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UKIM Podcast – CEO Alan Green discusses Apple, Amazon, and Harland & Wolff

Alan Green joins the Podcast to discuss Apple and Amazon’s earnings, and the US tech sector. We also provide and overview and analysis of Harland & Wolff.

We discuss:

  • Apple (NYSE:AAPL))
  • Amazon (NYSE:AMZN)
  • Harland & Wolff (LON:HARL)

Listen – https://ukinvestormagazine.co.uk/apple-amazon-and-harland-wolff-with-alan-green/

UKIM Podcast – CEO Alan Green discusses #SHEL Shell, #AMZN Amazon, #AVCT Avacta and #AQX Aquis

Alan Green joins the Podcast as we delve into global equities and the key themes driving markets this week.

We discuss:

  • Shell (LON:SHEL)
  • Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)
  • Avacta (LON:AVCT)

We look at Shell’s record profits and what the company needs to do in future to support the share price. The company says it will invest their bumper profits in renewables, we question how realistic these claims are.

Amazon is feeling the pressure of a slowing global economy reflected in stuttering growth in their international sales. We look at whether Amazon will be seen as a momentum stock or value stock going forward.

Alan finishes by running through the latest news from Avacta and AQUIS.

Reiterate buy Taptica #TAP says VectorVest. More growth to come from this dynamic technology company.

AIM listed Taptica International (TAP.L) is a global leader in advertising technologies that operates in more than 70 countries. It has two revenue streams: performance-based marketing, provided by its Taptica business, and brand advertising, provided by its Tremor Video DSP business. The Taptica business is an end-to-end mobile technology advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today. Tremor Video DSP is the leading programmatic video platform, matching advertisers with audiences -wherever they may be.  The Company works with more than 600 advertisers including Amazon, Disney, Twitter, OpenTable, Expedia and Zynga. Taptica is headquartered in Israel with offices in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and London.

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On Sept 4th 2018, TAP published interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2018. Revenue increased by 119.4% to $144m, with gross profit 126.4% higher at $58.5m and a 40.6% improvement in gross margin. The Company also paid an interim dividend of $0.0398 per share, and following a $30m fundraise, net cash at 30 June 2018 stood at $42.1m (31 Dec: net debt of $4m). CEO Hagai Tal said that adding household brands such as GlaxoSmithKline and Whole Foods to the list of Tier 1 clients at Tremor “demonstrates good growth in our performance-based business unit reflecting the successful execution on our strategy to expand into new geographies.” He added that TAP expects sustained improvement in margins through increased operational efficiencies, economies of scale and technology enhancements. “As a result, we expect EBITDA for full year 2018 to be ahead of market expectations.”

VectorVest highlighted the potential of TAP in two blog entries on the 21st March and 11thJuly 2017. At that stage the share was trading at 295p. TAP shares have consistently flagged excellent RV metric readings since that time, (RV is indicator of long-term price appreciation potential), and today logs at 1.4, which is excellent on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. The key RT (Relative Timing) metric, (a fast, smart indicator of a stock price trend) also logs at 1.29, which is rated by VectorVest as very good on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00, and this is coupled with a GRT (Earnings Growth Rate) metric of 20%, also very good. Today TAP shares have moved higher to trade at 360p, but despite this, the stock is still some way below the latest VectorVest valuation of 504p.

A weekly chart of TAP.L is shown above since the listing. The share retraced during the first four months of 2018 to 78% from the listing to January 2018. The retracement occurred in 3 waves which FIB orientated traders consider a corrective waveform within an overall bullish scenario. The share has charted a treble bottom at the very important FIB level and looks set for further gains and an attack on the highs made in January 2018.

Summary: In our comments last year, we noted that TAP was ‘in serious growth mode’ despite having already delivered spectacular returns for its early stage shareholders. Since that time, TAP has raised additional funds for a warchest, delivered impressive growth in revenue and profits and paid a dividend. Some may now take the view that the major period of growth is over, but comments from the CEO and a bullish charting picture indicate otherwise. VectorVest believes there is a lot more to come from this dynamic technology company. Buy.

Dr David Paul

September 5th 2018

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Morrisons – Oh for Archie Norman, Or Even Our Ken

As expected, Morrison’s (MRW) results are fairly horrendous with the total full year dividend slashed from 13.65p to 5p, like for like sales down 2% and total turnover down by 4%. The only positive signs are that in quarter four, like for like sales rose by – wait for it – a tenth of one per cent, which is hardly going to set everybody calling their stockbroker with buy orders. But they did at least manage to turn the previous years thumping loss into a profit before tax of £257. Plus the Amazon deal, which does seem to have added some hope for the future.

David Potts the Chief Executive, proudly claims that the team now comprises a wealth of internal and external talent. What a condemnation of the previous team. How and why were they allowed to get away with it for so long and to cause such damage to the company. And what, may one ask, was the Board doing whilst the old team so mismanaged the company. Will any heads roll there, where it matters? Potts blathers on about the company having started a the journey to turn the business round but makes no mention of how long this journey will take.

In the early nineties Archie Norman saved ASDA and turned it round in a matter of months, not years. He made his presence felt within weeks. England was once a nation of shopkeepers. Ken Morrison, the founder was a shopkeeper. He knew how to sell a tin of beans as did the Lords Marks and Sieff. Now they have been replaced in Retail UK not by bean sellers but by bean counters. And one dreaded word receives not a single mention – Lidl.

Despite the Amazon deal, the management of Morrisons seems to think it is still living in a world where they have plenty of time and Tesco is the standard setter. It isn’t and they haven’t.

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Has Morrisons Seen The Future And Stolen It

And not only seen the future but stolen a march on its competitors by seizing it. Two announcements today could change the future of retailing and give Morrisons a big step up over the competition.

Firstly it will provide a whole supply service to Amazon with hundreds of Morrisons (MRW) products becoming available online on Amazon including both fresh and fozen products. Could this give it a big leap in sales without it having to open a single new store or spend massively on increasing its on line presence.

At the same time MRW has reached agreement in principal with Ocado which, if implemented, will give it space in Ocado’s grandly named Customer Fulfillment Centre at Erith thereby enabling morrison.com to sell to customers all over Great Britain without having to build its own massive distribution and delivery network, by joining together Ocado’s delivery capability with Morrisons store assets.

Over the past 3 months months, shares in Morrisons have leapt from 145p to 195p compared to their 2013 high of 300p.

Chamberlin (CMH) the specialist castings & engineering group, is making good progress in difficult conditions and announces that underlying profit before tax should be above current market expectations for the current year, showing that it has the ability to deliver a world class product at a competitive price. All this, despite a slowdown in its core markets including steel, oil and gas,  giving the lie to those who claim that the UK has no industry left.

In addition it has signed a major new automotive contract worth 3.3 million per year, with the benefits starting to flow as from the second half of 2017 and  a new milling facility which will commence operation early in 2017 will make the group the only fully integrated supplier in Europe of grey iron bearing housings.

Results will be announced towards the end of May, together with a further update.  The shares have fallen from 92p a year ago to their current 64p.

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