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Hayden Locke, CEO of Emmerson Plc #EML – Core Finance Interview with Zak Mir

Core Finance TV Channel – Hayden Locke, CEO of Emmerson Plc #EML and Zak Mir discuss the most recent corporate update on the company’s flagship Khemisset Potash Project, including a recent scoping study, financing and project de-risking.

Dr David Paul of VectorVest discusses markets and stocks with Zak Mir on Core Finance

Dr David Paul from VectorVest discusses current market movements in what he refers to as a Late Cycle Bull Market with Zak Mir on Core Finance. Stocks covered include US listed Centene Group (CNC), Molina Healthcare (MOH) & United Health Group (UNH).

Predator Oil & Gas #PRD CEO Paul Griffiths interviewed by Zak Mir

Predator Oil & Gas #PRD CEO Paul Griffiths discusses the company’s projects in Trinidad and Ireland with Zak Mir on Core Finance TV.

Zak Mir: Small Cap Highlight ECR Minerals #ECR – Gold back in the spotlight as slowing global economic growth spikes renewed appetite

By Zak Mir, Financial Journalist

  • Positive forecast for gold prices
  • Australia Gold production ramp-up
  • MicroCap Australian Gold explorer focus

Positive forecast for gold prices

Sharp declines in global stock markets over the past few weeks saw Gold hit a three month high as political uncertainty continues to grow across the world.

In August prices for the precious metal fell below $1,200 per troy ounce mark for the first time in more than two and a half years’, down 12% since April. The turn largely caused by the US Dollars unexpected performance and aggressive monetary policy marked it’s worst losing streak since 2013.

However, October has seen a marked turnaround in the Gold price: the yellow metal grew by 3.3% in October, and continuing into November saw $1,233 per ounce as investors and hedge funds continue selling off global equities in search of reduced risk amidst geopolitical and economic uncertainty. Safe haven demand for gold has been driven by ongoing fears of a trade war between the US and China, growth concerns in China and the ongoing Brexit saga amongst a number of other issues.

Observers have been universal in their support. Mark O’Byrne, research director at Dublin-based GoldCore said: “Safe-haven gold is again acting as a hedge and safe-haven asset, exactly when investors need one.” “Throughout its history, Gold has served as a stable, safe haven investment during times of economic slowdown and following the International Monetary Fund (IMF) downward revision of the global economic growth for next year we might see more investors buying up the commodity.”

Others have noted how the nature of intra-year seasonal cycles may are likely to lead to increase in the price of gold. The Street says “massive washouts like the one we’re experiencing in gold right now are the fathers of subsequent rallies”.

Speaking on the Bloomberg Markets podcast Ruth Crowell CEO of the London Bullion Market Association discussed how the groups Annual Gathering this year predicted the most bullish forecast since 2012 with a forecast of $1,585 per ounce for next October. Ruth explains that this years price is reflected by ‘the macroeconomic outlook, ultimately talking about a lot of concerns’. Meanwhile a poll conducted by Reuters this month they found that of the 39 analysts and traders polled they expected gold prices to average $1,300 an ounce in 2019.

Australia Production Ramp Up

On the supply front, according to Bloomberg the world’s largest miners look set to increase spending for the first time since 2013 while the value of sector M&A activity has hit the highest levels in six years.

As a result, Gold production looks to set for further ramp ups through the end of 2018 and into 2019.

In particular production in Australia, the world’s second-largest Gold producer, may rise to a record this year and next as a stream of new projects come on line. Comments from Australian mining consultancy Surbiton Associates in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighted how Australian gold miners, among the lowest cost globally, have enjoyed high margins in recent years, with output boosted by the strengthening US dollar, which has in turn ‘supercharged’ Australian dollar prices.

MicroCap Australian Gold explorer focus – ECR Minerals

While the giants such as Newcrest Mining, AngloGold, Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold Corp tend to dominate the headlines, this upturn in sector activity has seen a marked increase in funding for small and microcap Gold exploration companies. Following a strategic financing round in July 2018, microcap Gold exploration company ECR Minerals has delivered a steady stream of exploration news updates, which has resonated among institutional and retail investors during Q3. ECR are conducting exploration activities across their numerous projects in Victoria, which is by far the most accessible and productive area of gold in Australia. In the 70 or so years from the 1850’s until the 1920’s, approximately 2,100 tons of officially recorded gold was recovered from Victoria and today it continues to be a favourite area for metal detector prospecting.

Listed on London’s AIM market, ECR’s exploration projects underway include Avoca, Bailieston, Moormbool and Timor gold projects in Central Victoria.

In mid September, ECR announced that it had ‘identified eight principle targets within the Company’s five exploration licence areas’ and had developed an exploration programme ‘designed to test surface gold mineralisation across the licence areas.’

At the end of September the Company confirmed gold mineralisation, with 22 samples from 76 containing gold grades ranging from 0.5 g/t to 67.4 g/t (2.17 ounces per ton). Their second assay results proved positive too, with 29 samples delivering gold mineralisation ranging from 0.56 g/t Au to 22.9 g/t Au;

ECR’s next rock chip sampling results will come from the Creswick area, where prior mapping has revealed a large gold system. Sounds promising.

So whether you’re buying bullion, investing into Gold majors as a proxy for the yellow metal or speculating on Microcap Gold explorers, the shiny near term outlook for Gold, and in particular Gold explorers operating in Australia looks unlikely to be tarnished




Catenae Innovation #CTEA: The Universal Blockchain Application – Zak Mir, Financial Journalist

Of late, the technology space has been characterised by the rise and rise of the so-called FAANGS (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s Google). Even taking into account the recent Facebook blip, which has seen the stock fall back to March 18 levels, the overall trend remains higher. These stocks epitomise how the development of a technological breakthrough, whether large (Google Search) or small (Twitter’s 280 characters) can create companies worth billions.

Sadly, very few technology giants to date have originated in the UK, but even so the search for the UK Unicorn continues.

Catenae’s Investment Proposition:  World Beating Blockchain Technology In A £2M AIM Listed Company

The relentless growth of Blockchain technology is well documented, but among the companies developing the technology, several of the global leaders are based here in the UK. Catenae Innovation is one such company: in the space of just a few months following a change in name from Milestone Group, it has developed a unique Blockchain application which can be used across multiple sectors from music to image licensing and governance. Following exhaustive back testing procedures, Catenae’s “super-fast” Blockchain technology has been independently validated at 300k transactions/second, creating a unique and highly valuable IP. This stands wholly at odds with Catenae’s current market capitalisation of just £2m.

Post Hype?

From an investment standpoint, a tried and tested strategy for generating investor interest and rallying share prices is to put money into and around the latest tech and market buzzwords. The past 15- 20 years has seen anything with “China” and “Dotcom” generate arguably disproportionate levels of interest, while today “blockchain” and “cloud” are the buzzwords of the moment. By definition only a few of companies incorporating “blockchain” into the offering will go on and deliver a product that is both disruptive and works as it should. Catenae Innovation has already proved to be one such company.

A Long Standing Data Need

For years, business and finance has striven to create immutable records of data, identity and activity. In the digital age, accurate and secure data is everything, and although Blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology has been around for over 20 years, its time, relevance and application has finally arrived.

In the space of music and image licensing, Catenae’s proprietary technology is already at the forefront and providing solutions via with its “super-fast” blockchain offering.

Catenae’s Commercial Solutions Portfolio:

Positioning itself as a B2B solutions integrator with sector specific subsidiaries, Catenae also has both the product set and technical resource to deliver this Blockchain platform as a universal utility.

In addition to providing the technology to 3rdparty organisations either as a licensable product or as a consultative-based solution, Catenae’s offering is also being championed within its own media business Trust in Media, a joint venture with music mogul Martin Heath, who better than anyone understands the challenges presented by the industry. With a focus on royalties and copyright, the solution will also form part of a portfolio of Fintech products for KYC and AML applications, along with payment systems and pre-paid cards.

Zak Mir, Financial Journalist

Zak Mir interviews Paul Vonk of Angus Energy #ANGS

Paul Vonk, Managing Director at Angus Energy PLC #ANGS discusses the latest developments at Horse Hill with Zak Mir.

Guy Meyer, Head of Business Development at Catenae Innovation #CTEA talks to Zak Mir at Share Talk

In this interview Guy Meyer, Head of Business Development Catenae (AIM:CTEA) speaks with Zak Mir @ZaksTradersCafe about the two new proof of concept deals announced on Thursday 5th July 2018.

Zak Mir interviews Zafir Karim, Exec Chairman at Legendary Investments #LEG

Zafar Karim, Executive Chairman Legendary Investments, discusses the company’s sub NAV stock market valuation in the wake of the NZ banking license win, and ongoing positive momentum for multi-bagger holding, VirtualStock.


Find the podcast below:

Legendary’s NZ Banking Investment: A License To Print Money?

Zak Mir interviews Zaf Karim, CEO of Legendary Investments #LEG on Core Finance

With a potential NZ Banking License and a Nasdaq Listing for its VirtualStock asset, 2018 has started with great expectations for Legendary Investments #LEG, where private investors can play the private equity game. CEO Zaf Karim stepped into ZaksTradersCafe to explain more.
Legendary Investments #LEG announced last week that their invested company and jewel in the crown, Virtualstock have signed a partnership deal with Wincanton Plc #WIN. This seals the fate of Virtualstock, who already have supply Tesco #TSCO and the NHS with their SAAS procurement software, as the accepted partner for some of UK’s most successful businesses. Wincanton also work with Screwfix, Halfords #HFD and the Ministry of Defence, so watch this company explode onto the world stage: a listing on NASDAQ is the next step.
Virtualstock is still a private company, but can be bought by purchasing shares in Legendary Investments, who hold 7% of Virtualstock.

Round the Clock Trader today features Dr David Paul of VectorVest and Brand CEO Alan Green

Round the Clock Trader today is hosted by Simon Campbell and Zak Mir. Dr David Paul of VectorVest talks market timing, Games Workshop #GAW, Prudential #PRU, Volex #VLX. His slot is 20 minutes in. Brand CEO Alan Green talks Feedback #FDBK, Advanced Oncotherapy #AVO and Petrofac #PFC. His slot is 52 minutes 30 seconds in .

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