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Brand CEO Alan Green talks Feedback #FDBK, IMC Exploration #IMCP & Cerillion #CER on Vox Markets podcast

Alan Green CEO of Brand Communications discusses Feedback #FDBK IMC Exploration #IMCP & Cerillion #CER with Justin Waite on the Vox Markets podcast. (Interview starts at 11 minutes 54 seconds).

Brand CEO Alan Green discusses #PDZ, #IMCP and #BON with Justin Waite on the Vox Markets podcast

Brand CEO Alan Green discusses developments at Prairie Mining #PDZ, IMC Exploration #IMCP and VectorVest stock pick Bonmarche #BON with Justin Waite on the Vox Markets podcast. The interview is 34 minutes 26 seconds in.

Andrew Hore – Quoted Micro 4 December 2017


VI Mining is planning to join NEX this month. The Peru-focused miner is acquiring two gold mining assets in tandem with the flotation. VI will raise up to £10m in cash at 500p a share and issue a further £10m worth of shares as part of the initial payment, along with some of the cash, for the two mining assets at Rosario and Minaspampa. VI has debt facilities in place. There is a capital expenditure and working capital commitment of £30m for Minaspampa and the mine could be in operation by next August. Rosario requires £15m of capital spending and working capital and already has licences and infrastructure. Annual gold production of 83,720 ounces from the two mines could yield a $43.5m annual profit based on a $1,300/ounce gold price. That is expected to be the initial production and it could end up quadruple that level. Two tolling projects could also generate cash for the group and the first could be up and running in a few months time. VI would be valued at £535m at the flotation price. This is backed up by a Daniel Stewart estimated valuation of £557.8m. The board will retain 73% of the company. The plan is to move to the Main Market in 12 months or so. The free float will need to be increased in order for it to be at least 25% when the move is made.

NQ Minerals (NQMI) has published the competent person report on the Hellyer gold project in Tasmania. This indicates that the project has a NPV of $113.2m. The processing facilities are being refurbished and operations are expected to commence in 2018 following the approval of the environmental management plan.

Coinsilium Group Ltd (COIN) has acquired a 30% stake in Startup Token, which provides advice to start-ups undertaking token offerings. Coinsilium is paying £361,000 in cash and shares at 8.5p each. Coinsilium is also providing a six month loan of $100,000 that can be converted into a further 6.4% of Gibraltar-registered Startup Token.

IMC Exploration (IMCP) has started drilling on PL 3729 in County Clare, which adjoins the Kilbricken zinc deposit. A feasibility study has commenced on PL 3850 in County Wicklow. IMC’s partner Koza has completed an exploration targeting report on other licences and prioritised further exploration.

Ganapati (GANP) has agreed to supply online games to Bethard Group. Ganapati will initially supply eight games and then one each month.

Hearing and mobility products retailer DHAIS (DHAP) has delayed its figures for the year to June 2017 because it wants to ensure it has support from its main funder.

Welney (WENP) had a cash outflow of £19,000 in the year to June 2917 and most of that was covered by loans from related parties and a further £11,000 has been loaned since the year end. These loans will not be called in for at least 12 months. Net liabilities are £197,000. The board is assessing potential deals.

African Potash (AFPO) has entered into a joint venture with SG Inc to develop fertiliser opportunities in the Republic of Congo. A blockchain joint venture has also been announced with FinComEco Ltd and this will develop platforms for agricultural markets in Africa. There is a plan to offer microloans to farmers. The company intends to change its name to Block Commodities Ltd.

Forbes Ventures (FOR)


Pebble Beach Systems (PEB) continues to underperform and it is not likely to get the $1.75m it is still owed by xG Technology for the sale of Vislink. The broadcast software supplier requires its banks support and needs to appoint a new management team. Talks with potential bidders did not yield an offer. This year’s revenues will be slightly lower than last year

Versarien (VRS) has a strong balance sheet after the recent fundraising and it is generating interest for its Nanene graphene product. The carbide business has won a significant aerospace order. The 167% growth in revenues to £4.38m in the first half was mainly down to the acquisition of a plastics business. A US sales office has been established.

Mortice (MORT) reported strong revenue growth but cost pressures on a particular contract held back profit. The security and facilities management business reported a 17% rise in first half revenues to $106.3m. The contract is being sorted out and house broker finnCap still expects full year profit to improve from $5.4m to $7m.

Anti-microbial drugs developer Destiny Pharma (DEST) has secured a deal with former AIM company China Medical Systems Holdings Ltd (CMS), which is now listed in Hong Kong, for a £3m cash injection into the company and a strategic partnership that gives CMS rights to Destiny’s drug candidates pipeline in China and some other Asian countries. CMS will carry out research and development and the commercialisation of any drugs in its territories. Destiny will make a margin on manufacturing products and receive payments based on sales milestones.

Tri-Star Resources (TSTR) is investing a further $6m in its Oman joint venture. This is in the form of a mezzanine loan to the company where Tri-Star has a 40% stake. The interest rate is 15% and payable on redemption – the loan term is five years. The cash will help to finance the development of the antinomy roaster in Oman. The capital budget was recently increased to $96m.

Recruitment has started for a pharmacokinetic study into the Futura Medical (FUM) erectile dysfunction treatment, MED2002. This will help to determine dosages for a phase III study. The UK and Netherlands regulatory agencies have been supportive concerning a possible switch from prescription to over the counter.

Veltyco (VLTY) has yet again announced that its figures will be better than forecast. The online gaming marketing business says that profit is likely to be much higher than expected.

ECSC Group (ECSC) is the perfect example of how a share price can get carried away on the back of general news. The share price is one-quarter its peak after publicity about cyber security and hacking. Trading is in line with previously reduced expectations following cost cutting and the securing of two managed services contracts.

Belluscura has pulled its flotation after failing to gain the EIS/VCT approvals in time and because it could not get the valuation it wanted.

The founder of Focusrite (TUNE) and a relation have sold eight million shares at 315p a share. They still retain a 38.3% stake in the audio equipment supplier.

Active Energy Group (AEG) expects its Utah-based Coal Switch plant to be completed this month. The production capacity is five tonnes of the coal replacement fuel per hour. Once the plant is up and running and proves the viability of the process there should be other plants built in 2018. The plant is modular so it is easy to increase capacity.

Trading in the shares of Graphene NanoChem (GRPH) has been suspended ahead of the proposed acquisition of CG TekBuild, which is involved in modular buildings. The deal is dependent on £18.2m of debt being converted into shares. The proceeds of the sale of non-core activities will be used to pay other creditors. The company believes the acquisition will help it to apply it graphene technology in building materials.

ITM Power (ITM) has £20.2m of projects under contract and a further £22.4m in negotiation. The figure under contract is similar to two months ago but the under negotiations figure is one-third higher.

Defence and petrol stations structures supplier MS International (MSI) reported sharply increased interim profit from £610,000 to £1.64m as revenues increased by two-fifths to £34.6m. Net cash is £14.5m. Most of the growth came from the petrol station branding business and this more than offset the decline in profit from defence. The interim dividend was increased from 1.5p a share to 1.75p a share.

Precision optical components supplier Gooch and Housego (GHH) reported slightly better than expected full year figures. Revenues were 30% ahead at £112m and underlying pre-tax profit improved from £14.2m to £16.1m. Acquisitions helped to fuel significant growth in aerospace and defence. There was also increased demand from the subsea telecoms market and other industrial applications. The life sciences division still needs bulking up.

Timber supplier James Latham (LTHM) reported a 7% increase in interim revenues to £107.3m but a decline in margins meant that pre-tax profit was 12% lower at £6.7m. The interim dividend was unchanged at 4.5p a share and net cash declined to £11.6m due to capital spending. The pension deficit has fallen from £16.6m to £8.5m. A slight fall in full year profit to £13.4m is expected.


Ingredients supplier Treatt (TET) is raising £21.6m at 410p a share to speed up its growth in the US and finance the relocation of facilities in the UK. The new facility will help to improve efficiency. In the year to September 2017, revenues were one-quarter higher at £109.6m and pre-tax profit improved by 46% to £12.9m.

Torotrak (TRK) has been unable to secure the finance it requires. The vehicle technology developer is considering selling its technology and IP or it may have to appoint an administrator.

Andrew Hore

IMC Exploration (IMCP) – Share placing

The board of IMC Exploration Group plc (IMC) is pleased to announce that it has raised £75,000 by way of a placing of 7,500,000 new ordinary shares of €0.001 each in the Company at a price of 1p per share.  For each Placing Share subscribed for, the investors are also receiving one warrant to subscribe for an additional Ordinary Share at a price of 2p per share, excercisable for one year from today.   The total number of shares in issue following the placing is 136,016,719.

The net proceeds of the Placing will be used to commence our feasibility study on PL 3850 in Avoca, Co. Wicklow. This carries on from our extensive work on this licence area with Koza and more than justifies the undertaking of this feasibility study which will further advance our assets towards production.

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.

Contact Details:

IMC Exploration Group Plc
Mr. Liam McGrattan
Tel. Ireland: +353 87 2745427

Keith Bayley Rogers & Co. Limited
Mr. Brinsley Holman
Tel. +44 207 464 4098

30th October 2017

IMC Exploration (IMCP) – International Mining Developments Impact Positively on IMC

Global events in recent months have impacted very positively on the mining sector and IMC Exploration (ISDX:IMCP) is in a position to benefit from these developments. On a macro level, the rising price of gold and zinc since the beginning of the year is very reassuring but we are also very mindful of, and encouraged by, the results of an Irish Government sponsored/instigated geological survey.

In March 2016, the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) released the Tellus Survey, revealing higher than expected values of gold and platinum in the streams and rivers of Counties Wicklow and Wexford in south east Ireland.  All five of IMC’s precious metal prospecting licences in Wicklow and Wexford are sited centrally in the survey region, the very licence areas we are exploring with our joint venture partners, Koza Limited (a subsidiary of the gold mining major, Koza Altin Isletmeleri AS).

The Tellus Survey further confirms high levels of gold in streams near the Gold Mine River and Avoca region of Wicklow, justifying, confirming and validating the current geological exploration programme underway with Koza Limited.

The company has had several approaches from international mining companies in relation to its base metal licences.  These approaches have come as a result of a resurgence of interest in the base metal sector in Ireland, leaving IMC well positioned to take advantage of this via our 10 base metal licences, through the imminent implementation of our comprehensive, fully costed and attainable 18 month base metal Work’s Programme.

Chairman, Liam McGrattan said:  “Ireland’s position as the largest producer of zinc concentrates in Europe and its rank as the 10th largest producer of zinc concentrates in the world, IMC is poised to join the list of companies adding value to this national asset. This is a great time for gold and base metals and is an exciting time for IMC.”

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.

Contact Details:

IMC Exploration Group Plc
Mr. Liam McGrattan
Tel. Ireland: +353 87 2745427

Keith Bayley Rogers & Co. Limited
Mr. Hugh Oram
Tel. +44 207 464 4090

Brand Communications
Mr. Alan Green
Tel. +44 (o)7976 431608

“The World Is Walking From Crisis To Crisis” – Why BofA Sees USD1,500 Gold And USD30 Silver

by Tyler Durden


With both stocks and US Treasury prices at all time highs the market is sensing that something has to give, and that something may just be more QE, which likely explains the move higher in gold to coincide with both risk and risk-haven assets. As of moments ago, gold rose above $1,370, and was back to levels not seen since 2014. Curiously, the move higher is taking place after Friday’s “stellar” jobs report, suggesting that someone does not believe the seasonally-adjusted numbers goalseeked by the BLS.

And while we reported last week that one way investors are rushing into the anti-QE safety of gold is by buying paper gold derivatves such as ETFs, which rose above 2,000 tons for the for the first time since 2013, many others have bypassed paper claims on gold such as GLD entirely, and are rushing into physical.

Case in point, Japanese savers who, fearing domestic confiscation, have been accumulating gold in Switzerland. It’s not just the Japanese: as Nick Laird shows, the past week saw the second largest ever increase in physical gold holdings, as the total published holdings of physical funds rose by 2.5 million ounces to 85.8 million, second only to the 4 million ounce increase in early 2009.

Link here to view full article

IMC Exploration – Irish Landscape – Vale of Avoca

IrishLandscapeAn excerpt from The Irish Landscape, a book by Dr Peadar McArdle, geologist and former director of the Geological Society of Ireland.

Wicklow – Mountain -Building in Seven Easy Stages.

Stage 3:


This stage spotlights the rocks surrounding the Vale of Avoca, which developed as part of a chain of volcanic islands on the Iapetus Ocean floor. Imagine an explosive eruption where the ashes fall into the surrounding sea and are then disturbed by storms or seismic activity. The ashes would move down slope as turbidity currents and then spread out over considerable areas of the deeper seafloor. The eruptions on Montserrat in the Caribbean during the 1990’s were probably similar in scale and impact. hot circling water beneath Avoca’s seafloor dissolved metals from its surroundings and, when convected back to the seafloor, precipitated its metals in those ashes. The Avoca copper deposits formed from such seafloor emissions.

The Vale of Avoca became a popular visitor destination following publication in the early 19th century of Thomas Moore’s (1779-1852) familiar ballad, “The Meeting of the Waters”.

This was not the first time, however, that this district came to public attention, because little more than a decade earlier, a remarkable gold rush took place in the valley to southwest of Woodenbridge. Between diggers and spectators, perhaps thousands were present some days. But talk of national good fortune was premature and most of the readily accessible lucrative deposits were exhausted, without valuable bedrock source being discovered. Nevertheless, its fame was such that the popular Irish playwright, John O’Keeffe (1747-1833) produced a successful play on the West London stage, ‘The Lad o’ the Hills’, based on events surrounding it.


Brand CEO Alan Green talks IMC Exploration (IMCP), Andalas Energy (ADL), Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) & Brexit on the VOX Markets podcast

AGTipTVBrand CEO Alan Green talks IMC Exploration (IMCP), Andalas Energy (ADL), Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) & Brexit with Justin Waite on the VOX Markets podcast.

The interview is 18 minutes 45 seconds in. Link here to listen.

Gold, silver up a fourth session as BOJ, Fed inaction pressures dollar – Market Watch

Excerpt from Market Watch article by Myrap Saefong and Rachel Kong-Beals

Full article here

Interest-rate policy can influence demand for nonyield-bearing assets like gold, putting them in competition with those offering yields. The cautious path for both central banks has bolstered the case for continued bullish bets on metals.

The Fed seems likely to take no action on rates while “data continue to present a mixed picture of the economy,” said George Milling-Stanley, head of gold strategy at State Street Global Advisors. So the market will probably “suffer bouts of uncertainty ahead of future Fed meetings this year.”

George Milling-Stanley, State Street Global Advisors. “In the continued absence of any surprises from policy makers, the gold price could still see further gains in 2016,” he said. “A price of around $1,350 by year-end could be sustainable.”

Rounding out metals trading, July copper HGN6, +1.99% rose less than a cent, or 0.3%, to $2.232 a pound. July platinum PLN6, +1.32% rose $25.30, or 2.5%, to $1,050.70 an ounce, while June palladium PAM6, +0.74% added $14.70, or 2.4%, to $624.35 an ounce.

Meanwhile, the iShares Silver Trust SLV, +1.43% the world’s largest physically-backed silver exchange-traded fund, marks its 10th anniversary Thursday. According to the Silver Institute, it accounts for 94% of all U.S. silver ETF holdings. It was trading 2% higher Thursday.

Hathaway Is Right, The Price Of Gold Will Skyrocket…To $10,000 – $20,000 – King World News

Today one of the top money managers in the world told King World News that John Hathaway is right that the price of gold is going to skyrocket.

Eric King: “Stephen, I know you’ve had a chance to look at the KWN interview with John Hathaway — your thoughts on what John had to say.”

Stephen Leeb: “John is absolutely right. Eric, I don’t think people really appreciate how little gold there is in the world. If you add it all up, the value of all of the physical gold in the world is something like $7 trillion”

“That may sound like a lot, but consider about half of that is in the form of jewelry, and a large portion of gold is held by central banks. That leaves very little gold available for ETFs and investment purposes.”

So when the conditions that John describes start to unfold, good luck finding physical gold. He’s absolutely right that it will drive the price of gold through the roof when that scramble for physical gold unfolds. Who understands this? The Chinese, Russians and the Indians. The Chinese have actually been building new vaults to house their massive gold hoard.

So investors need to buy physical gold while it is still deeply discounted. Investors might also want to invest in high quality mining companies just in case we get an FDR type of situation where they start confiscating gold. But the main point for investors to understand is that there is a minuscule amount of gold available for the public buy.

Eric, when it comes to projecting where the price of gold is headed, if we see a shortage of commodities in the future, gold will head dramatically higher. We will see prices of $10,000, $15,000, $20,000. But no matter what scenario unfolds, we will see a major rise in the price of gold. It’s too late for any central bank or government to stop that from happening.”

Full article and interview here

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