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Looking forward to Master Investor 2018

We’ll be at Master Investor 2018 tomorrow. Look forward to seeing Cadence Minerals #KDNC, VectorVest and Dr David Paul, Powerhouse Energy #PHE, Vox Markets, Core Finance TV, Share Talk, Crowd for Angels plus many other friends and colleagues.

David Paul of VectorVest discusses markets, #GFM, #RWD & #TRI on Core Finance

David Paul, managing director of VectorVest, talks about his current investment portfolio while expressing caution about investing at this point in time. He looks at the yearly performance of Griffin Mining #GFM, Robert Walters #RWD and Trifast #TRI

Share Talk speaks with Frank Lewis on Core Finance

Accomplished Non-Executive, Executive Director and Chairman, equipped with a commanding track record over the past ten years of bringing sound judgement and a strong commercial perspective to the full business lifecycle from start-ups to success, from flotation to delisting, and in a few cases, to exit.

Developed great versatility from dealing with diverse businesses and cultures, nationally and internationally, and acquired significant experience working with rapidly expanding AIM-quoted SMEs.

An expert in corporate governance and compliance and risk management; enjoying challenging the status quo and providing independent advice to Boards whilst maintaining sound judgment, impartiality and integrity.

Possessing exceptional networking and communication skills and the credibility to liaise effectively with City Institutions, Stakeholders, Lawyers, Brokers and Auditors. Willing to travel globally as required.

More on Frank here Flewis


David Paul on Core Finance TV. VectorVest markets timing indicator could suggest a market bounce, plus #GFM, #JD, #FEVR & #KAZ

David Paul looks at key indicators, including market timing that could suggest a market bounce. Watch this Core Finance video where he discusses stocks to watch, Griffin Mining (GFM.L), JD Sports (JD.L), Fevertree (FEVR.L) and KAZ Minerals (KAZ.L). VectorVest prefers shares that are undervalued and shares that are growing in earnings. Analyse any share in 30 seconds and know when to buy and when to sell, taking the guesswork out of your stock research.

An opportunity to own shares in Fedr8, a Great British cloud software company 

Award winning machine learning software company Fedr8 has launched a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the roll-out of its Green Rain machine learning software.

Fedr8’s Green Rain accelerates the transformation of legacy software applications into fully cloud ready modern applications. Using its proprietary machine learning engine, Green Rain interrogates software at a code level showing where code in the software needs to be changed to suit the major cloud companies’ cloud platforms. Instead of taking several man-weeks of effort, the time required for the analysis is reduced to a few machine-hours.

Almost without exception, major international companies and institutions wish to move to the cloud in order to capitalise on the efficiencies and economies that the cloud brings. These large organisations face a unique set of challenges; to move and modernise many thousands of legacy applications they first need to understand the DNA of those applications.

Fedr8’s Green Rain has already attracted keen interest from several large banks and 2 Global Systems Integrators are actively engaged in Proofs of Concepts to adopt Green Rain as a core component of their Global Cloud Factory offerings. Given these levels of endorsement a Crowdcube Crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise £400,000 to accelerate the roll-out of Green Rain.

CEO Damion Greef; “This is a world-changing piece of Great British machine learning software” “The legacy issues of outdated infrastructures are well documented…and in many cases have impacted on our day to day lives.” 

To find out more about the Crowdcube fundraising opportunity, click on the Crowdcube logo above or click here.

Want to find out more about Green Rain? Sales Director Richard Beckensall explains all in the video clip below.


Damion Greef, CEO
Tel. 07823328816
Email. info@fedr8.com

Richard Beckensall, UK sales Director
Tel. 07555 323321
Email. info@fedr8.com

Brand CEO Alan Green talks to Fedr8 director Richard Beckensall re the Crowdcube campaign & #GreenRain

Brand CEO Alan Green talks to Richard Beckensall, Sales Director at Fedr8 (fedr8.com) about the current fundraise at Crowdcube. Richard looks in detail at Fedr8’s flagship #GreenRain product, and explains the process of machine learning and source code analytics. He also explains how for large corporates, Green Rain accelerates the transformation of multiple legacy software applications into a fully digital cloud based solution.

VectorVest MD David Paul discusses Relative Safety stocks amid the equity sell-off

With short and long term trends down, VectorVest’s most conservative investing strategy, Worry-Free Investing, sorts stocks on Relative Safety (RS). A score between 0-2 – above 1 is fair and above 1.3 is better to good. With Worry-Free investing, VectorVest advises on buying the safest stocks.

Watch David Paul explain how Relative Safety buys are prudent right now on his most recent Core Finance Interview.

VectorVest MD David Paul discusses #GFM, #GLE, #TAP, #CYBG & #PFC on Core Finance

David Paul, MD at VectorVest, talks about why the UK market is still a ‘buy’, and looks at individual stocks such as Griffin Mining #GFM, Gleeson #GLE, Taptica #TAP, Clydesdale Bank #CYBG and Petrofac #PFC.

Brand CEO Alan Green presents Small Cap Spotlight, looking at Prairie Mining #PDZ, Midwich #MIDW and Advanced Oncotherapy #AVO

Brand CEO Alan Green presents Small Cap Spotlight, looking at Prairie Mining #PDZ, Midwich #MIDW and Advanced Oncotherapy #AVO.

Prairie Mining #PDZ CEO Ben Stoikovich updates Core Finance TV viewers on progress at Jan Karski and Debiensko mines

Ben Stoikovich, CEO of Prairie Mining, is interviewed by Zak Mir at Core Finance TV. Stoikovic updates viewers about the company’s projects – Jan Karski Mine and Debiensko Coal Project, which are centered around coking coal. The Jan Karski mine is one of the most advanced coking coal projects in Northern Hemisphere, and at Debiensko, works are continuing to restart the mine at a time when long term coking coal supply has become increasingly important to the European steel industry. Stoikovic adds,” Prairie’s mines are the lowest cost coking coal mines in Europe”.

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