PowerHouse Energy is featured in an article in the February 2018 edition of Shares Spotlight:

PowerHouse Energy to turn waste into hydrogen

PowerHouse Energy’s (PHE:AIM) vision is to propel the UK’s burgeoning hydrogen economy whilst ridding the country of the scourge of waste plastic. Within 10 years, PowerHouse intends to develop a network of up to 200 waste-to-hydrogen plants around the UK. The plants are compact, so they can be built close to the source of waste, and do not produce harmful by-products or require a smokestack. Each unit is designed to consume about 25 tonnes a day of waste plastic or used tyres. The UK currently exports 500,000 tonnes of waste plastic each year for recycling overseas but much of this plastic isn’t recycled. Instead it finds its way via streams and rivers into our oceans. The Chinese government recently announced it would no longer accept waste plastic from the UK; instead this plastic is being exported to other countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and Vietnam […]

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