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It Looks Like OXI and Europe Calls for Overthrow of the Greek Government

A week ago Greece’s debt suddenly became irrelevant to the unelected officials of the ECB, the IMF and the Eurozone. For the last 7 days solving the debt problem has hardly received a mention. The Troika suddenly lost interest in it, for a far more insidious threat. The Greek government was doing the unthinkable, it was giving the Greek people a choice as to whether accept or refuse the Eurozones proposed deal, which the Troika immediately withdrew from the table.  As long as there was to be a referendum there could be no further attempts to solve the crisis. The terrified Troika’s only concern became how it could threaten and bludgeon the Greek people to says “Yes”

Firstly  it stopped immediately the agreed daily support to the Greek banks,  resulting in immediate imposition of  stringent withdrawal limits of 60 Euro per day from ATMs. Many pensioners without bank cards, could not get their pensions. Lesson number one for the Greek people. we are going to make this very hard for you.

And then came the real threats many from  political and European leaders and officials who were not even involved in the debt dispute. Here are just a few;

“Armageddon “ Without new money, salaries wont be paid, the health system will stop functioning, the power network and public transport will break down” warns President of European Union. This is a Eurozone matter at best, involving the Troika. It has nothing to do with the EU but even if it did what right does its President have to threaten the people of a member nation, without the EU itself first deciding that will be its stance.Is this an example of European so called unity which now appears to have completely disentegrated in the face of democracy.

“Meltdown” The head of the European Parliament says the country faces total meltdown if it rejects creditor demands. What has it got to do with him.  Who told him to say this. The European Parliament would not normally say boo to a Goose as its members are too busy slurping up gravy from the Eurotrough.

Greece is now under economic siege by its so called allies in Europe. The ATMs are tonight running dry. The likelihood is that in the morning there will be no notes left for them to be refilled. st rangely enough t he first bank to “go under” and stop replenishing its ATMS was HSBC which closed ATMS down as early as last Wednesday. It even could not be bothered to replenish its ATM at Athens airport, forcing its customer to use Greek ATMS instead. That presumably is what happens to a bank which gets involved up to its neck in money laundering and fiddling interest rates. Customer care flies out of the window.

Overthrow of the Greek Government The head of the European Parliament has now called for the democratically elected government of Greece to be replaced by a government of technocrats – presumably unelected in the true traditions of the EU. To hear that makes it a very,very sad day for Europe.

And now the results are beginning to come in and it looks like OXI. Tomorrow could be one of the most important dates since 1939. Is Europe about to tear itself apart or will common sense prevail in the end.

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