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How To Destroy A Nations Wealth

From the Daily Mirror

A nations wealth is its currency and tonight we have seen the pound collapse because of the stupidity of a politician who underestimated the intelligence of the British electorate, an electorate which has seen through her cynical ploy of calling an unnecessary election only two years after the last one. The nation voted in 2015 and two years later she is back again saying I want more, you did not give me enough last time and all  because she also completely misread the leader of the opposition whom she thought was so ineffective she could trounce him and destroy him and his party for a generation. How can a leader who got everything so wrong, whose judgement appears as if it may have been completely rejected by the electorate, remain in office.

That is how it seems from a distant Athens some 10 minutes before the results start rolling in. I am  now sat preparing to transfer, courtesy of Transferwise tranches of my hard earned pensions out of sterling and into Euros, as the night progresses. The mere thought of what may be about to happen has caused the pound to slump by 2 cents against the Euro before even a single result is.

Of course the exit polls may have got it completely wrong but is this going to be yet another election where the people have  turned on the establishment because it took its success for granted. Corbyn could have shown himself a much more skillful operator than the government gave him credit for. The Tory party has never been kind to a leader who got it so wrong and became a liability.  Mays head is now on the block.  – unless the polls are very very wrong. And with two minutes to go for the first result, we are now about to start finding out.


And now the outcome – a hung parliament –  is known and the Prime Minister without the slightest sense of embarassment, provides us with the real reason why the electorate behaved as it did. It is now incumbent on the Conservatives, she dares to claim,  to ensure that the country has that period of stability which it so needs. She who has created the greatest period of instability the country has seen for decades, managed to say that with a straight face and then added insult to injury by concluding that they the conservatives would do it, carefully omitting to acknowledge that but for her there would be no period of instability.

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