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Not Even A Nation Of Shoppers

England used to be a nation of shopkeepers but those days are long gone, thanks to the allegedly super efficient Lidl and Aldi but it now looks like we are not even a nation of shoppers.

The first half results for ASOS ASC has growth in EU and US up by 31 and 34% respectively, leaving the UK trailing behind with a rise of 25%. Alright let us not  forget that the EU is a super rich trading area with super rich member countries like Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria etc etc. It leaves Diddy David’s lies about the strength of the UK economy, looking even more threadbare.

Profit before tax at ASOS rose by 18% for the six months to the end of February and active customers rose by 17% as momentum continued to improve.

The shares have done well over the past 6 weeks having risen from 2,600p in late February to 3,450p  on Friday last.

Tyra Tech TYR made 2015 a step change year, with revenue up from $4.9m to $7.4m, thanks to Vamousse, its killer head lice treatment and shampoos which have taken the US and the UK by storm, whilst its mosquito repellant is number one seller on Amazon. Market penetration expanded rapidly during the year and by 31st December the company had 34,000 US stores and supermarkets plus another 7,800 in the UK. More expansion in both existing markets and geographically, is promised for the current year.

The company is still making a net loss before tax but 2015 saw this fall from $5.1m to $2.3m The shares had a major collapse in september, falling drastically from 5.40p but recovery was soon under way and they are now at 3.13p

Good times are here, says the chairman of Next Fifteen Comm NFC as revenue for the year to 31st January rises by 18.9%, profit before tax by 28.8% and EBITDA by 31.5%. The dividend is raised by 20% as more is promised  for 2016.

The shares of Fishing Republic FISH have doubled since late February with a rise from 16p to a high of 32p but one may wonder if this has been overdone somewhat, as they have weakened on today’s full year results. True second half sales rose by 45%, full year sales by 22% and online sales by 30% but profit before tax and exceptional items rose by only 3%.

The Chief executive says it was an exciting year – let us hope it will not get too exciting.

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