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Alan Green talks market stimulus, oil stocks incl #RDSB & #I3E, plus the Coronavirus battle & #ORPH on UK Investor Magazine podcast

Alan Green talks market stimulus, oil stocks incl Royal Dutch Shell #RDSB & i3 Energy #I3E, plus the Coronavirus battle & Open Orphan #ORPH on UK Investor Magazine podcast. Click on the image to listen.

Race to stop the world getting sick: As coronavirus ravages the globe, experts work around the clock developing vaccines and trialling drugs in a desperate attempt to contain it

by Pat Hagan, Daily Mail

As the needle slipped into Jennifer Haller’s arm, the world watched and held its breath.

This was the moment last week when Jennifer became the first person to be injected with an experimental vaccine that scientists hope will help prevent future pandemics of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus.

Mother-of-two Jennifer, 43, from Seattle, told reporters: ‘We all feel so helpless. But this is an amazing opportunity for me to do something.’

Over the next few months, hundreds more people — including many in the UK — are expected to sign up as human guinea pigs, just like Jennifer.

Last week, Boris Johnson announced that the first British patient has been put into a trial for drugs that may treat coronavirus. And a safety trial on humans, led by Oxford University, for a potential new vaccine is also expected to start next month.

This is part of a global effort, as the search gathers pace for new ways to detect, treat and prevent Covid-19.

Some, like Jennifer, will have vaccines that contain corona-like (albeit harmless) viruses injected into their bloodstream to see whether their immune systems can be trained to recognise and destroy the virus.

Others are likely to be deliberately infected with weaker versions of coronavirus and given a variety of drugs to try to stop it in its tracks. It will be science at Formula 1 pace — with some corners cut and rules bypassed.

But what does it mean to offer up your body for scientific exploration in the battle against the virus?


In the UK, one of the centres leading the fight is FluCamp, a 24-bed privately run unit based in Whitechapel, East London, where for the past 30 years scientists have been carrying out research on cold and flu viruses.

It is the only research facility of its kind in Europe — and one of just four in the world — equipped to quarantine patients for weeks at a time while they are exposed to highly infectious viruses.

Confined to one room 24 hours a day for up to a fortnight, volunteers are subject to round-the-clock testing by health professionals clad in protective clothing.

FluCamp has announced plans to recruit hundreds of healthy volunteers over the next few months. The first stage is to select 24 participants and expose them to two virus strains that are related to Covid-19 but do not wreak the same degree of havoc on the body.

A spokesman said the clinic has been inundated with more than 20,000 enquiries from would-be human guinea pigs since it unveiled its plans on March 9.

Professor John Oxford, an expert in virology at Queen Mary, University of London and scientific adviser to hVivo — the company that runs FluCamp — says the selection process will begin in the next few weeks. ‘The plan is to test hundreds of patients but do 24 at a time, as that is how many beds the unit has,’ he says.

Link here for the full article

Wanted: People Willing to Get Sick to Find Coronavirus Vaccine

British lab is recruiting volunteers for study it says could speed development of Covid-19 vaccine

By Denise Roland March 19, 2020 7:00 am ET

Thousands of people have volunteered to be infected in the hope of finding a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

hVIVO, a clinical research group in London, has attracted more than 20,000 volunteers willing to be infected with tamer relatives of the virus that causes Covid-19 in exchange for a fee of £3,500 ($4,480). It says such experiments could play an important role in the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, for which there are no proven treatments or vaccines.

Unlike drugs, which are tested on people who already have a particular illness, vaccines have to be given to healthy people who are later exposed to a disease. Typically, this is done by giving an experimental vaccine to thousands of people in an area where an infection is circulating, and then tracking them for months or even years. The vaccine is considered successful if those who got the shot avoid infection.

One way of getting a quicker read on a vaccine’s effectiveness is by giving it to people who are then deliberately infected with the bug in question. Such challenge studies are routinely used in the development of vaccines for the flu, common cold and other respiratory illnesses.

Usually, a few dozen participants are tracked closely for a few weeks for signs of illness after infection. These trials don’t replace the larger field studies, but they help give direction on whether a vaccine is worth pursuing.

The CDC is updating its website each day with information about where people can be tested for the new coronavirus. However, the availability of tests varies widely, as does the time it takes to get results. Have you tried to get tested? Where did you go and what

For Covid-19, too little is known about who is most susceptible to serious illness or death to run a challenge study using the new coronavirus that causes the disease. Still, hVIVO hopes that using its relatives can nonetheless offer clues for vaccine development. Coronaviruses are a large family that cause a range of illnesses from the common cold to more serious diseases like SARS and MERS.

“It gives you a sieve and gives you some confidence that things are going to be all right,” said John Oxford, emeritus professor of virology at Queen Mary University of London, and chair of hVIVO’s advisory board. “There have been no human coronavirus vaccines, we don’t know what they’ll be like.” 

hVIVO—a subsidiary of pharmaceutical-services company Open Orphan ORPH PLC—is one of just a handful of companies that develop and run challenge studies for drug and vaccine makers.

Such studies are much faster and cheaper than full field studies and can help researchers select the most promising candidate vaccines to be taken forward into broader trials.

hVIVO is currently in early discussions with drugmakers racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine and says it will be ready to offer its challenge tests to clients in the next two to three months.

After advertising and media coverage, the company was inundated with volunteers. More than 20,000 signed up in the space of a few days, compared with a normal rate of a few people a day.

The Uncertainties of Self-Quarantine Amid Coronavirus 

Amid an increase in confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the U.S., more companies, religious institutions and schools are asking people to stay at home if they may have come into contact with the virus. WSJ follows the case of one man under voluntary self-quarantine.

Those chosen for tests will be kept in isolation at the company’s facilities until they are no longer infectious, usually around two weeks, to mitigate the risk of them spreading the disease to friends and family.

Jamie Spicer-Lewis, a 32-year-old graphic designer and animator who lives in Birmingham, England, signed up this week after seeing an ad online while searching for information about coronavirus.

“It’s not much time out of my life and if it goes toward helping in any possible way—because there are people who are a lot more at risk than I am—then why not?” he said. The financial incentive was a “nice little cherry on top.” He said he had previously donated stem cells for blood cancer patients, a procedure that involved a three-day hospital stay, without any payment.

If chosen, he will undergo a battery of extra medical screening before joining any tests.

Still, studies using other coronaviruses may not give a good read on vaccines that specifically target the strain that causes Covid-19, said Matthew Memoli, director of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md.

The most advanced vaccines under development are specific to the new coronavirus, he said. Several groups, including Moderna Inc., MRNA 6.71% Sanofi SA SNY -4.37% and Johnson & Johnson JNJ -5.68% are working on new vaccines.

J&J said it isn’t planning to use human viral challenge tests, while Sanofi said it hasn’t yet finalized its plans but wouldn’t use a test not specific to Covid-19. The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, which is running the trials for Moderna’s vaccine, said it didn’t have plans to conduct infection challenge tests.

But challenge tests could be valuable in eventually developing a universal vaccine that works across the coronavirus family, Dr. Memoli said. He is developing his own challenge test for coronavirus using a related strain and hopes it will help scientists better understand how the viruses behave and inform longer-term development of treatments or vaccines.

In general, deliberate infection treads a fine ethical line and is only considered acceptable when the benefits to the wider population far outweigh the risks to participants.

For instance, ethicists say it would be difficult to justify a challenge study for a disease like Ebola because of its high death rate—about 50% on average compared with 2% to 3% so far for Covid-19.

When challenge studies have previously been used for more serious illnesses such as dengue fever and malaria, only participants deemed to be at low risk from serious illness or death were selected, and in some cases a weakened version of the pathogen was used.

“There’s a positive ethical rationale for doing challenge study experiments,” said Julian Savulescu, who leads research on collective responsibility in infectious disease at the University of Oxford. “This kind of research is one of the arrows in the quiver of tackling this kind of catastrophe.”

Link here to read the original WSJ article

Alan Green talks market crash, Tiziana Life #TILS, Destiny Pharma #DEST, Open Orphan #ORPH & Cadence Minerals #KDNC on Vox Markets podcast

Alan Green discusses the market crash, Tiziana Life #TILS, Destiny Pharma #DEST, Open Orphan #ORPH & Cadence Minerals #KDNC with Justin Waite on the Vox Markets podcast. Interview is 35 minutes 40 seconds in.

Open Orphan #ORPH – Publication of positive FLU-v vaccine challenge study results in journal

Positive results from FLU-v vaccine challenge study (FLU-v 004), the second Phase IIb study of FLU-v, which has been developed by Imutex Limited, hVIVO’s 49% joint venture with the SEEK Group, have now been published in a peer review journal

FLU-v is a first-in-class ‘universal’, broad spectrum, standalone, influenza vaccine candidate

  • The publication in ‘npj Vaccines’ reported that one dose of FLU-v induced statistically significant reduction in mild to moderate influenza disease (MMID) defined as detection of viral shedding with at least one influenza symptom – reduction in confirmed influenza and symptoms
  • One dose of FLU-v also induced a statistically significant reduction in the number of subjects experiencing 2 or more influenza symptoms compared to placebo
  • This report follows recent publication of positive FLU-v Phase IIb field study results (FLU-v 003) demonstrating cellular and humoral immunogenicity of a single dose of adjuvanted FLU-v in 175 individuals
  • The npj Vaccines article concludes that the T-cell strategy employed by FLU-v has potential to offer protection against influenza infection as a vaccine and that larger studies can evaluate how the vaccine interacts with influenza strains in different cohorts
  • Imutex is currently scheduling meetings with key regulatory authorities, FDA and EMEA, hoping to gain confirmation of the remaining development pathway to approval for FLU-v

16 March 2020: Open Orphan plc (ORPH), the rapidly growing specialist CRO pharmaceutical services company which has a focus on orphan drugs and is a world leader in the provision of virology and vaccine challenge study services, today announces publication of positive results of a Phase IIb challenge study of FLU-v 004 (Study 004, NCT03180801) in npj Vaccines.  The headline results from this study were previously announced by hVIVO on 10 January 2019. FLU-v is being developed by Imutex Limited, hVIVO’s 49% joint venture with PepTcell Limited, trading as the SEEK Group (“SEEK”).

The primary endpoint was achieved in the Phase IIb challenge study conducted by hVIVO using the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Flu virus strain, methodology and analysis as a result of a collaboration between SEEK and the NIAID. The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single-centre, phase IIb efficacy and safety trial was designed and led by Matthew J. Memoli, M.D., NIAID. It was conducted in 153 healthy individuals between 18-55 years of age. They were randomised to receive one or two doses of adjuvanted FLU-v or adjuvanted placebo subcutaneously on days -43 and -22, prior to intranasal challenge on day 0 with the A/California/04/2009/H1N1 human influenza A challenge virus. The challenge virus strain was developed, tested and supplied by Dr. Memoli and co-workers from NIAID’s Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. The primary objective of the study was to identify a reduction in mild to moderate influenza disease (MMID) defined as having an influenza-like symptom with a confirmed influenza virus. Single dose adjuvanted FLU-v recipients (n=40) were significantly less likely to develop MMID after challenge vs placebo (n=42) (32.5% vs 54.8% p=0.035). The authors concluded that FLU-v should continue to be evaluated and cellular immunity explored further as a possible important correlate of protection against influenza. Additional endpoints were also achieved, including a statistically significant reduction in the number of volunteers who experienced two or more symptoms. Also, FLU-v performed better than placebo, although not to statistical significance, in a number of other key endpoints such as median duration of symptoms and severity of disease as measured by an NIAID-developed FLU-PRO questionnaire, as well as reduction in the mean total number of symptoms and mean peak symptoms, and total viral shedding.

Trevor Phillips, CEO of Open Orphan, said:

“Publication of these positive results for the second FLU-v Phase IIb study (FLU-v004; challenge study) follow on from the publication earlier this week of the FLU-v 003; field study, results. 

The results demonstrate that T-cell immunity against conserved regions of the influenza virus is an important component for “universal*” vaccine strategies. Progression to larger Phase III studies with FLU-v can further describe the cellular immune response and evaluate how the vaccine interacts with influenza disease.

The efficacy of FLU-v in this wild-type human influenza challenge study (FLU-v 004) along with the supporting data from previous trials in the field, should be further examined in larger field trials where efficacy of FLU-v can be evaluated against a broader set of influenza strains and wider spectrum of disease. Along with our partner SEEK we have confidence in the potential of FLU-v as a universal flu vaccine and we are in the process of requesting meetings to continue discussions with the key regulatory authorities on the pathway for completing development of this exciting product opportunity.”

Cathal Friel, Executive Chairman of Open Orphan, said:

“The need for better, more broadly protective vaccines against influenza is a high priority worldwide, and few new vaccines have demonstrated efficacy in humans as seen in the results of the challenge study for FLU-v 004.  This is the first universal influenza vaccine that has shown this protection from influenza and reduction of symptoms in late-stage studies and together with the highly statistical immune results reported in a peer review article earlier this week means that the risk of failure in a Phase III setting is greatly reduced compared with entering into Phase III studies with no efficacy data.

As previously stated, the additional investment or cost associated with commercialising FLU-v, will come from out-licencing the final stages of development including Phase III, to potential major international pharmaceutical companies, in Europe, North America and China. We remain excited about the potential for FLU-v and in a time when vaccine development is such a key focus globally.

* A universal flu vaccine is one that is effective against all strains of the virus and does not require changing from year to year

Abstract: https://www.nature.comDOI: 10.1038/s41541-020-0174-9. Efficacy of FLU-v, a Broad-Spectrum Influenza Vaccine, in a Randomized Phase IIb Human Influenza Challenge Study


FLU-v, developed by PepTcell (SEEK) is a novel peptide vaccine aiming to provide a broadly protective cellular immune response against influenza A and B.

Primary objective: To identify a reduction in mild to moderate influenza disease (MMID) defined as the presence of viral shedding and clinical influenza symptoms.

Design: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single-center, phase IIb efficacy and safety trial. (ClinicalTrials.gov:NCT03180801, EudraCT: 2016-002134-74)

Setting: hVIVO Services Ltd (London, UK)

Participants: 153 healthy individuals 18-55 years.

Intervention: One or two doses of adjuvanted FLU-v or adjuvanted placebo subcutaneously on days-43 and-22, prior to intranasal challenge on day 0 with the A/California/04/2009/H1N1 human influenza A challenge virus.

Results:  Single dose adjuvanted FLU-v recipients (n=40) were significantly less likely to develop MMID after challenge vs placebo (n=42) (32.5% vs 54.8% p=0.035).

Primary Funding Source: This research was funded in part by the Intramural Research Program of the NIH, NIAID as well as a CRADA with SEEK   

Registration: NCT03180801, EudraCT: 2016-002134-74

For further information please contact


Open Orphan plc  

Cathal Friel, Executive Chairman                                                                           +353 (0)1 644 0007

Trevor Phillips, Chief Executive Officer                                                                 +44 (0)20 7347 5350

Arden Partners plc (Nominated Adviser and Joint Broker)                            +44 (0)20 7614 5900

John Llewellyn-Lloyd / Benjamin Cryer

Davy (Euronext Growth Adviser and Joint Broker)                                          +353 (0)1 679 6363

Anthony Farrell

Camarco (Financial PR)                                                                                          +44 (0)20 3757 4980

Tom Huddart / Daniel Sherwen

About RNS Reach announcements

This is an RNS Reach announcement. RNS Reach is an investor communication service aimed at assisting listed and unlisted (including AIM quoted) companies to distribute non-regulatory news releases into the public domain. Information required to be notified under the AIM Rules for Companies, Market Abuse Regulation or other regulation would be disseminated as an RNS regulatory announcement and not on RNS Reach.

Notes to Editors:

Open Orphan is a rapidly growing specialist CRO pharmaceutical services company which has a focus on orphan drugs and is a world leader in the provision of virology and vaccine challenge study services and viral laboratory services. It has Europe’s only 24-bedroom quarantine clinic with onsite virology lab in Queen Mary’s Hospital London. hVIVO supports product development for customers developing antivirals, vaccines and respiratory therapeutics, all particularly relevant and topical in the environment of heightened awareness of the Coronavirus in 2020. The Company also has a leading portfolio of 8 viral challenge study models which are: 2 FLU, 2 RSV, 1 HRV, 1 Asthma, 1 cough and 1 COPD viral challenge models.  No other company in the world has such a portfolio, with only two competitors globally having 1 challenge study model each. 

Open Orphan comprises of two commercial specialist CRO services businesses (Venn and hVIVO) and is developing an early stage orphan drug genomics data platform business. This platform captures valuable genetic data from patient populations with specific diseases with designated orphan drug status and incorporating AI tools. In June 2019, Open Orphan acquired AIM-listed Venn Life Sciences Holdings plc in a reverse take-over and in January 2020 it completed the merger with hVIVO plc. Venn, as an integrated drug development consultancy, offers CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls), preclinical, Phase I & II clinical trials design and execution. The merger with hVIVO created a European full pharma services company broadening the Company’s customer base and with complementary specialist CRO services, widened the range of the Company’s service offerings

Andrew Hore – Quoted Micro 16 March 2020


Brewer Shepherd Neame (SHEP) edged up its interim profit helped by a strong performance from tenanted pubs and lower interest charges. In the six months to end December 2019, revenues were 3% higher at £79m, while underlying pre-tax profit improved 5% to £6.2m. Cost pressures held back the performance of the managed pubs. There was a fall in profit contribution from brewing. Net debt was £84m at the end of 2019. The interim dividend was increased by 2% to 6p a share. Brewing volumes have increased since the period end and like-for-like pub revenues continue to grow, although the rate is slower for managed pubs. Coronavirus has not had an impact yet but it is likely to.

Altona Energy (ANR) is raising up to £400,000 through an open offer to existing shareholders at 6.5p a share. That is a one-third discount to the previous mid-price. The cash is required to acquire a new petroleum exploration licence application in South Australia and the maximum will provide 12 months working capital. This will enable assessment of an in-situ gasification project. There is also potential for wind and solar projects in the area. There was an overdraft of £96,000 at the end of June 2019. The latest time for acceptance is 31 March.

European Lithium (EUR) reported a dip in interim income in 2019 from $23,817 to $3,365, while the loss was flat at $2.3m. There was $32,000 in cash at the end of 2019. There are convertible notes valued at $1.1m, some of which have been subsequently converted, but more have been issued.

KR1 (KR1) has been hit by weak Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices, but it had already banked some of its profit. The value of the remaining portfolio has dropped sharply. There will be an update shortly.

Rutherford Health (RUTH) has requested a subscription of £9.64m at 176p a share under the Woodford Commitment at the time of the company’s flotation. LF Equity Income Fund, formerly LF Woodford Equity Income Fund, will own 28.8% of the proton beam therapy company. This is the final subscription under the agreement.

Former investment banker Dr Keith Harris has been appointed as executive chairman of SAPO (SAPO) and Selwyn Lewis is joining the board as an executive director.

Fuel emulsification company SulNOx Group (SNOX) has filed an international patent application for its technology. It has already filed for the patent in the UK. The technology can be used for many fuels but the focus is diesel and heavy fuel oil.

Cannabis investment company World High Life (LIFE) has raised £2.36m from two issued of convertible loan notes with a 10% coupon. The conversion price is 100p a share.

Trading in First Sentinel 7% bonds, February 2023, First Sentinel preference shares and EPE Special Opportunities 7.5% unsecured loan stock, 2022 has been suspended because of the market maker temporarily withdrawing from market making activities.


OnTheMarket (OTMP) has ended its litigation with Connells and its subsidiary Gascoigne Halman. The property portal had already won a judgement in a Competition Appeal Tribunal and it was seeking the recovery of further damages. Earlier in the week, Ian Springett was dismissed as chief executive of OnTheMarket. He has a 12 month contract and earns £250,000 a year.

Geospatial software provider IQGeo (IQG) reported an increased loss last year, but that masks the progress made. Third party revenues declined. In 2019, total revenues fell from £9.98m to £7.81m, however, own product revenues increased from £4.74m to £5.55m, while recurring revenues contributed £1.63m, up from £918,000. More people were employed in sales and product development and operating expenses jumped from £6m to £9.5m. That is why the loss increased from £1.6m to £6.17m. There was still £13m left in the bank at the end of 2019, following £11m spent on buying back shares.

Mass spectrometry instruments developer Microsaic Systems (MSYS) continues to add to its partners. Last year, revenues rose 51% to £870,000 with the benefit of the newer agreements still to come. Higher development spending meant that the loss edged up to £3.1m. There was £2.62m in the bank at the end of 2019 and management admits it is assessing its options in terms of raising more cash.

Concrete levelling equipment supplier Somero Enterprises Inc (SOM) had a stronger second half, following the profit warning in the first half due to bad weather. The outcome in 2019 was slightly better than the previously downgraded expectations. Even so, revenues fell 5% to $89.3m and pre-tax profit was down by a similar percentage. The dividend was reduced by 1% to 18.75 cents a share. The additional dividend relating to excess cash (net cash was $23.8m) is 7.7 cents a share. Increased costs mean that there could be a further decline in profit this year.

Mark Greenwood has further increased his stake in Richland Resources (RLD) by buying the market and acquiring shares in a placing at 0.12p a share, which raised £100,000 for the company. Greenwood’s stake is 18.5%. The share price is one of the few AIM risers this month.

The Panoply Holdings (TPX) has acquired consultancy Ameo Professional Services, which generates 9-% of its revenues from the public sector. Ameo made a pre-tax profit of £1m last year and is being acquired for £7m in cash and shares, plus the distribution of £1.3m in excess cash.

Molecular diagnostics developer Yourgene Health (YGEN) is acquiring its French distributor and this will be immediately earnings enhancing. Yourgene will still make a loss in 2020, but the following year earnings per share will improve from 0.18p to 0.23p.

Open Orphan (ORPH) has reported positive results for the phase IIb field study of FLU-v vaccine, which has been developed by a 49%-owned joint venture. The results have been published in a journal. IP Group has cut its stake to below 3%.

Redx Pharma (REDX) says it has received a bid approach from Yesod Bio-Sciences, which is considering offering 15p a share. Redmile Group is making a mandatory offer of 15.5p a share, following its purchase of the 39.5% stake owned by Moulton Goodies, which obtained most of its shares at 5.25p each when it capitalised its £2.5m loan. Redmile owns 45.5% of Redx, which is valued at £29.5m. The board recommends the bid.

Brickability (BRCK) has made its second acquisition in one month. It is paying £6m for plastic fascia and guttering merchant U Plastics, which made a pre-tax profit of £1.3m in 2019.


Moss Bros (MOSB) has agreed a 22p a share bid that values the suit hire and retail company at £22.6m. The bid vehicle is owned by people involved in the apparel sector, including Michael Shina of Crew Clothing. The main executives will be retained.

Motor dealer Lookers (LOOK) has discovered accounting irregularities. The fraudulent transactions in one of the operating divisions mean that the 2019 figures will be delayed until late April. These transactions should not be significant for the group. Chief operating officer Cameron Wade has resigned.

Standard list shell Hertsford Capital (HERT) has agreed the acquisition of oil services provider OTAQ Group for £12.4m through an issue of shares at 57.5p each (post-consolidation). A placing will raise £1.5m at the same price. OTAQ designs and supports products for the aquaculture and offshore oil and gas sectors. The focus is on growing the aquaculture operations. The company will change its name to OTAQ and be readmitted on 31 March.

Sure Ventures (SURE) is raising £250,000 at 100p a share, which is a premium to NA of 95.74p a share. This followed news of an investment by 25.9%-owned Sure Valley Ventures in AI security company Getvisibility. The fund has invested €750,000. The cash will be used to expand the business internationally.

Spinnaker Opportunities (SOP) has spent more than one year trying to finalise the acquisition of cannabis processor Kanabo Research and a commitment to invest £1.4m has been secured. At the end of 2019, there was £597,000 left in the bank.

Dev Clever (DEV) is acquiring Phenix Digital, a digital agency focused on the educational sector. It is paying £100,000 in cash and 3.57 million shares. There is an existing relationship between the two companies.

Andrew Hore

Alan Green & Sarah Lowther discuss the market crash, lessons from China, plus an array of stocks including Tiziana Life #TILS & Open Orphan #ORPH on the Total Market Solutions podcast

Friday The 13th & The Weekend Podcast

Alan Green Joins Sarah Lowther To Talk All Things Markets

During this weekend podcast, and in the wake of a colossal fall, we look at markets which ended the week on Friday the 13th, so far we’ve witnessed an emergency rate cut by the bank of England as the FTSE had its worst day in 33yrs.

Alan Green shares some insight on the most recent events surrounding Corona Virus, as he extrapolates what he can from the lessons in China, the initiative adopted by the UK plus an array of market opportunities, on the assumption one assumes a strong stomach and constitution toward volatility!

Stocks covered include #AZN #GSK #TILS #ORPH #RDSB #TSCO #SBRY #OCDO #JDW

Daily Mirror – Coronavirus: Inside UK clinic where volunteers get paid up to £4,000 to be infected in race to find vaccine

by Rhian Lubin

EXCLUSIVE: Infecting volunteers so they can be tested could help stop the spread of Covid-19 – so now 24 triallists face 14 days of solitary confinement and we took a look inside.

As I lie in a hospital bed in a sterile clinic room, a nurse in blue scrubs with a full face shield and ventilator peers through the glass.

The red tape around the door makes it crystal clear that this is a high contamination zone.

Mirror writer Rhian Lubin in one of the clinic rooms with Laura Krizman, Associate Director (Image: Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror)

“This is a critical step to fast-track development of these anti-virals and vaccines,” explains Dr Andrew Catchpole, chief scientist at Hvivo which runs the facility. “We’re trying to use our expertise in this area to see what we can do.”

Volunteers will not be infected with Covid-19, but with “harmless” strains of the coronavirus – OC43 and 229E – which will cause a very mild respiratory illness.

The aim is to safely expose them to “close relatives” of the deadly strain, helping pharmaceutical firms test potential vaccines.

Dr Catchpole added: “If it can work on our virus, there’s no reason why it can’t work with Covid-19.”

Cathal Friel, executive chairman of Hvivo’s owner Open Orphan, added: “The company is starting the process of developing the world’s first coronavirus challenge study model – basically, we take a harmless version of the virus that we can use and monitor.

“This is a British company which is the world centre for virology.”

Hvivo, which has been running clinical trials on flu and cold viruses since 2001, has seen an unprecedented 10,000 apply for coronavirus tests at its site in Whitechapel, East London.

Link here for the full article

BRR Media – Cathal Friel & hVIVO Chief Scientist Andrew Catchpole discuss the Coronavirus Challenge Study and the FLU-V Vaccine

Cathal Friel & hVIVO Chief Scientist Andrew Catchpole discuss recent developments and the Coronavirus Challenge Study and the FLU-V Vaccine with the BRR Media team.

Proactive Investors – Open Orphan #ORPH catching global attention with ‘stunning’ FLU-v results & world-first coronavirus study

Open Orphan PLC‘s (LON:ORPH) Cathal Friel and its subsidiary hVIVO’s chief scientist Dr Andrew Catchpole sat down with Proactive London’s Andrew Scott.

This morning Open Orphan announced the results from a clinical trial of a broad-spectrum flu jab that they’re jointly developing have been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The data from the FLU-v 003 phase IIb study of the FLU-v vaccine appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine periodical.

Also this week hVIVO began developing the world’s first human coronavirus challenge study.

hVIVO owns Europe’s only quarantine clinic with an onsite virology lab where the challenge model will be developed and used.

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