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Daily Actions – UK Main & AIM markets 11012016

IntellisysLogoDaily Actions is a daily summary analysis of changes in short term actions from our Daily Recs – AIM and Daily Recs Main markets reports. This report is typically distributed before the open of trading in London.

AIM Market

ST Rec. changed
Basic Resources From To
Mariana Resources Buy Neutral
Chemicals From To
Plant Healthcare Neutral Buy
Construction From To
React Energy Buy Neutral
Michelmersh Brick Holdings Neutral Buy
SWP Group Neutral Sell
Health Care From To
Deltex Medical Group Buy Neutral
Industrial Good & Services From To
Dart Group Sell Neutral
Elektron Technology Neutral Sell
Nakama Group Buy Neutral
Impellam Group Sell Neutral
Restore Sell Neutral
21st Century Technology Neutral Sell
Oil & Gas – Explorers From To
Borders & Southern Petroleum Neutral Buy
Oil & Gas – Producers From To
Hydrodec Group Buy Neutral
Pantheon Resources Buy Neutral
SeaEnergy Neutral Buy
Retail From To
CVS Group Sell Neutral
Technology From To
Bango Neutral Buy
SciSys Sell Neutral
Telecommunications From To
Mobile Streams Neutral Buy



Main Market

ST Rec. changed
Aerospace & Defence From To
Smiths Group Buy Neutral
Beverages From To
SAB Miller Neutral Sell
Chemicals From To
Victrex Neutral Buy
Building Materials & Fittings From To
Wolseley Buy Neutral
Heavy Construction From To
Costain Group Neutral Sell
Morgan Sindall Group Neutral Sell
Engineering & Machinery From To
Castings Sell Neutral
Vesuvius Neutral Buy
General Retail From To
JD Sports Fashion Sell Neutral
Insurance From To
Amlin Neutral Sell
Leisure & Hotels From To
Rank Group Neutral Sell
Media & Entertainment From To
Sky Neutral Sell
Mining From To
Lonmin Neutral Buy
Oil & Gas From To
Royal Dutch Shell B Neutral Buy
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology From To
Dechra Pharmaceuticals Sell Neutral
Oxford Biomedica Buy Neutral
Real Estate – REIT From To
The Local Shopping REIT Sell Neutral
Town Centre Securities Sell Neutral
Speciality & Other Finance From To
Aberdeen Asset Management Buy Neutral
Support Services From To
Aggreko Neutral Buy
Bunzl Neutral Sell
Rexam Neutral Sell
RPC Group Sell Neutral
Telecommunication Services From To
Cable & Wireless Communications Neutral Sell
Utilities From To
National Grid Sell Neutral



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