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250,000 Euro – A Fine Too Far

Brussels has announced that countries which refuse to admit refugees will be fined 250,000 Euro per refugee. Within a matter of days that same unelected beaurocracy in Brussels announced that Turkey had failed to fulfil most of the conditions attached to its agreement about refugees with the EU but the EU was going ahead with its side of the agreement irrespective of the Turks refusal to honour its legal obligations.

And there you have it, the real difference between the UK and the EU. Most of the EU countries have a very short history of democracy, 200 years or less in many cases, compared to a march of nearly a thousand years by the UK , interrupted only by Oliver Cromwell, towards the democratic freedoms, which all citizens and residents of the UK take for granted.

The EU has a parliament which is powerless and toothless. Brussels just laughs at it and ignores it, preferring as all bureaucratic unelected regimes do, to continue its dictatorial path, virtually unhindered. For years the European Court of auditors have refused to approve the EU’s accounts. Does Brussels care? It does not even blink an eyelid but carries on as if the court of Auditors did not exist. Imagine the tiniest UK company falling foul of its auditors. The systems are in force and enforced to ensure that such a company faces the full rigour of the law.

In Europe a lack of democracy and democratic institutions is matched only by the lack of protection which its laws provide to its citzens.

Take as just one small example the 250,000 fines to be imposed on member states who refuse to admit refugees.  Who will decide the guilt of those countries ? It certainly will not be decided in a court of law.  The accusers i.e. Brussels will decide guilt. Who will decide the exact amount of the fine if it is not a fixed penalty. Again the accusers will make that decision. It is an Orwellian world where the accuser also decides on guilt and on the appropriate penalty There is no rule of law in a super state Europe which is not subject to any legal accountability and where even member states have to bow to the diktats of the Brussels nomenklatura.

The UK’s leaders have proved to be too weak to instill democracy into the EU and to help to create Euro wide legal protection and controls against Brussels.

The proposed 250,000 Euro fine is a fine too far. Should the UK be part of a Europe where all power and authority is vested in the unelected and where democracy is merely a nuisance.

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