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EU Tells Greece To Spend, Spend, Spend

greuThe Troika which rules Greece has imposed austerity on Greece the likes of which have never been seen in peacetime. Now, all of a sudden a scapegoat is required for Europes immigration problem as Schengen becomes Europe sans frontieres and Greece is ordered to spend millions in defending what were untila few weeks ago, Europes border.

Hardly a single illegal immigrant wants to stay permanently in Greece.  They  risk the death boats on the short trip  from Turkey to Greece not because they want to live in Greece but because they want to get to Germany and the prosperity offered by it and other northern members of the EU.

Not only do the immigrants want to reach Germany almost at any cost, Germany has encouraged them to come to Europe as illegal immigrants so that they can help solve Germany’s demographic time bomb. Germans do not make enough babies to ensure that its future working population will be large enough  to pay for the pensions which will be needed from 2020, onwards by its growing number of pensioners. The immigrants are needed to turn the deficit into a surplus by making enough babies to solve the problem. Neither Merkel nor Schauble bothered about the niceties of encouraging illegal immigration into Europe, as long as it was good for Germany. Now things have changed they demand that Greece picks up the tab for for their folly.

Schengen was one of the prides of  european union, allowing complete freedom of travel within its borders. At a stroke many of Germany’s neighbours have delivered a death blow to Schengen by reinstating or threatening to reinstate national borders and national border controls.

Greece’s borders ceased virtually overnight to be a Schengen border and  reverted purely to a national border for the security of which Greece must now accept sole responsibility.

Greece with a population of some ten million people, had to receive and provide facilities for 850,000 illegal immigrants in 2015 and it already looks as if that figure will be exceeded in 2016.

Because of its numerous islands Greece has a coastline of 13,676 kms., by far the longest in Europe.  Now it has been told to abandon government austerity, accept its responsibilties and spend, spend spend on patrolling and securing its borders and threatened with expulsion from Schengen if within three months, it has failed to comply.

Europe has not paid a single euro, towards the cost of protecting the states of northern Europe from the now unwanted waves of immigrants, a cost which it  says Greece alone must bear.

US controlled NATO is sending warships to patrol the Aegean but NATO has no power to stop the refugees and turn them back. It can only try and reduce the hundreds of drownings taking place on the short crossing. Turkey callously pretends it has no power to stop the death boats leaving its shores and Europe accepts that without demur.

Greece will sink into an even greater sea of debt if, on its own, it is forced to attempt the impossible  and comply with the arbitrary demands of the  gauleiters of the EU. Europe and its so called union has become a cipher, broken on the back of illegal immigration.

The dream of a union of European states, working closely together has foundered at the first big test, washed up on the shores of a tiny Greek island.

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