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Aliens in Brussels, Democracy and Truth.

The EU has an appalling record on democracy, which is just about the dirtiest word in Brussels, a word which strikes fear in the heart of every true bureaucrat.  The reason is because democracy means giving power to the people, the consequence of which is a reduction in the powers of the bureaucrats.

Referendum are anathema to Brussels which has repeatedly refused to accept the results of referendum in member states, where those results are not acceptable to Brussels. The voice of the people must never be heard, goes the cry.

The French and the Dutch voted to reject the proposed new European Constitution. Brussels was horrified and further referendum  in 6 other member states were cancelled to save it further embarrasment.  The Constitution was quietly dropped but speedily replaced by The Treaty of Lisbon which was virtually identical to the rejected Constitution except that the paragraphs were renumbered.

In 2008 disaster struck when the Irish held a referendum on the Treaty and rejected it by 53.4%. There was only one avenue left – blackmail and threats, the last resort of the dictator in waiting and one which the EU did not hesitate to use. The Irish government was blackmailed into holding a second referendum so that it could produce the “correct” result. In October 2009 a further referendum did produce the correct result and the Irish approved theTreaty by 67.1% of those voting.

Now Brussels is trying to blackmail the UK electorate with the threat of economic devastation if it does leave the EU and this is of course manna from heaven for the Remain camp but the threat has rebounded because not a single statistic appears to be available to support the threat.

So Brussels now turns the screws even tighter. Ah yes, it says but it will not just be you the Brits who will suffer, the whole world economy will suffer a serious recession if you do leave.  Really? Are we that important, such a big player, after decades of economic decline during our membership of the EU that we can cause a world recession ? It’s nice to know but does anybody believe it.

The truth is that the world economy was devastated in 2008 and has not recovered. Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe is in dire straights because of the Euro. The UK  entered into recession in 2015 and is still in recession long before the referendum is held. Why can not our leaders and EU leaders just start telling the truth for once so that the electorate can reach a decision based on some real facts instead of nonsensical, scaremongering propaganda. Perhaps they are scared of what the real statistics and the real truth would reveal.

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