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It’s Him, TYM! Mining for Toothpaste and Telescopes and Possibly Worth a Punt – Malcolm Stacey, ShareProphets


Hello Share Swingers. A little miner called Tertiary Minerals (TYM) has graced my modest blog on Shareprophets before now. In the past, it’s been a big winner for me.

I well remember being at Tom’s pizza emporium helping to prepared hand-outs for the big 2014 UK investor Show when I spotted on my laptop that Tertiary shares had been moving ahead from 7p to 12p. I asked Tom’s advice – as one sensibly does when he is on the bridge – and he said sell ‘em.

TYM1(Well, I rather think he did, as we were both distracted at the time.) Anyway, just before the Stock Exchange closed and in the last day of the financial year, I hit the sell button. And that advice turned out to be very sound indeed.

Because after that, Tertiary Minerals hit a consistently downward slope. I bought some more when it hit about 6p, expecting the usual rally. But then came the commodities crisis, and most miners took that big hit, which remains with us to this day.

However, Tertiary Minerals has had good news of late and the share has been putting on weight. Of course, the share price is so low now, that I am still running at a loss on my second acquisition. But given the importance of what it produces – fluorspar – I rather think the upward splurge is not yet over. (Tom Winnifrith wrote recently that there could be another placing in the offing and therefore is not supportive.

Fluorspar is used for many applications, including iron smelting, steel and aluminium products, glass things. toothpaste, telescopes and Teflon which stops your eggs sticking to the frying pan.Tertiary Minerals (TYM) is the only listed fluorspar company based in the UK.

It has three sites where it hauls the stuff out of the ground. All mining shares have to be treated cautiously these days, but it seems that Tertiary has dug out a niche for itself.

The company issued a drilling update this week about its MB project in Nevada. The JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) estimate for the site grew to 86.4 million tons last year. According to the management, the size of that deposit continues to grow.

The little miner also has two big projects in Scandinavia, and there was more bumper news this week when the Swedish authorities gave the green light for a mining operation in in that beautiful country.

Little of the potential of these projects seems to have found its way into the share price. We can’t live without Fluorspar, they tell me, so my Tertiary shares are staying in my bag for the time being.

While I’m staying in the Punter’s Return. God bless.

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