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Is Trump Copying Hitler ?

Trump got his initial campaign off the ground with outrageous statements about Mexicans, women, muslims  – anything, provided it was outrageous enough to ensure a good headline.

Last week did we see stage two of a demagogues stage managed program for success – alleged attacks on his supporters by the opposition – or were they attacks by his supporters on the opposition. There appeared to be something very strange about police activity that night, just as there was when an attacker was allowed to get “dangerously” close to him, despite a huge security presence. Now do we have Trump the victim, or was it all just a brilliantly stage managed “event” ?

The last thing Trump supporters would do, is harm their hero’s election prospects but if they and he could be seen as the victims of alleged unprovoked attacks by his political opponents, what a vote winner. Trump, the man who will make America’s streets safe again, Trump the man who will also free the country from the muslim hordes.

In Trump’s America will muslims and other “undesirables” be the new jews. There is already talk of deportations for muslims even if they have lived in the US for decades and have families and businesses. In Trump’s America will they too learn to fear the knock on the door, the state seizure of their homes and businesses.

It is all too reminiscent of Hitlers early days and his eventual rise to power. A country yearning for change, knowing it  will not get it from the existing entrenched political establishment and driven to support a demagogue who proclaims he is clean, he is new and only he can bring about that change and make America strong again.

In this century, with instant nationwide media coverage, the rise of a demagogue need take only a fraction of the time it took in the 1930’s. Trump does not have the time which Hitler had.  He has only months rather than years in which to get his bandwagon rolling and win an election.

It will be interesting to see if Trump can or wants, to keep his supporters under control. If last weeks violence was a one off then I for one will be very happy. If not, then what will be America’s equivalent of the Reichstag fire.Will we be seeing the Koran burnt in the streets of New York and Washington?

Respect for democracy and basic human rights is a tender plant which can easily wither and die. Trump, his outrageous comments, his growing popularity and his vision of America, frighten me. Does the world need another leader addicted to a strange hairstyle.



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