding up assays, they have located a local lab in Bendigo which can turn around assays in 10-14 days. Andrew Haythorpe then talks through the rationale behind the recent fund raise, and how the funding will enable ECR to maintain multiple aggressive drill campaigns, before moving onto the plans to get on the ground and establish drill pads etc at Hurricane in May, June next year. With the new drill rig undergoing commissioning in January, the team expect to deploy it during Q1, and Adam outlines drill plans for Q1, with Blue Moon expected to finish in February and then a push on Creswick on ECR’s own Brewing Lane property. Andrew Haythorpe concludes, stating there will be a steady flow of news in Q1 2023, and says that the Company has now built a great foundation for shareholders in 2022.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss Blue Moon & other projects

ECR’s Andrew Scott, Andrew Haythorpe & Adam Jones discuss today’s developments at Blue Moon & other projects. Andrew Haythorpe describes the consistent predictable grades across Blue Moon and says today’s hole assay is just another step in that direction. Adam then covers the drilling campaign, following the 2019 RC drilling campaign. The current hole is 150m to the west, and with holes 100-200m apart the results are promising, with bleaching on the core consistent with the structure. Currently three holes have been completed 3 holes, if mineralisation continues then “happy days”, a possible resource. Assays from the remaining holes should be back in early December, so. the company will announce next steps and next drill holes then. Plenty more to look forward to as well – Omeo hasn’t even been touched yet, plenty of blue sky potential, Hurricane mineralisation on surface, Lolworth assays pending from stream sediment and rock chips, field team back out there in a few days. All field samples now with the labs, looking like a good Christmas and strong start to 2023.

Andrew Scott and ECR Minerals #ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discuss the Placer Gold & Hurricane Acquisition

Andrew Scott and ECR Minerals #ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe discuss the Placer Gold & Hurricane Acquisition.

Andrew H explains how, through his previous work at Hurricane, the area is high prospective for gold and antimony. A raft of historical data, numerous veins of mineralisation between 2-5m thick containing 1, 2, 5, 20 g/t – commercial grades. The region is inland from Port Douglas, and due to the relatively inhospitable climate has never been drilled, although a colleague geologist visited the area last year and reported back to Andrew on the extensive veining and mineralisation.

Andrew then discusses the option to acquire the project, very much a try before you buy approach in that the initial fee goes into the ground. Then, armed with the knowledge of the region from drilling, the option to buy, is he believes a great, risk managed approach. The potential acquisition is a good fit for ECR, which sits well alongside the Lolworth project, also being in the same region. The acquisition is a step change for ECR – Andrew says the team will be knocking on the rocks with gold in them.

ECR Minerals #ECR – CEO Andrew Haythorpe talks to Andrew Scott, October 2022

Andrew Haythorpe talks to Andrew Scott about the latest developments. He explains the nuggety gold nature of Creswick and how he has approached assessing Creswick as a prospect for the company. He is very encouraged by the results and proven sampling process, stating he believes it adds confidence as the team work towards planning resources, reserve estimate and mine plan. Andrew then talks through the final results from drilling at Bailieston, the multiple hits, and the search for more consistent grades to build a feasibility study. He tells Andrew Scott why Blue Moon is one of the lead prospects due to the grades, widths, consistency and geology – potentially a massive system. Andrew then looks at the new drill rig and how that will be deployed, before discussing the further progress on non-core asset sales. Andrew looks at next steps, with a focus on Blue Moon drilling through to Christmas, bringing the new rig work to bring up to spec, then moving it to Creswick. He talks through the sampling programme at Lolworth in N Queensland, what the team have seen so far is v encouraging, with potential for multiple gold occurrences. Andrew finishes with a look at the macro picture for investors, and how ECR are building value from the ground up.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott talks to Technical Director Adam Jones

Andrew Scott talks to Technical Director Adam Jones. Adam covers the upcoming drill programme at Blue Moon, and reminds us that multiple widths were discovered in 2019, with results up to 6.5 g/t over 11m. Adam then discusses the strike area, how they plan to twin the diamond holes with RC holes before looking at the antimony anomalies which also feature in nearby properties operated by Nagambie Resources $NAG and Southern Cross Gold $SXG. Andrew and Adam then discuss the work on the ground in Queensland, and how the team on the ground will be panning stream sediments and establishing drill targets. The potential at Creswick is then discussed, and with some 300 soil samples at the lab, Adam is looking forward to the results in order that targets can be identified. Adam then summarises upcoming news flow for the next few months.

ECR Minerals #ECR – Andrew Scott talks to CEO Andrew Haythorpe


Andrew Scott talks to ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe. They discuss the Bendigo property sale, upcoming drilling campaign at Blue Moon and delayed assay results from Bailieston. Andrew also provides an update on the 2nd drilling rig update, and talks about the initial exploration at Lolworth Range, which really is virgin territory. The interview finishes with a look forward, plus Andrew’s overview of what he sees as a dysfunctional #gold market

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