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Our Leaders Exposed As They Abandon Ship

Who would have thought on Referendum Day, that within two weeks the whole of the country’s political leadership would, with one exception, have scuttled off caring not whether their country needed them and their years of experience in domestic and world affairs. To a man they admitted to being men of straw, without moral fibre or backbone, liars, convincing or unconvincing and ready to betray both their ideals and their colleagues at the drop of a hat.  These two weeks, even without Chilcot, have proved to be two of the most shameful weeks ever seen in British political life.

Leaders who one minute claimed they were irreplacable in solving the challenges which the country faced, suddenly ran off abandoning it, its people and their own professed ideals and beliefs.

The only person who comes out of the last two weeks with his integrity unimpaired, appears to be, believe it or not, Jeremy Corbin, abandoned by the whole of his shadow cabinet seeking only to save what they saw as their political futures by doing a hatchet job on him. Now it is they who are without a political future. How they must wish, now that their bluff has been called and it is they who have entered the political wasteland, that they had remained loyal.

As for Cameron,  Mervyn King did the best hatchet job which has been seen for many a decade. Therein lies the advantage of the mild mannered man  who does not need to shout, bawl and bully his way through life. Yesterdays interview saw King in a polite, quiet and very professional manner, carve Cameron, his former boss, into little pieces and expose him fully for what he is. To do so without even raising his voice made it all the more devastating.

Our former leaders have left the ship of state rudderless in stormy seas.  They alone are responsible for the collapse of sterling and, worst of all, they do not care. They have proved to the electorate that they were basically untrustworthy and irrelevant.  Next time, the electorate, must do better


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