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Election 2015 – How it looks from a far country

Sterling leapt by 2.88 cents  in one mighty overnight bound as the UK’s sensible electorate undid all the damage which the rudderless English parties had been causing over the past few weeks.

Cameron lacks leadership qualities, has a weak chin and the voters appear to have decided yet again, quite rightly that he can not be trusted with an outright majority.

The Lib Dems were savaged, again quite rightly for having sold their soul and their principles for the sake of power in a coalition, leaving Cleggy free to return to his role in Last of The Summer Wine. Cameron failed to win the election, Labour lost it and Millibuncle will now disappear to Thorne Waste as governor of some disused coalmine, which he will turn into a perfume factory at enormous expense to the local ratepayers.

Farage and his UK Incompetence Party seem to have disappeared without trace for the time being and only later in the day will we know whether he is ever likely to resurface again.

The real victors are of course the Scot Nats, the only political party in the UK to have a leader and what a brilliant leader she has become. In fact the only party leader with leadership qualities. What a pity she will never become Prime Minister of a happily United Kingdom – will she ??

This election should have been a titanic battle for power. Instead it produced a set of nonentities, boring the pants off the public and  desperately trying to ensure that their snouts remained firmly stuck in the same coalition gravy train.

The final outcome is that thousands more hospital administrators will now be appointed to pass bits of useless paper to each other, whilst the number of doctors and nurses at the sharp end, will remain pathetically inadequate and the electorate will continue to suffer from a level of services which not a single member of parliament would tolerate, were they ever to become poor enough to need to use them.

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