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Cadence Minerals (KDNC) – Macarthur Minerals sampling programme update

Cadence Minerals Plc (AIM/NEX: KDNC; OTC: KDNCY) is pleased to report that Macarthur Minerals in which Cadence currently owns a 20.37% shareholding, has announced that it has conducted an extensive near surface geochemical sediment sampling program at the Company’s Stonewall Lithium Project, located in Lida Valley, Nevada. The Lida Valley is the basin adjacent to the Clayton Valley, which hosts North America’s only producing lithium mine, Albemarle’s Silver Peak Lithium Mine. All 380 samples contained lithium with sediment assays ranging from 14.6 parts per million (“ppm”) lithium (“Li”) and up to 187 ppm Li, with 19 samples over 100 ppm. This sampling program confirms last year’s first pass sediment sampling program, that anomalous concentrations of lithium are present in the playa surface sediments of Lida Valley.

The full Macarthur announcement can be found at: https://web.tmxmoney.com/article.php?newsid=6684263957909321&qm_symbol=MMS

Results of Extensive Sampling Program

A United States mineral exploration company performed the extensive lithium sampling program for the Stonewall Project. The sampling program on the Stonewall Project for the purposes of collecting sediment samples for lithium was conducted during late April 2017.

The sampling program returned 380 sediment samples collected from depths of ~ 1.5 ft. (~ 45 cm) with grades ranging from 14.6 to 187 ppm Li.  Samples were collected from a grid pattern on the playa (dry lake bed) surface, with a sample spacing of 200 meters (656 ft.) and from N – S oriented lines with a spacing of 500 meters (1640 ft.) between sampling lines (refer to Figure 1). All holes contained lithium with sediment assays ranging from 14.6 ppm Li and up to 187 ppm Li.

The highest value analytical results were from sample ’21-3′ at 187 ppm Li and from sample ’12-16′ at 159.5 ppm Li. The sediment samples were taken under chain of custody to the ALS Chemex lab in Reno, Nevada.  The samples were analysed for 51 individual elements by Method ME – MS 41, which is an ultra trace level analysis using Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (ICP – MS) methods, with an Aqua Regia digestion. Figure 1 shows the location of the Stonewall Project claims over the majority of the playa, sample locations and lithium results.

Stonewall Project

The Stonewall Project covers an area of approximately 12,019 acres (48.64 square kilometers) and most of the playa in Nevada’s Lida Valley Basin. The Lida Valley is located 32 miles (53 km) to the SE of the Clayton Valley Basin, which hosts the United States’ only producing lithium mine.

The Stonewall Project is strategically located in the Nevada lithium supply hub, 306 kilometers (191 miles) southeast of Tesla’s new Gigafactory, which has a planned production capacity of 35 gigawatt-hours per year by 2020[1].

The Stonewall Project is located in an intermontane basin and is surrounded by tertiary volcanic rhyolitic rock units, which are anomalously high in lithium.  These rhyolitic units are thought to act as a potential source rock for lithium in the Clayton Valley brines. The potential lithium source rock includes flows and tuffs that likely extend below the alluvial cover.

There are two clusters of anomalous sediments; one in the north and one in the south of the Stonewall Project playa. The higher Li values in the sediments are proximal to fault intersections revealed by bedrock outcrop patterns. The foot prints of the anomalous sediments defined by our sampling are on the order of 1.5 km (~ 5000 ft.) long by 0.5 km  (~ 1600 ft.) wide.

The fault intersections comprise the bounding structural framework of the moat sediment zone of the Stonewall Volcanic Caldera (rhyolitic – now extinct). The Company’s preliminary interpretation is that leakage of Li rich geothermal solutions at these fault intersections probably enriched the moat sediments which were deposited alongside the faults when the volcano was active (~ 5 million years BP).

The Stonewall Project is located in the mining friendly Nye and Esmeralda Counties of Nevada and is serviced by excellent infrastructure with access to power, water, labour and is bisected by the Veterans Memorial Highway Number 95. The regional climate also favours natural and inexpensive evaporation for brine concentration and allows year-round work.

ASX IPO of Macarthur Australia Limited Update

The Company also provides an update that it has extended the Australian Securities Exchange Initial Public Offering of Macarthur Australia Limited to issue between 25 and 50 million shares at A$0.20 to raise between A$5 – 10 million to close on 30 June 2017 with an expected date for quotation on 12 July 2017.

Qualified Person:

Kiran Morzaria B.Eng. (ACSM), MBA, has reviewed and approved the information contained in this announcement. Kiran holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Geology) from the Camborne School of Mines and an MBA (Finance).

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About Cadence Minerals:

Cadence is dedicated to smart investments for a greener world. The planet needs rechargeable batteries on a global scale – upcoming supersized passenger vehicles, lorries and buses – require lithium and other technology minerals to power their cells. Cadence is helping find these minerals in new places and extracting them in new ways, which will meet the demand of this burgeoning market. With over £40 million vested in key assets globally, Cadence is helping us reach tomorrow, today.

Cadence invests across the globe, principally in lithium mining projects. Its primary strategy is taking significant economic stakes in upstream exploration and development assets within strategic metals. We identify assets that have strategic cost advantages that are not replicable, with the aim of achieving lower quartile production costs. The combination of this approach and seeking value opportunities allows us to identify projects capable of achieving high rates of return.

The Cadence board has a blend of mining, commodity investing, fund management and deal structuring knowledge and experience, that is supported by access to key marketing, political and industry contacts. These resources are leveraged not only in our investment decisions but also in continuing support of our investments, whether it be increasing market awareness of an asset, or advising on product mix or path to production. Cadence Mineral’s goal is to assist management to rapidly develop the project up the value curve and deliver excellent returns on its investments.

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